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My Quest for 1100...


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Yea, no #3 will get you at least an additional 50-75 posts/replies. The vast majority will be to join in on the mockery, and the rest will be lolz.


(Shit, I've just been minding my business lately and I get mentioned)


There are debts to be paid still for your shenanigans.



--Stronkey Kong--


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There are debts to be paid still for your shenanigans.


Perfect time to threadjack Drazen's challenge.


Lmao my shenanigans? I'm usually the on the receiving end of most shenanigans (there's a joke about being on the receiving end that's dying to be made)

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SOOOOOOOO it seems I may have been sandbagging a little...or at least being a little conservative...or lacking confidence....not sure which yet.  


PL meet #2 was this past Saturday in Flagstaff, AZ.  We had originally planned on driving up Friday night but there happened to be a Blue Grass music festival in Flag that weekend and all the hotels were booked up.  So we were up at 4am and got on the road a little before 6.  It was about a 2.5 hr drive from our house to the event.  My sister-in-law and her family drove down from northern AZ to meet us so it was a full family affair.


The meet got off to a disconcerning start as I weighed in at 120.75kg, much to my surprise and annoyance.  On my scale at home I was 6 lbs under the limit 3 days ago.  But whatever, not much I could do at that point.


The lifting, however, went exceedingly well!  I mostly stuck to my original plan and went 9/9  


Squat 1: 135kg/297lbs

Squat 2: 160kg/352lbs

Squat 3: 165kg/364lbs <-- 9 lb PR!

I was disappointed in my choice for the 3rd lift after it went up as easy as it did.  I probably could have added 10-15kg to it.


Bench 1: 130kg/287lbs

Bench 2: 145kg/320lbs

Bench 3: 150kg/331lbs <-- 11 lb PR!

Felt good, 3rd lift was grindy but a smooth grindy.  


DL 1: 175kg/385lbs

DL 2: 195kg/430lbs <-- 5 lb PR!

DL 3: 200kg/441lbs  210kg/462lbs <--37 lb PR!

I was originally going to go for 200kg on my 3rd lift but after my 2nd went up as cleanly as it did, I decided to sack up and bump it up to 210.  Definitely the right decision as it was another smooth grindy lift.  I probably could have added 5-10kg more.


Overall I completely exceeded expectations with a 525kg/~1155lb day.  However since I completely blew my challenge goal right out of the water, time to re-assess where I am.   


Figured I could post the "official" results now that they have been available for a month =)  


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