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Flow- or lack thereof.

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I have been learning some new moves recently. (Admittedly I'm a bit slow but that's not the point.) I went to train and after some drills and warm ups I was completely baffled by how lost I felt. I couldn't think of anything to do. Here I was in a great training area and I wasn't using any of it. But I wanted to use it. I couldn't help but feel discouraged.

 How do you learn to make your moves flow? Does it come as you learn more moves? Using your environment is a thing I try to do often but finding the correct route and pattern to do is difficult. Some advice from my fellow tracuers would be appreciated. 


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If you can't think of anything, do 1 thing. eg. a vault on that rail
Ok now maybe move to another spot close to it and do something else eg. another vault or maybe a roll idk
Good. now do something else over there. eg. a flip or precision
Once you have a few moves planned out -however bad they are- simply connect them.
Keep working on this line until you get better and better at it, making adjustments and improvements on it along the way. until it feels comfortable. then add on more moves that flow off.
Tip: watch video's and look at how people connect moves and what flows with what.
Practice different lines every time you train. After a LONG time practising try and make up moves as you go along
Don't plan it out - just make up a line that feels comfortable.

Look under 'Intermediate Parkour' in this: http://apexmovement.com/blog/how-to-start-parkour-a-beginners-guide/

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I am not a Traceur, but i think, I can help:


In some sense, finding a path through an obstacle course has a creative aspect, like jamming or improvisation in music. Typically, if you give students a music instrument they know how to play and tell them to improvise, they will fail miserably, as they just do not know, what to play. So the first thing to do is to restrict what the students can do (less choices = less overwhelming possibilities = less pressure to be good = better improvisation). This can be limiting the notes they are allowed play(maybe only "safe notes" which do not sound too horrible when played at the wrong time), or tell them, that they have to play a specific note at a specific time (which enforces structure). Both helps the students to get started. Even though they have no idea what to play, they can just play some notes, follow the structure and slowly explore their possibilities.


Do the same. Limit yourself to the basic techniques that you know best (=you can focus on improvisation without focussing on HOW to do it) and then you add some structure: specific points where you are enforcing a technique. The rest in between is how you feel best in that moment. And monitor yourself. If you feel you are somehow not exploring any more, like you do at some points always the some movements, add new restrictions and remove others.

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Also not a traceur (yet), but as both above me said, stick to the basics.


I would approach it like I do martial arts. Do one move at a time. When you've got the hang of a few moves, do one then add another that fits the motion and immediate area. Stick to that "combo", then add more two-move "combos". When you've got a few two-move "combos" down, you can either try and connect two "combos", make a three-move "combo" or do both options.

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