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SpecialSundae kicks culo at the Classic and commences coaching for Commonwealths


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[TROLL]Crossfit ftw[/TROLL]

Classless Human Male Warrior - Introduction

Height: 1.77m Weight: 93 kg



Current Maxes: (repsxkg)

Squat: 10x122.3, 5x138.2, 3x147; 1x170

Bench Press: 10x79, 5x93, 1x102

Deadlift: 10x152, 5x192, 3x210, 1x229

Overhead Press: 10x52, 5x61, 1x70.3

Current Battle Log: 1707 Sam Ashen Summer Swole Program

2017 Challenges:  1701 1702 1703 1704 1705

Previous Challenges: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1609  1610 1611 1612

Daily Log:The Daily Grind

Form Check:  Stronglifts Olympic

More FC's:  Pistol Squats

Want to play?  MFPvP



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So sleep has been a bit better the last few nights. Still need a LOT more, but at least it's a bit better.

Hip seems to be settling. I'm knuckling down to do my physio shizz and it's helping.

Had a bit of a sulky day yesterday because a few issues hitting me at once, but some positives in my training log below. :)

Thursday 23/10:

BW: 65.4kg

Had a bit of a day of the fats and then did a side-by-side comparison of how I looked in the gym yesterday vs how I looked at the same weight just over two years ago which made me feel a lot better.


Glute warm-up stuffs.


(20kg x10)

(40kg x10)

(60kg x5)

(80kg x5)

(100kg x3)

112.5kg x2x6


(20kg x10)

(40kg x10)

(50kg x5)

(60kg x3)

65kg x2x6

Starting to feel tighter but arch still drops a lot as soon as I unrack. I had this right just a few months ago so it's really frustrating that it's a bit "meh" at the moment.


(60kg x5)

85kg x3x3

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On the subject of cutting, I've found it much easier than expected and I've been doing it for 6 months straight now while increasing strength. I find adhering to the reduced calories relatively easy, it's the unexpected stuff my body does that freaks me out occasionally. Doing a lot more volume in the gym so you'd think that would burn more calories and I'd lose fat faster? Nope. Body is going to hold on to every last bit of glycogen it can and pack on the water, and weight either stays the same or goes up. After 6 months of it, you kinda get used to these things happening and know it will work itself out in time but it can be mentally taxing.

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Weight is down again. My weight is weird!

Hip is iffy but I've gone more than 36 hours without diclofenac (only ibuprofen before bed). Heading to the gym having had a good night's sleep and a decent breakfast.

Got to watch the Four Nations and seem to have been stressed out by spin. I'm pretty honest about my lifting on social media, so I forget that other people will only show the very best side of things.

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Three days of bad on the competition bit... but feeling SO much better now!


I think I still have my records in the 72kg class and I'm really relieved that my suspicions proved entirely unfounded.




Saturday 24/10:
BW: 64.0kg
Glute warm-up stuffs (hip seems to be easing a bit)
(20kg x10)
(50kg x10)
(70kg x5)
(90kg x5)
112.5kg x4x6 (belt on)
Feeling easier than the triples on Tuesday.
(20kg x10)
(40kg x10)
(50kg x5)
(60kg x5)
65kg x4x6 
Feeling a lot tighter and again easier than the triples.
(70kg x5)
85kg x3x6


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So, I've actually made it through a second challenge in a row! GO ME!




Some things went better than others. I have a good grasp on what I'm going to do for a challenge next time and I'm finally getting there with some things.

Chill out and sleep!




This is kind of a two part thing. Firstly, I still need to get more sleep. Secondly, I need to carve out chill-out time with my husband.


So the goal continues from last time to get 7h30m a night of sleep but I'm going to do this on a cumulative scoring basis (because it seemed awesome when other people were doing it last time and might help me keep track). So I'll give myself +1 if I get 7h sleep and +1.5 for 7h30m and +2 for 8h or more.


I'm also going to give myself +3 points for having a date of some shape or form with my husband whether that's going to the movies or just a long, romantic walk or even an impromptu trip to the ice cream parlour. 


I'm aiming to be entirely offline whilst I'm away with Grant from 21-24 September... not sure I'll manage that but in the meantime:




Goal is +50 overall for this and I'll give myself +3 CON and +2 WIS for achieving that.

Well my final week of sleep went better than the others, so wound up with a total of +44.5 for sleep (I had a spreadsheet and everything!). I did let myself count last night's sleep but it wouldn't have made it a win/lose situation. Here's the full info on sleep, for anyone who actually gives a rat's derriere.

Hours in bed 44.5

14-Sep 06:56 0

15-Sep 07:46 1.5

16-Sep 07:19 1

17-Sep 07:48 1.5

18-Sep 07:02 1

19-Sep 07:35 1.5

20-Sep 06:08 0

21-Sep 08:32 2

22-Sep 09:04 2

23-Sep 07:04 1

24-Sep 09:27 2

25-Sep 07:09 1

26-Sep 09:04 2

27-Sep 07:00 1

28-Sep 07:04 1

29-Sep 06:49 0

30-Sep 06:34 0

01-Oct 06:40 0

02-Oct 07:00 1

03-Oct 07:04 1

04-Oct 07:48 1.5

05-Oct 06:51 0

06-Oct 07:12 1

07-Oct 07:11 1

08-Oct 07:07 1

09-Oct 06:50 0

10-Oct 08:35 2

11-Oct 07:58 1.5

12-Oct 07:33 1.5

13-Oct 07:07 1

14-Oct 07:11 1

15-Oct 06:59 0

16-Oct 06:32 0

17-Oct 08:36 2

18-Oct 07:43 1.5

19-Oct 06:43 0

20-Oct 06:58 0

21-Oct 07:00 1

22-Oct 07:44 1.5

23-Oct 07:03 1

24-Oct 09:27 2

25-Oct 07:41 1.5

26-Oct 08:25 2

Quality time with Grant:

Week 1: +6

Week 2: +12 (Went for a run and brunch on the Sunday after the previous update)

Week 3: +0 (Busy week with next to no time together alone, weddings don't really count as quality couple time)

Week 4: +3 (Dinner and a movie on Wednesday)

Week 5: +3 (Went for a sunset run together)

Week 6: +6 (Anniversary date and Sunday morning run)

Total for challenge: +30

Total for this section: +74.5

Awarded +3 WIS and +2 CON

Stop being so gorram competitive!




There is absolutely nothing I can do about how other people's lifts, so I need to stop worrying about competing with them and just beat them by being awesome in and of myself (well, 'cept for Kelli Thor Clarke... because there's no way I'm beating her!).


I need to work out how I'm going to progress with this but the main aim is to worry about my own lifts than anyone else's and stop bitching about people who get on my nerves. I also need to know when to step away from a fight.




This is going to be a weird one, so I'm going to do a cumulative score on how many days I can get through without Googling other girls in my weight class at the Commonwealths to see how I am likely to match up to them. I'll give myself +1 for every day I don't Google my rivals or stalk them on social media (checking out their videos if we're friends doesn't count).


I'm also going to give myself a +1 when I step away from a fight rather than digging in and -1 for when I get sucked in.


Target of 35 points... because I know I won't manage to be good every day. +3 WIS and +2 CHA for this.

I totally cracked in the last week with checking up on a rival on social media Thursday to Sunday, so don't get points for those days, but still get +38 for that. Turns out that she hadn't had the amazing gainz she'd been implying she had on social media and now I'm kind of worried for her.

Did get into a couple of arguments during the challenge but also stepped away from a few, so that worked out as -2 overall.

Total for challenge +36 points so +3 WIS and +2 CHA.

Ma bam's sair!




For a translation of this section, please view this informative video:



My glute injury doesn't seem to be going away and I can't afford to go the whole hog and see a specialist about it (physios don't seem to be able to help). So for the time being, I'm going to keep a detailed log of things I've done and pain levels and see if I can work out what makes it better and worse. 


So far, lifting doesn't seem to be the main problem, but some movements may be exacerbating it (i.e. A2G squats). Doing Lizard in yoga is a major issue, so I need to just skip that when it comes up. 


I'll try to be honest about the pain levels. They do get pretty high (i.e. yesterday I was crawling around on the floor howling because they were so bad) but they're usually manageable if I'm not stupid (i.e. I remember to take my painkillers and not do stupid shizz). 


So another cumulative score here with +1 for every day I keep a detailed log of pain levels and activities and +2 for any noticeable correlations found.


Goal +35 with a score of +2 CON, +2 WIS and +1 DEX for completion.


Wanna wish me luck?



I didn't keep a detailed log. Not even close.

I did, however build up a relationship with a doctor, got back to physiotherapy and think I'm almost at the bottom of the problem, so to speak.

Therefore I'm going to award half points for this section which gives me +1 CON, +1 WIS and +0.5 DEX.


The next challenge runs through the Commonwealths so my focus needs to be on positivity. I think a lot of my non-lifting focus probably ought to be on positivity too.

I get really negative. I get really depressed. When I'm negative and depressed then I get really bitchy. So I'm going to try to turn things around and be happy and smiley more often, but I think I'll need help too.

I'll write up my challenge soon but for now let's just all think happy thoughts!

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The next challenge runs through the Commonwealths so my focus needs to be on positivity. I think a lot of my non-lifting focus probably ought to be on positivity too.

I get really negative. I get really depressed. When I'm negative and depressed then I get really bitchy. So I'm going to try to turn things around and be happy and smiley more often, but I think I'll need help too.


Something like that? :tongue:



Of course not...


Level "I have no clue" Warrior

Current challenge

Battle log


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