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[Sugar-free] Cocoa Crack (ie, sugar-free chocolate)


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So, for cocoa crack, there are tons of recipes if you google it, but here's what I do:


In a small, stick free pot, on low heat, I combine:


Coconut oil (6 table spoons is a good size)

Cocoa powder (6 table spoons. Or however much oil you used, you use equal parts)


Once those are melted together, add whatever sweetener you want. I've done it with Stevia, splenda, and xyla in the past, so whatever it is you use at home, just add it to taste and let it all cook together over the low heat until the sweetener is fully dissolved.


Then, I pour it into an ice cube tray and put it in the freezer so they harden up into little chocolate bites basically. I store it in the freezer because my apartment gets too warm for it to really set well, but if your place is cooler, you can keep it out.


That's the basics of the recipe, but the fun part is you can completely play around with this once that is all melted together. I usually add coconut milk right at the end (or creamer, I'm just dairy sensitive), which thickens the hell out of it and makes it really creamy. I also add unsweetened coconut flakes for some texture. You can add nuts, berries, vanilla or whatever flavouring extract etc. Possibilities are endless!  It takes very little time to do and not long at all to set either.


Or you can get really creative and layer it with other things in the tray. I've layered it with peanut butter, one time I layered it with avocado paste I made. Once you get cocoa crack down, it can be coating for other things too. I did plain, no sugar added coconut macaroons (egg whites and coconut flakes) with a coating of cocoa crack. I made sugar free bounty bars once and used that as the coating too. Basically, it's my chocolate substitute :)


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Great post. And just so you know what you have done is made chocolate. The fact that you replaced the fats in it with coconut oil instead of cocoa butter (what is used in high-end chocolates), or vegetable oils (like what Hershey's uses) doesn't make it any less chocolate.  You could probably even get it to temper if you tried. 


If you are interested in more info My wife runs an introductory class on chocolate making and tempering: here are a link to her slides. 



Experimenting with this, you could even get to a point where you were making very paleo friendly chocolate bars.

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