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Fast paleo brekky

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Hey guys just a newbie starting my journey. I have been eating cereal, milk and sugar for breakfast all my life. But I am woking toward changing that. I know it's really really bad (especially with the sugar...) but it's so quick! My pb for making a bowl of cereal is 13 seconds ^0^ But need a paleo alternative which is quick because bacon and eggs takes like 20 minuites hahahahah. I guess I could wake up earlier to make it as another alternative. Anyways give me your best tasting, favourite, easy to make, quick, paleo breakfasts. What do you eat for breakfast??
Also some ideas on how to slowly get used to it. I hate slow but its better than none at all hey!
My goals are to cut the last few body % off and get stronger (such as muscle ups, hanging planks and handstand push ups). So every little bit of fat over muscle makes it easier to lift myself :)

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I've had a similar issue when first regulating my breakfast. Things that worked for me were


- Bacon and hard boiled eggs, made and cleaned the previous night before going to bed

- Batch cooking an omelette with sausage, portioning it and keeping it in the freezer. Take out the night before to unfreeze, eat in the morning cold or mildly re-heated

- Ball-shaped zucchini, stuffed with ground meat. Made a few, kept them in the fridge and ate cold in the morning

- Batch-cooked guacamole (basically just mashed avocado and tomato) kept in the fridge. Eat some in the morning with bacon.

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When I'm eating cauliflower, I love to "rice" it and cook it up ahead of time. You can toss in whatever leftover veg or protein you have in the fridge, or fry/poach an egg quickly in the morning to top it. It's like a healthy paleo version of a rice breakfast bowl. Personally, I love to add in a little kimchi and nori, but I get that not everyone is a fan. It comes in under 300 calories, or at 400 if you are adding fatty protein (pork belly mmmmmm).

Edited to add, it looks like this (this version had mustard green, zucchini, and green beans in it):post-27845-0-36692800-1440791434_thumb.j

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My first six week challenge!

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Thanks for the tips guys!

Just been getting in the routine of cooking up a simple bacon and eggs for now. Will try out these ideas down the track a bit. I think experimentation is key

And once again, thanks muchly


Keep High spirits because it Worked for me and i'm such a lazy bastard !!!


it gets almost automatic real quick, though !


I add a bit of chesse, also

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I usually skip breakfast as I eat a bit of my calories between noon and 1800... however, I have been drinking coffee with almond butter and honey blended into it... It keeps me relatively full (it's not real food, but the butter and honey help).. At the very least, at around 100 calories it keeps me going from 0600 to 0830 when my shift started for my internship and coffee was available... LOL then it was usually coffee or an apple or two... Sometimes it was coffee AND the apple or two, until about noon...

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What I've done is make a batch of egg muffins on the weekend, along with a batch of oven-baked bacon. There's lots of recipes out there. You can do: eggs mixed with shredded cheese, mushrooms, sausage, spinach, ham, etc etc whatever you normally like. Fill up your muffin tins with the mixture and bake! Then you can have 2 muffins per morning, with a couple slices of pre-cooked bacon. Warm them up in the microwave for 13 seconds and you're all set.

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I bake egg "muffins" on the weekend by putting ham or sausage and some veggies in muffin cups then topping with beaten egg (or egg substitute) and bake until set, then eat a couple every day warmed up for breakfast.   


I used to do this too! it's a great way to do meal prep


Lately i've been doing smoothies, or skipping breakfast for coffee or tea with some heavy cream (if that works with your paleo) 


Primal egg coffee is great too


You can also pre cook bacon (I normally do 1-3 lbs at a time) then reheat which takes a lot of time out of the morning cooking. I've even been known to eat it cold (it has the consistency of jerky) 

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If bacon and eggs takes you 20 minutes, Id recommend turning the cooker on! :)


Joking aside,  try microwaving the bacon, a piece of kitchen towel helps soak up the fat/juice so it doesnt just boil.  this takes about 3 minutes. you can leave it to it then.  In which time, wack a frying pan on high, bit of coconut oil in the pan, whisk your eggs together quickly, chuck it in and make an omelette, chuck in some veggies to pad it out as well.


In the UK we have a tv show called Saturday Kitchen and the pro chefs can cook an omelette in the same time as your cereal PB.


Its all about the practise!  

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Hahahaha cheers mate

Do you put the bacon on first?

Then cook the eggs?


Depends how quick you think you can be! ;)


I would put the bacon on a plate (with piece of kitchen towel), place this in the microwave but only put the microwave on when i am confident i am a few minutes off completing my omelette.  to be fair you could put the bacon on first, then if it gets cold just reheat it for a minute.

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