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Fashionable late, as always :)

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Hey guys,

I know its already week four of the challenge and this is my first post…….  So that being said I haven't completely failed, but haven't pasted with flying colors either. Okay a quick rundown of what my challenge is:


Main Quest

  Practice Yoga a minimum of 3 times a week, working towards daily practice 

Do ankle exercises everyday

  In light of my recent ankle sprain and history of weak ankles I need to do something about it, especially if I want to work out regularly



Week one, was flying colors: I did yoga 4 times and ankle exercises Every. Single. Day.


Week two, crash and burn: Yoga once and ankle exercises every day (yay!)


Week three, slow recovery: Yoga twice and ankle exercised every day (at least Im consistent in one thing)


So starting week four off to a good start, I did yoga last night (Sunday night). So if I’m still up  (its currently 3am) when the gym opens (5:30am), I guess I’m heading to the gym. 

The main reason I have been so very successful in my ankle exercises, is at my job there is a position that I just stand in one place. So I take the opportunity to do my ankle exercises, and I’ve noticed my ankles are stronger.


There was a situation were my ankle “sprung back†from a slight turn, which previously would have caused me to pause, I breezed through it. 


So I think that’s everything so far…. if I think of anything I’ll let ya know.

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