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Help Designing Beginner Beginner Workout Program


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I am a complete beginner to all kinds of weight training, and recently got my first gym membership. I have been doing a plan that I found online, which is below. I am gravitating toward the machines because I am scared of using free weights and hurting myself. My legs are relatively average for a beginner, but my arms are tiny, to the point where I can barely do 1 pushup. I want help designing a workout to stay healthy and build a little muscle. I don't need advice for cardio as I have been jogging for some time. Thanks!

2x8 Machine Military Press

3x8 Machine Chest Press

3x8 Lat Pulldown

2x8 Tricep Pulldown - Rope Attachment

2x8 Bicep Curls

2x8 Standing Calf Raise

3x8 Leg Presses

3x8 Leg Curls

2x8 Crunch Machine

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Start really light on the free weights to build up your confidence. Most beginner programs recommend just starting with the bar, or if 45lb/21kg sounds like too much, use a standard bar that is half of that.

After that just work your way up progressively. Also I recommend squats.

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The trouble with machines is they isolate your muscles in ways that don't match the way you normally move. This can introduce imbalance that eventually hurts your joints and screws with your posture. Also, they're tedious as hell. I would suggest starting with dumbbells if barbells scare you. Most gyms have a good collection of them, and you can use them to do all the major lifts (and then some).

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Thanks everyone. I ended up using free weights for the bicep curls and switched the triceps rope out for a 2 arm triceps extension with a dumbbell. I also cut the calf raises in exchange for doing a run (7 min mile or 27 min 3 miles). For the military presses and the chest presses I want to get to the point where I have built up a little more muscle before I try the barbell. I also think I am going to add some kind of squats to my routine.

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