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Thomas first Challenge

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Hi. My name is Thomas. I am a 30 year old husband and father of 1 and a half (my son will be born in October). I have had trouble sticking with a fitness program since being an adult and I thought this might be helpful.

Main Quest: I would like to reach 150 (lose 60 lbs) or reach 15% body fat.


Using MyFitnessPal, I will I put everything I eat for 6 weeks.

I will complete the following exercise routine weekly: Sunday-Beginner Body Weight Workout; Monday-Cardio; Tuesday- Yoga; Wednesday-Beginner Body Weight Workout; Thursday- Cardio; Friday-Yoga

Life Goal: Above my current savings plan of $100 per month, save an additional $20 a week.

Motivation: to look good for my wife, to have energy for my children, and to have a better body Image.

Stretch Goal: walk to Mordor

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Okay, so 1st week is down. I did it. I haven't figured out how to do progress bars yet on my phone for the forum.

My abs are killing me and I'm not really doing much of a workout, but I was able to run/jog a quarter mile today without stopping so that was cool.

Thanks for the support.

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Okay, so last week I got sick. Really sick. I was dizzy, throwing up, and had a terrible headache.

This week I'm back on schedule.

Technically I'm on week three of my first 6 week challenge. I'll consider my stats and post them in a day or two.

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So week 5 update:

Exercise routine is doing good.

Food Monitoring is doing excellent

Saving Money is doing okay.

After I got really sick two weeks ago, I completely changed my diet. I went 90% Paleo(still have dairy). I still have a huge craving for Bread, but I feel better. I feel like I have more energy. I feel, overall, better than I have in years. When I started this 5 weeks ago, I was at 210. Yesterday I weighed myself and I was 195.

So, still working on how to do those percentage bars, but I'll figure it out. One more week to go in this challenge and I cannot wait.

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