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Week 3, Day 2


Kung-fu: Push ups were even harder yesterday. I don't know why. I had a hard time getting through the set. But practice itself went well. We were introduced to one-step sparring, which was a lot of fun. More review of breathing exercises, strikes, and blocks. All in all, it's going quite well. I'm looking forward to the test. 



Daily stretching is still going strong, and I'll be doing some splits training today.


Better posting: I posed on my accountabilibuddies group last night, and on my own thread today.


Better adulting: I applied for 7 possible externships today, and it's not even 9 pm. I'm going to work on my article today, and start sending job applications this weekend. Daily dishes is going well, with the exception of the occasional tea mug. I still need to get better at managing time, but... I'm trying. 

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Lots of great kung fu this past week! When is your test for it? I liked your rant too, lol, You're adulting powers have become wicked strong with all the homework and stuff getting taken care of, way to go Nic! And I say it's perfectly ok to be a terrible AND mature as a 23 year old. There will be moments when booze talk is all fine and dandy, but you're doing the right, mature thing by trying to actually learn while in class lol.


Keep up the kickass, Nic!



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Lots of great kung fu this past week! When is your test for it? 


 It's on the 17th. 2 weeks!


Stealth adulting. I love it. 


Guys, can you believe that it's already October? What happened to September. Yikes. I need to start outlining for finals already. TT_TT


Kung fu: I went 3 times this week, so there's that. I wanted to go yesterday, but I was still sore from Wednesday. Not to mention Thursday was rough in and of itself. The bad weather we've been having in central PA has been making my knee injury act up, making leg work (squats) very difficult. Horse stance is a lot harder too, when you're trying to put pressure on an unhappy knee. My knee hasn't acted up like this in a while. I think it's the rain + cold weather that's causing the pain. I'm doing better with keeping up with the push-ups... but my form is awful. I have trouble keeping my elbows back, rather than going out to the side when I do my push-ups. And because of that, I can only do a half push-up. I'll keep working my form, but it might take me a while longer to get to even just ten proper form, full push ups at this rate. Also... 2 weeks until the test! Eep! 


Stretching: splits practice... has not been happening this week. The stretches I do (pigeon pose, and even a basic wide-legged straddle attempt) are too much work on my knee =_= Ouch. But daily stretches (minus squats, because, again, knee) has been happening. I'm actually really proud of myself for remembering to stretch every morning.


Better posting: you tell me? I haven't been active on here for the past few days, but I have been following along on threads. I'll reward myself for getting 2 homework assignments done by coming on here and posting on other threads.


Better adulting: House cleaning already happened and its not even 11 a.m. yet! Yay! Today was a light clean week, so, clean the bathroom, sweep kitchen and bathroom, and vacuum the lower level (living room and kitchen). And picking things up. My belongings tend to end up in places where they don't belong, so general pick-up was the order of the day. Cleaning dishes went well, and I even went grocery shopping yesterday like an adult. I do need to get better about focusing on homework, though, as I have a ton of things to do today. I'll need to write down my checklist after I finish off this post so I can stay motivated. There's something so satisfying about crossing something off on a list. Well, that's all I got for now, friends. I'll do an update tomorrow, to let you know how my adulting-filled day went. (Saturday = grown-up day?)

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Update on the adulting... Guys, I was so good... until around 3 p.m. today. After a day and a half of super productivity, my brain just shorted out. I have half of my article written (and I'm almost at the page limit... yikes), I've updated my resume, and I got 3/4 classes worth of homework done for Tuesday... not all that bad.

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Uaaghh. Guys. I feel blargh. Ever have those days?


I was at kung fu yesterday, and will be going tomorrow. I can't go on Thursday this week (and next week.... and maybe the week after that. *sigh*), but I will be going on Friday. Push-ups are slowly improving, but if I want to get better form, then I have to stick with knee push-ups. Ah well. trade-off I suppose. Although, bad news. I talked to one of the other students in the class, and apparently I have to get through 100 push-ups and then 200 crunches. I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to at least mostly keep up with the crunches, but the push-ups...  :nightmare: Keep your fingers crossed for me friends. I don't think I'll have use of my arms after this. 


Daily stretching= check. I'm still doing well on this, and the knee is happy enough for me to do squats with the morning stretching again. Which is a plus. I'll be doing some stretching/splits practice before I go to sleep. 


Everything seems to be fine, otherwise. I'm drowning in work, which is a bit overwhelming, so I might be scant on the posting this week. 

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Oh wow. I definitely failed at posting last week. I'm sorry guys.


I finished my draft for my article, but I'm stuck in a place mentally where I have no motivation to do anything. 


The good news from last week:

I went to kung fu 3 times last week. Some improvement in push-ups. Dishes were done after meals, unless something required soaking. Stretching every morning occured.


Bad news from last week:

I did not clean at all. And my house feels gross, so I'm probably going to do house cleaning early this week. At least some of it tonight (dusting!!). I also failed at posting, for which I apologize. I also failed to do any hip stretching. =_=



Hopes for this week:

Improvement all around. This weekend is test weekend, so I'm going to try and get ahead in things. I'll probably do a full house-clean on Friday, instead of Saturday. I'm going to work on my draft edits tonight, and at least start my hw assignments for Thursday. I'm going to kung-fu tomorrow and on Friday, instead of Thursday, because of a conflict. 


I'll check drop in on other threads tomorrow at some point, and try to update after class tomorrow.  I have a huge bruise on my right forearm which makes typing and writing uncomfortable because I have to rest my arm against the table. I put a gauze pad on it to provide a cushion. Ow.

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Wow this week is flying by. Kung fu last night was awesome. The test is on Saturday, and I'm kind of freaking out. 


Good news: I have 4 interviews for externships tomorrow.


Bad news: I broke my streak of morning stretching. I completely forgot this morning. I was so disoriented because I didn't sleep well and I was running late for work. =_= 


Hope everyone is doing well!

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I tink your test is today so goooood luuuuuuck!

Thank you! I think it went rather well.


How'd your 4 internships go?  Wow!!

Well, the interviews were alright, but I don't think I got any positions. Apparently most of them make offers that day, and since I didn't get anything on Friday, I'm guessing I didn't get a position. Ah well. You know what they say. When one door closes, a window opens, or something like that. (Assassins find windows to be better methods of entry anyway.)

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Well friends, the test is over.... I PASSED YAY. I now have my first sash.


It was exhausting. Two hours, 100 (almost) push-ups, more crunches than I can remember, conditioning drills, breathing exercises, and more. The good news was that I was actually able to almost keep up with push ups. They were not good push ups by any means, but I was able to get through them. The conditioning was intense, as shifu would have us jumping between poses, or from various positions (a particular favorite sequence of his was Horse stance, lie on the stomach, lie on the back, stand up, and repeat that 5 or six times). We also did a "man in the middle" drill, which is essentially a 3vs1 drill, where the three people sequentially execute single strikes against the 1 defender. It was insanity. I nearly got tossed across the room by one of the black belts. But it was awesome. I now have a shiny sash hanging out on my dresser. 


All in all, this week has been a success, despite the lack of job offers.

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On the downside, did not get to go to kung fu last night. The town had a Halloween parade, which impacted business hours for businesses all over town. I might be able to make 3 classes, but I make no promises. I'll do my best, though. I'm also playing a game of flag football for charity. 


All in all, I think last week went pretty well, and I'm... so very tired. Wow. it's been a crazy past five weeks.

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Super awesome! You worked hard for that!




On the downside, did not get to go to kung fu last night. The town had a Halloween parade, which impacted business hours for businesses all over town. I might be able to make 3 classes, but I make no promises. I'll do my best, though. I'm also playing a game of flag football for charity. 


All in all, I think last week went pretty well, and I'm... so very tired. Wow. it's been a crazy past five weeks.

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Hello, friends!


It's the end of the week, almost, and that means it's almost the end of the challenge! Wow! I'll save the big challenge wrap-up post for Sunday.


But here's the week in review: I only got to go to kung fu twice, but to make up for it, I also played a powder puff football match last night. For charity. It was a lot of fun, but my goodness gracious, am I sore today. I don't think I've been this sore since my last rugby game. Two years ago. It was a surprisingly physical game for flag football, and I... am still feeling it. Ouch. It's everywhere. I got slammed into in that awkward spot between the trapezius and the latissiumus dorsi muscles, so turning to either side is extremely uncomfortable. That being said, it was absolutely worth it, because we raised over $230 for a breast cancer foundation, which is not bad for a bunch of broke law students. 


Daily stretching has happened for every day but one, this week. *sigh* I was hoping for a perfect streak, but considering the week I had, I'm going to accept that 4/5 is still a passing grade. 


I'm looking forward to house cleaning tomorrow. I need it, physically and mentally. The house is getting rather disorganized, and I always feel really calm once I'm done cleaning. Dishes are still good. I hope to pop in on other posts tonight to see how things are going. 



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1 minute ago, daxonichely said:

Disarming someone isn't as bad ass as only doing it if necessary,  hahahaha.


No, really, amazing targets you picked up. I'll be cheereing to you for that orange test (althoug the more challenging to me the cleaning up it seems)



Ok ok, It looks like I didn't see the date of your challenge start. But nothing as yoda to remind you of your wrap up, right?




Hope everithing goes fine!


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