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Bicycle recommendations?

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I'm looking to get a bike just for casual cycling when I feel like it.


I'm pretty short, 150cm. Have a pretty tight budget cause I'm slated to leave my country in about a year and so I don't wanna spend a bunch of money. 


I've been looking at fixies, mainly cause they look really attractive. But the stock bikes are all for people height 165cm and above. 


I haven't cycled in years.


What would you guys' recommendations be for a (kind of) first time bike? (Preferably a light bike.)


Thanks for reading!

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My recommendation is to get whatever appeals to you. However, If you haven't ridden in years, I wouldn't start with a fixie. The lack of brakes and requirement to always be pedaling can be tricky for some people. But if you like that aesthetic you can get a single speed. But most major bike companies sell their fixie with a flip-flop hub and brakes, like the Specialized Langster. I'm guessing you'd be looking at a 48cm bike or a 46. Which are made, but might be hard to find. Good luck and have fun.

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