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schnln's Battle Logs

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Starting Stats:

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Starting Height: 5' 3"

Starting Weight: 226 lbs

Starting Waist Circumference: 50"



Loose some weight

Feel healthier

Feel happier

Break soda addiction

Have more energy

Eat healthy

Stop being sedentary

Have as much time with family as possible




Suicidal thoughts

Social Anxiety

General Anxiety

Geographic tongue - nuts and nut oils cause burning lesions

Supertaster - little to no tolerance to bitter flavors

No galbladder - need to be careful with fats

MyFitnessPal - FitBit - NF Character

Challenges: 1

239lbs to 120lbs

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Welcome 😊! To the rebellion! Good luck on your journey! Breaking your soda addiction,what helped me( I used to drink at least a 6pack of diet coke a day) LaCroix water, it's all natural! No sweeteners,sodium calories, come in several flavors!

-Jadyn Rayne-
Race: Wood Elf
Class: -Adventurer-DIVERGENT
STR: 11 | CHA: 5 | STA: 3 | WIS: 8| CON: 7| DEX: 4

Jadyn Rayne's Battle Log

JadynRayne's current challenge

"Not all who wander are lost."
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And I ended up not doing much to start with. >.>;


Over the weekend I started working on a study program I've put off for years, I really want to keep going on it until I've finshed and stopleaving it off.



Weight - 229.6

Neck - 16in

Chest - 49in

Biceps - 16.5in

Waist - 51in

Hips - 51in

Thigh - 29in

Calf - 18 in


Started Zombies Run and walked/jogged 1.21mi over 28min 17sec.


So far today I've done a few mindset quests, the big why and goal setting.


Why - I find my body repulsive to look, increasing my pre-existing depression and suicidal thoughts over not being who or where I want to be on a personal level or career level. I am afraid of dying early due to poor health and not being there for my daughter as she gets older.



I will drink one less soda a week until I am down to one a day.

      From there I will do no pop days until soda is completely removed from my diet.

I will exercise at least 3 times a week.

I will add more veggies to my diet each day until I am eating an appropriate amount.

I will finish out the current meats in my freezer and then start purchasing organic/grassfed/etc. from then on.

I will work on my study program every day and perform daily devotions to deepen my relationship with the Gods.

MyFitnessPal - FitBit - NF Character

Challenges: 1

239lbs to 120lbs

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