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Spider-man's Ultimate-Amazing-Friendly-Neighborhood (Late to the Party) Test

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Ok, so posted this in the wrong forum firs, but here we go: 


It's been a while...I mean a long while...from the time I last posted they've changed me on the big screen.  Now I'm being played by a high schooler...crazy, am I right?!?!

Anyways, I digress. 

That's not the point here.  The point is Spider-man's gut is starting to look like "spider-flan" (see what I did there?)

To get serious, I've gone through some stuff in the last year or two that's caused me to (slowly) quit on myself.  My self-esteem issues are creeping back in, my weight is ever so slowly going up and I'm just not trying any more.  I owe it to not only myself, but to my wife and my son to get myself straight again. Currently (as it stands) I am 208 lbs and my clothes that were loose fitting are starting to tighten back up.  I can no longer run without getting winded and I stay tired all the time.  Here are my quick goals:

1.     Get back down to 200 lbs
                         a.     This requires a plan:
                                                   i.     BBW once a week (it’s a start…and frankly more than I’m doing now)
                                                   ii.     Log 7 miles a week in walking/running (roughly a mile a day)
                                                  iii.     Follow the diabetic diet
                                                                   Did this when my wife was pregnant with our son and was able to get healthier
2.     No eating out for lunch/no soda (or sweet tea)
                          a.     Can be broken once a week (only if eating with someone else)
                                                    i.     Eating alone = eating too much
3.     Read my Bible/Make Prayer Time once a day
                          a.     This is something I have strayed from and with the power of the Holy Spirit can get back to doing

Well that’s it.  If you see something I’m missing, please feel free to comment.  I will be doing my best to post updates.                                  .

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