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Vegeta returns


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last challenge went fairly fine. i hurt my back while jet skiing so the last weeks of challenge went sour. now i'm actually in my weight goal not because i managed to follow my food program, but because i didn't manage to train while on vacation. i quit my job and became a full time student a week ago so life has been a big fuzz for a while and that is the reason why i jump back to the wheel a bit late. my goal is basically same as last time.


1) Sticking with my meal plan

    Sticking with my meal plan has always been my weakest link. i have no trouble training harder and harder but, man i love to eat. i eat emotionally and

at the wrong time. that needs to stop


2) Doing all the workouts

this one is quite easy goal as i love training but is here just as a reminder.


3) Doing the cardio

cardio is something i used to do a lot. hopping at friends trampoline last weekend i realised that my aerobic condition is horrible at the moment and that needs to change


4) Start stretching

well do i even need to explain?


outside fitness my goal is to succeed in school i just started. this will probably be the hardest of five...

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i did a simplified backworkout which was far from fun. metal weighs lot more than what i remembered, my motivation was down and i felt pains all over me. i slept few hours too long.

this morning has been quite a nice though. i woke up 8.20 am, ate breakfast, watched nature documentary, did some stretches(still relearning) and listened to pop music! i might take few hours off and go to the lake today. meal plan worked fine yesterday. i drank diet calorie free battery but i think we can forgive that :D

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...And God said "let there be JEANS!" and leg day was no more...


chest and arms today. about 260 reps to chest and the same for arms. workout didn't really go very smoothly but i got it done. school starts in two hours and i'm afraid. what if i'll suck? i started testing piracetamin three days ago. and i love it. i feel so calm and relaxed. feels like world rolls in slow motion. I can keep my focus easily which has always been my weakness. i kinda like being unemployed :D

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yes i do! for example legs and back easily climb around 350 reps with over 150 of them being fairly heavy lifts.

yesterday we did shoulders. my training buddy has two days of some military poo going on so we did three days in a row.

we added snatch into move category. i'm not sure if i love it or hate it. it is hard and gets me sweating fast but it works!

shoulder workout was still finding it's form but basically it was

snatch 10x20kg, 10x20kg, 8x30kg, 6x40kg, 3x50kg

lateral raises 5x15 with growing weights

5x15 rear delt rows

5x15 cable reverse flys (two moves for rear delts because i had hard time making it feel in right place

5 x10-12 front raises.

we also did some calves. basically we did basic calf raises but we added a three second stop into upper position and moving from up to down and back up must take 6 seconds. this kills the possibility to bounce the weight up and adds a pressure to the top point. i think i'll keep it in my workouts.

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thank you Yraen! i used to train powerlifting style but i managed to hurt my shoulder and i can't do one rep maxes very safely anymore because i fear i'll wreck the shoulder again so i moved into bodybuilding style training but kept the powerlifting moves in the sessions. it has helped with my anaedobic conditioning greatly. if i get my aerobics to same level i can probably run a marathon :D only downside with this volume type training is the fact that i've become slow. in martial arts sparring sessions i move like a slug :D

and oh man i feel kinda special now! i've had a great morning! i got assignment for designing a line of self defense/ every day carry knives for a knifeshop which is about to move into having a product line instead of one of a kind custom works.

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saturday was a leg day. someone had broken a barbell so we did only half of the squat sessions which means

5 sets of straight legged deadlift

3 sets of front squat

2 sets of squat.

ends(where the plates go) had stopped rolling so it wasn't very safe to keep more than moderate weights at back then we moved to leg curls and extensions we did the basic 5x20 on both but in a manner that when other guy makes leg extensions, the other guy sits on his legs and is stretching his thighs. in this manner the pressure won't stop even between sets. same principle applied to the leg curls. it was a pain. then we started doing calves with same style. we didn't follow weights but just put little something and did 90 second sets. my calves are SO sore...



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i started monday with HIIT sprints. 100m sprint/100m walk x7. i hate it :D i did the session together with some random 40 year old guy and he was miles faster than me :D bit embarrassing...


at evening i went to the gym and we did back and abs. month long break from training still feels but not as badly as it could. i'm weak and tired but i'll survive.

and i've managed to keep a eating regime. though it took me 45 minutes to finish lunch today. i really fucking hate tuna...

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yesterday started with cider and doubleham pizza. fuck aesthetics! One older competitive bodybuilder wants to start coaching me but since he has affiliations with some criminal organisations, i'm having mixed feelings about this. my coach now is just as efficient even though he keeps me on tighter leash when talking about food and training and has hardly ever time to be watching how things go. his coaching is mostly cup of coffee and measures once a month. this new guy would be there for every training session.

i went and trained with him yesterday evening. after our bench press sessions were over, i could not do a pushup and i had to roll into the bed because i could not even crawl. :D and for that reason today started with muscle relaxants, beef and coke. my fitness mood isn't very high :D

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heavy sparring with one of the local bouncers yesterday. i had to sleep over weekend with pills to get some rest and i was bit foggy still at monday. i move like a slug but at least i still can drop a bull sized man if i connect. i took more catches than i should but it went ok considering that i felt like i was drunk. at evening we went to do some back training
. i didn't do deadlift because it felt unsafe.

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tuesday was chest day. we did lot of benchpresses which i'm not currently feeling safe with. i hurt my shoulder pretty bad last december and it hasn't gained my trust back yet.

we tried the quillotine press, angled bench presses, did basic flies and tried the preacher press. in the end i couldn't do one push up.


we ceased doing 2 sessions a day four days a week and moved into six day split. today we will do calves and abs. at friday i will be pulling out a fight club again. can't wait. there is nothing better in this world than punching a friend. except coca cola.


into life. who the fuck decided that i need to know how to speak swedish! i have been a lazy student. honestly i've spent more time building a city inside a mountain in minecraft than studying and i'm in the point where i really have to put some thought into this. i have focus of a weazel so i this is hard. this morning i spent hour reading about micronesia and tekken 6 when i had to study.... and the minecraft mountain city did not work because the villagers feel like they are indoors all the time so they just freeze... next i tried to build it on top of the mountain but those little retards run down the cliff everytime i spawn them...

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