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I'm a frequent poster on Mark's Daily Apple, but I've been wanting a change of scenery. For now, I'll just post stuff about food & workouts. 


Goals: get strong. Be able to run around & lift things without much hindrance. Be able to do a pull-up. Deadlift my own bodyweight (closest I ever got was within 25 pounds). Carry my husband on my back 50m (I was able to do this when I did CrossFit, so I know I can get back to it).


Food history: Started eating primal 4 years ago, switched to paleo when I realized that dairy wasn't doing me any favors (RIP). I'm about 90% adherent. I have a tendency to undereat and that always messes me up mood-wise.


Physical history: I was not super active as a kid, but naturally very thin. I'm well within a normal/healthy weight range now. I've felt tired for years (since puberty hit? around age 13), no answers to that. I bicycled to work (7 miles per day) for 2 summers, but was unable to this year. I did CrossFit over the winter and that started an interest in barbell training. I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & bilateral tendonitis in my wrists this winter from shoveling, then weakened my wrists and shoulders during that healing period. Now doing PT for my shoulders, my wrists are healing up finally w/ very light wrist workouts (3lb hand weights). It's been a very slow process.


Mental history: Generalized anxiety disorder and depression. Mostly under control these days, but I used 5-HTP periodically to get through bad episodes. I prefer not to use prescription meds, I've been down that road before and I'm not a fan.


Nerd history: I'm a Linux systems admin, as of last November, so still relatively new to it. Prior to that, lots of Windows work. I'm a PC gamer, love Fallout III & NV, Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim, Diablo III, used to play WoW. Started playing Witcher 3 and am hooked, even despite the rampant gross sexism. Star Wars, Star Trek, LotR, Hellboy... all that good stuff :)




I have a free week membership at the gym closest to my office. Sadly, the barbell area only has Olympic bars, which I can't use yet. 45 pounds is too heavy for me except to deadlift. I made due with kettlebells.


5 min Warm-up w/ some kind of elliptical thing (plus warm-ups with lighter weights before each lift)



5x3 25#

5x2 35#



5x3 20#

5x2 25#



2x5 45#


4 min on the rowing machine


I'll go again on Wednesday morning as long as my wrists feel okay. They're a bit sore/tired today and I don't want to set myself back in this very slow recovery. I'll do some kind of dumbbell bench press instead of the overhead press.


After I finish reading Starting Strength, I'm going to join a local weight lifting club that has a lot more equipment. They're right up the street from my apartment, only open on weeknights.





Food so far today
Breakfast: shredded chicken & green beans

Lunch: pork chop, mixed veg, sweet potato

Snack: two Larabars

Dinner: will probably be more pork chop, veg, & sweet potato


I don't like to count food, so that seems a bit light, but I really have no idea.


I'll be prepping for some beef stew tonight. I think I'll use russet potatoes, since my husband doesn't like sweet potatoes.

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Dinner yesterday ended up only being a banana smoothie with chocolate hemp protein powder.


No breakfast today, I slept in too late.


Lunch will be pork chop, mixed veg, sweet potato.


2 Larabars for snacks.


Having coffee.


I'm very sore from my workout yesterday, hoping my wrists will feel up for more lifting tomorrow morning but I need to be careful.

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Well, so much for daily.


I didn't workout again last week. My wrists needed until Friday to recover. But now they feel great and I think I'll increase my wrist curls to 5 pounds.


I'm setting a small goal for myself this week: go check out the weight lifting club up the street and talk to somebody. I'm really nervous. This introvert does not like meeting new people.

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Since posting last, I have realized that I have been suffering from a very bad episode of depression. I'm going to keep reading Starting Strength, but starting at the weight lifting club is on hold. I have a psychiatrist appointment scheduled for 2 weeks from now.


I did a video from the Blogilates YouTube channel last night, focused on core strength. It was fun, only 7 minutes long! I like short workouts and I'm plenty sore today. The Blogilates website has a beginner's 1 month challenge calendar with accompanying videos. I think I may try to do that. The question is: do I start today, or start on the 1st, and just do whatever videos I feel like until then? I think I'll go with option B.


My right shoulder keeps getting messed up. I can feel the muscles in the right side of my neck are incredibly tight and it hurts. Good thing I have PT tomorrow :(.

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I did another Blogilates video yesterday, this time for booty! I didn't think it worked that well at first, but I was sore this morning! Yay :) My abs are still sore from two days ago! I wish I could somehow foam roll my belly.


The plan for tonight is to do a video for legs. I'm working through random videos per day until the 1st, then I'll start the 1 month challenge.


My right shoulder feels a lot better today, mostly just from focusing on keeping my shoulders pulled back and down.

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Yesterday's Blogilates video worked my booty more than the booty workout. I woke up in the middle of the night and my big toes were numb from the inflammation! My butt/back of my legs are kind of numb today.


And my abs are still sore! Maybe I am jumping into this too fast.


I wonder if these workouts will be enough to shed some body fat. I would like to lose about 5 lbs.

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I took yesterday as a rest day. Today, I want to do some cardio/HIIT. So many videos to pick from! I just have to avoid anything that's too upper-body intensive because of my stupid shoulders.


I was able to sleep on my side for a bit last night with no pain! Such a milestone! But my shoulders have been crunching and grinding a lot so I don't want to do any exercises that exacerbate that.


I woke up at 141# today. Last week, I was #144 in the mornings. I hope that's not just water loss! I do think I look a little slimmer.

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Saturday: stretching video.

Sunday: light booty/abs video.


Today... Not sure yet.


I start the 4 week challenge tomorrow. It's 4 days till I do something leg-based, so I guess I could do that today.




I had some alcohol over the weekend and my body is still a little swollen from that.

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Day 3 = complete. Some parts of the videos are getting easier. I woke up feeling pretty lean this morning, though I have not lost any weight.


I was supposed to do 10 burpees this morning. Ugh. I did 6. I really hate burpees, and first thing in the morning? That's just rude.


Today will be lower body workouts.

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Yay today is the halfway point and a rest day! I really need it. I felt totally worn out during yesterday's workout.


I'm still having this issue where the back of my legs and part of my butt go numb, especially when I lie down in bed. I've started my nights out in a recliner for the past couple of nights and that has helped, but it's very inconvenient.  I'll do some regular doses of Ibuprofen today and we'll see where things are tomorrow.

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I'm going to the doctor's today about the numbness in my legs & left foot.


Getting by on coffee. I still feel like I'm not resting even though I slept much better last night.


[edit] Damn. The doctor said I should lay off on pilates and do stretching and/or yoga for now until this eases up. It's probably starting in my back and compressing a nerve. I really don't want to stop :( Such a bummer. I really don't like yoga, it's boring!

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Day 16 and 17 completed. Closing in on 3 weeks completed!


Stretching seems to be helping. Usually my foot feels numb by the end of sitting all day, but it feels fine right now (around 3PM). My upper back has been so tight and I've been using my foam roller on it at least twice a day.


Man, I'm so sleepy.


My former CrossFit coach emailed to see how my recovery from tendonitis is going. I was sad to tell him that I'm still recovering. I'm still not sure if I want to go back to CF or do barbell training at that local club up the street from me. The latter would be much less expensive.

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I missed 2 days of pilates because I got a cold and was too worn out. My legs feel a lot better with the rest, however. I'd like to get back to it today, though I'm definitely still recovering or still a little sick. I can probably make up those two days at the end of the month, before October starts, since this challenge will end on the 28th.

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I've barely stuck with Pilates since I got sick. I'm still lacking energy, still congested. My back is also constantly sore or hurting lately and nothing I do seems to help. I'm foam rolling, stretching, trying to keep my posture good. I don't know what else to do.


I'm wondering if I should just go to that weight lifting club already. My shoulders are feeling a lot better and weight lifting might even help further strengthening/recovery.  My wrists have been pretty good lately too. But I'll be honest, I'd still rather go to CrossFit, as hard as it is, only because I know that place and I know the coaches. It's just SO much more expensive.

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Time to start again.


I think I'm joining a Gold's Gym near to my apartment. It should be $49/mo. I don't know when the OrangeTheory gym is going to be open (I signed up on an early adopters rate, $90/mo), so I figure I'll just do this for now. I can always cancel it if I don't use both.


Ultimate goal: be strong. I know this is vague.

Specific goals: Lift & carry 50 lbs with relative ease (a good skill for moving boxes). Carry my husband on my back for the length of a soccer field (you never know, in case of emergency). Eliminate my lower back pain. Squat with 45# barbell.

Soft goal (not a huge focus): Shed a bit of body fat. Sign up at weightlifting club that has different weights of barbells (Gold's only has 45# bars) instead of Gold's.


To ease into things, since I have been prone to tendonitis this year, I'm thinking of using the stationary bikes at the gym for 2-3 weeks to start. I'll be doing some ab-focused workouts at home that should help my lower back in between gym sessions. That includes things like plank holds (just on knees & elbows now) & some work with a yoga ball (husband knows a lot of rehab stuff for lower back pain). I'm also doing physical therapy with bands for my shoulders and may get some exercises for my back too.


My goal for this week is just to go sign up at the gym. After I'm comfortable on the stationary bike 3x weekly (or up to 4x), I'm hoping to swap between that and an elliptical. Right now, the elliptical aggravates a sore Achilles tendon on my right ankle.


I am not focused on diet right now.

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I did it! I signed up at Gold's last night. They gave me a month of free personal training too. It'll be interesting to see what the trainer suggests for exercises.


Primary goals

-get strong & avoid injury


I went on the stationary bike for a total of 30 min (so boring), focusing on keeping my heart rate within certain ranges. I think I'll do the elliptical next time, that should be less boring and more physically involved. Or maybe I'll do some stuff with kettlebells. Maybe weight-free lunges, kettlebell swings, and lat pull-downs.

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