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It's further than you think...and time is short. Princess Pineapple has six weeks to solve the Labyrinth.

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So it's my third 6WC. I managed to complete both far better than I expected but this does mean that I've set the bar high! My biggest failure was that I didn't check in here enough.

Goal 1: "I see. For one moment, I thought you were running to help her. But no... not after my warnings, that WOULD be stupid!"

as with previous 6WCs, my first goal is running based. Having got a 5km PB of 33:22 on the final day of the last 6WC, I have decided to enter a 10km. It's until the end of November but I need to train for it. I will run three times a week. Once with my running group, one 5km and one 5km+. I will gradually increase this run length.


This goal is strength training based. In the previous challenge I got really bored with my strength training so I have treated myself to some personal training sessions which start next week. I've found a trainer that I am comfortable with and we have had an initial session where we discussed goals and went through some moves with a barbell. Our next session is on Monday so I will set my goal properly then, but the goal will be whatever he says it is.

Goal 3: "Good times, bad food!"

This is my dietary focused goal. This is going to be a combination of my last two challenges third goals.

I will track my calories and aim to stick to it 5 days per week. 2 days per week can be anything I like but chosen mindfully! I will also drink 2 litres of water a day.

Side quest "I've just noticed that your lovely jewels are missing"

If I want a personal trainer more regularly I need to save some cash to pay for one. I allocate myself monthly pocket money so I will track what I spend and only buy essentials.


Goal 1: I will be increasing my agility, speed and endurance so I will attribute 2 points to dexterity and 3 points to stamina.

Goal 2: I will gain knowledge, new skills and hopefully physical strength so I will attribute 3 points to strength and 3 points to wisdom.

Goal 3: I will improve my health by eating no drinking sensibly and hopefully look better so I attribute 2 points to constitution and 2 points to charisma.

I am sorry that this is very similar to my previous 6WC but it's working, just needs tweaking!

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Excellent idea! If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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This thread needs some Bowie/Jared/Goblin King












alright that's enough ... for now!

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Quick update to finalise Goal 2.

Having had a chat with my PT ( I love saying that) he has recommended a series of strength exercises to do at the gym. I will do them with him on a Monday and ideally twice a week more. However I know I can't commit to that every week so I will go for definite TWICE A WEEK and if I get a third in then that's a bonus. I'm enjoying doing proper squats and deadlifts but it's not as much fun as running.

I'll do a proper round up over the weekend.

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Weekly round up! How did we get here so quickly?

So Goal 1: I ran four times this week. I've increased my distance and my longest run was 6.26 km, not fast but I did run it all. I've entered another 10km race, this one is in Mid November. I'm increasing my distance by 10% each week so I should get there by the end of October.

Goal 2: I only went to the gym once. Fail. I did get in some strength training at home doing the BBWW. I must try harder. There was no reason for me not going. I did have extra meetings at work but I should've dropped one of my four runs and gone to the gym instead.

Goal 3: all my tracking and water drinking done. My weight's stayed the same but my clothes are all loose. Totally enjoyed my blow out days (2 per week). Fancy burgers on Friday and an amazing curry yesterday.

Side quest: only spends this week were a haircut, running club subs and race entry.

Roll on week 2!

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Nice week 1!  Looser fitting clothes are definitely an excellent measure that what you are doing is working.  Here's to a solid week 2!

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Hello! Remember me?

So I got completely sidetracked and basically never posted. But, in my defence, that is the only thing I got sidetracked doing!

I have been a really good royal fruit and have achieved lol my goals.

Goal 1: I'm still running at least 3 times a week but it's usually 4 times. I'm now running between 7 & 8 km at least once a week and my other sessions are all 5km. I've also been helping with the beginners groups so run a 2-3 kilometres with them a couple of times a week.

I'm not really getting any faster but I am being consistent and im finding it easier. The thought of slowing down or walking for on a 5km seems ridiculous for me to do now.

I've signed up for a 10km in three weeks, I haven't done 10km yet but I will do it this week as planned. I've got my first trail run planned on Sunday, it's a timed relay, 4 x 3.5 miles. Should be fun.

Goal 2. I'm still working with my PT. I have saved my money to pay for more sessions. I haven't bought anything other than essentials for all the six weeks! (Side quest win!). I've been doing some great lifting and work on strength. I really feel that it's improving my running as I'm so much stronger. Ive had to rework my weekly schedule though as I was doing my the long runs and strength at over a three day period so that took some negotiating.

Goal 3. Well I had my birthday and a few other events so I have eaten badly slightly more than I should but on the whole I have managed to keep to goal. I've not lost any significant weight, maybe a pound or two? I'm not weighing anymore. I'm in a UK size 10 bottom and a 12 top (big boobs) and that's good enough for me. I have stopped drinking diet coke on a daily basis, which is a massive achievement. I used to drink over a litre a day.

Side quest: I've not been spending which is great. I had some money for my birthday which I spent on new clothes to accommodate my smaller figure. As well as regular clothes I bought some new trail shoes and running tights, my others had started to slip down! I was given lots of running equipment (head torch, lights, gloves etc) as presents. This meant that I could keep all my pocket money for PT sessions so I'm very happy.

Can't believe it's been over a month. I will do better on the next challenge. Maybe I need different goals to keep me posting?

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Yay! Princess Pineapple returns!!!

Wow you have done such amazing job! Congrats. I remember we started around the same time and you talking about the diet cola you drank. I know that can be a hard habit to break and you did it! Fantastic!

I was the same way - I kinda dropped off 2 weeks ago myself.  I kinda wonder if if I should make a mini quest of "post here x times a week" to keep track. lol.

Glad to have you back! :-)

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Blimey, pineapple lady, you weren't kidding about it being a short thread! Well, it sounds like you're making a lot of progress on all fronts. I hope that momentum carries you through the next one too.

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