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For The Glory of Asgard - The Warrior Competition Calendar

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Not sure if this counts but tomorrow I am doing a charity "Barbells for Boobs" Workout!


Saturday, October 17th 9am -12pm

Barbells For Boobs

The Combine Strength and Conditioning

9300 HWY 290 W, Austin TX 78736

"Grace" for time - 30 clean & jerks

Facebook website


I just started learning the olympic lifts 2 months ago, so I'm excited to try this out (at a very light weight). I'm hoping my husband will be able to take some pictures!

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All weekend. Wildross and I lift Sunday, Spezzy and cline lift tomorrow.


The official stream is here




Gainsdalf (Corey Dawson) will be on platform 3, flight A, so he should start close to 1PM, EST on Sunday.


Wildross (Jim Wildman) will be on platform 4, flight B, so I'll probably be starting somewhere closer to 2PM EST Sunday.

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Write up!!!!! :D


Also your Willks went up over 20 points in 2 months. Props.





Ok writeup:  The meet was big, 110 lifters over 2 days.  As a member of the 120kg class, I was on day 2.  


Overall the meet was a ton of fun.  As was typical, tons of support from everyone.  There was also a pretty big crowd of ~150 spectators along with the lifters and staff.  It was great watching 2 guys in their 70's going for national records.  



I weighed in a 118kg. I went 8/9 on my lifts and finished with massive PR's in Sqaut and Deadlift with props to the bros who convinced me that my 2nd lifts looked easy (they didnt really feel easy) and giving me the balls to get over those milestones.


Squat 1: 145kg

Squat 2: 170kg

Squat 3: 182.5kg <--- 18lb PR, and my 1st 400+ lb squat!


Bench 1: 140kg

Bench 2: 150kg

Bench 3: Fail at 155kg 


DL 1: 180kg

DL 2: 210kg

DL 3: 227.5kg <--- 27lb PR, and my 1st 500+ lb Deadlift!


Now I will try to get a solid 5-6 months of training in prior to really going after max lifts again.  I will also be starting a new program as I have defintely milked everything I could out of the beginner programs.  

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Hi, thought I'd add this here, hope that's okay!

  • Dates for the whole competition: Sept 17&18 2016
  • Name of the competition: British Classic Women
  • Sport (duh): Powerlifting!
  • Location: Horncastle
  • Website: http://www.gbpf.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/2016-Calendar.pdf(This may not be the best one...)
  • Any other relevant details (i.e. streaming): Last year's was streamed by Threewhites.

I'll be doing this, provided GBPF don't go changing the QTs again ;-)

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Hi, thought I'd add this here, hope that's okay!

I'll be doing this, provided GBPF don't go changing the QTs again ;-)
Tankweazel and I will be there too. Which weight class are you?
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