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Academy food leveling?


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Hello All


Just signed up today and started doing the various goal setting and what have you when i got to the nutrition section and started the level up your diet bit, level 1-3 no problem as i have been using a tracking app for over a month now and i thankfully never got into drinking large amounts of soft drinks out side of special occasions ( have a soft spot for Pepsi max but i guess that will have to go!).


My problem is level four, open up the sample meal planner thinking "cant be too bad only level 4.....Oh my god what the hell is this! meat and veg all day every day!", now I know i'm are meant to reduce my carbohydrate intake but it looks like everything that has so much as seen a grain is gone! Not sure how I'm going to start this as bread and cereal's are a big part of my current diet.


Any ideas on how to start this process for a shell shocked limey? 



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Hi uuto - I'm right about where you are for now. :D But if I'm not mistaken, the quest to level up to level 4 would be just to handle your BREAKFAST. Just checked this and this seems to be the case. So it's not a complete change of diet. :)


I just made my first such breakfast this morning. Just fried some carrots and broccoli on a pan, seasoned with paprika and oregano and stuffed a couple of eggs in the mix. Small pinch of salt and there it was. My first step on the quest to level 4 nutrition. :)

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Hello fffffinn ( I was so sad I sat there and counted the f's)


well that's my standard don't read the small ( or in this case same size as the rest) print, i my have to cheat and start with dinners, breakfast is a 10 minutes eat something then get out the door as I walk into work rather then take the car now, fix one problem cause another lol... or maybe i will just have to get up earlier, ba stupid human bodies needing sleep and food and stuff! 





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