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I'm so sorry, Sweetie. It's way too pervasive. I had it in 2010, my mom got it 2 years ago, and my aunts have been plagued with breast cancer on both sides. It absolutely sucks. I'm holding you both, and your children, in my heart and wish for the best of outcomes.

P.S. You never have to apologize for not posting. As obsessed as we get, life comes first always.

The Way

Better Now than Back Then

Better Now than Later On

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Yeah that is a lot to deal with for sure!  Keeping your family in my thoughts.  Absolutely astounded that you are working on a system that will allow you to do challenges while everything else goes on but then again a healthy balanced you will obviously help make it so you can manage everything.  Hope all went well yesterday.

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Food Fight - current challenge

Yeary Bug Count 0... if you are out and about then you are probably eating bugs. :onthego:

2015 - 22.5 bugs consumed

Chasing down the most awesome version of myself one step at a time.

The Character Battle Log 1 Daily Mile



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