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Calling ALL Scottish Nerds (and those who think they may be in Scotland at some point and wouldn't mind meeting up)

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Whilst we have a Facebook group for coordinating meetups, I know some people aren't on Facebook or don't want to reveal their secret identities until they've met people in person... so this is an on-forum place for Scottish Nerds (and those coming to visit us in possibly the best small country in the world) to chat about meet-ups.


Whaddya think?

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I go to Northumbria University in Newcastle, so if I have a day or so that I am free then I would be interested in this, as Scotland is just across the border for me!

(When it isn't university term-time I am 200 miles south of Newcastle though, so a bit of a trek then)

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Just noticed this, just about to join the facebook group!


Meet up sounds like something I'd be in for, my best mate stays in Edinburgh and is a perfect excuse to go up and visit him.


All depends on when my operation is gonna be as might have just went under the knife then,



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