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Pixie Kitten Explores Exploration

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Ok! In the last challenge, I crept back into the forum with my tail between my legs. I'd fallen off the wagon, and crashed and burned in a rather spectacular chain of bad decisions. But I seem to have picked myself up, dusted myself off, and now I'm ready to carry on levelling up! Am I still battliing with all the drama of the last challenge? Yes. But we can't hang onto that. So moving on!


This challenge's theme? Going places!!


I don't drive. No one in my family does. What I can do and where I can go depends on whether I can walk/cycle there, or how tedious the public transport is. As such, my world is small. Starting, actually, to feel too small.


Pixie wants to go out and see the world. But how can I do that if I can't push myself to go to a new place 10 miles away from my own house?


 Main Quest! 


Go places. Explore a new area once a week. (+4 CHA) Somewhere I can take the dog with me, or maybe not. Just go.




1. Obviously, carry on with the weekly workouts. (+2 STR) Swimming, BBWW, cycling, horse riding.. Speaking of which!

2. Get back into riding! (+3 STA) Queenie's been down for the last 2 months with a massive wound on her leg. But she's recovering, enough for me to get on her and walk around. So Ima do that. I'm also going to start riding a friend's pony, since no one's been riding him and he's gotten super fat.

3. Keep an eye on food intake. (+3 CON) I've slipped again. Eating lots is difficult, and tme consuming, and incommodius and plah. So put more effort into that.

4.Finish decorating the rabbit shed before autumn makes it impossible. (+1 DEX) This doesn't really have much to do with, well, anything really, but I feel like if I put it here as a goal I might actually get it done.


 Life Quest! 

Buy Christmas presents before the challenge ends! (+2 WIS) Because then I can actually enjoy the Christmas season instead of stressing about what to get everyone!



Weekly Exploration Checklist!


Week 1: Tiddesly Wood

Week 2: Malvern Hills

Week 3: Unsure as of yet, but it's dad's birthday this week so possibly Birdland!

Week 4: Hanbury Hall

Week 5: Moreton in Marsh

Week 6: The entire Severn Way walk(starting from town heading north)



Bring it on!

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I love this! I loooove biking as transit, but I know how small the world can start to feel when you have to convince your legs to carry you there.  Maybe I'll include some extra biking in my challenge--thanks for the inspiration!

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I don't think Goddesses have the need for 6 week challenges haha!!


Day 1 update!


It is now 3pm.


A couple more miles have been walked/cycled.


Queenie has been ridden. Queenie is feeling very good.


The heavens have opened, and Pixie is back home in a onsie looking at horse rugs, since Queenie doesn't have any and is now rather cold :(


All activity has been called off, Hutch will be getting his walk via treadmill, and I am chillaxing for the rest of the day!


You know.. Once I've dried off.



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Right, ok. Day 2 was spent working. That's it. I woke up, got ready for work, went to work, worked, came home from work, went straight to bed.


Oh the exciting life I lead.


it is midday of Day 3 and I'm sat at the computer in pjs eating breakfast/lunch. Gonna have to go to town and buy new shoes for work before I - you guessed it- go to work.



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Well, while we are different races for the Mini, we are Dwarves inside. Why?




Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to Work we go!! :)


It sucks having to put in so much time at work but hopefully you will have some good downtime soon. They can't and won't work you into the ground. :) Although a morning in PJs doesn't hurt.

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Iiiiits Thursday. Pixie's day off.

Pixie and hutch went to tiddesley wood today.

Pixie and hutch are very very tired now.

Pixie is snuggled up on the sofa under a blanket watching Brave.

Hutch is snuggled up on his bed under blankets not watching Brave.

Pixie will share photos later.

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Tis Day 5!


...Tis only 11am of Day 5.


Pixie downloaded that Zombies, Run! app on her phone and went for a walk with Hutchy this morning.

Pixie now has another 3 miles under her belt for the mini-challenge.

Now Pixie has a 10 hour shift at work. Again. So that's today done, I guess.


My back is pretty achey from yesterday, I may have over-packed my bag and I guess I didn't carry it right because ow. Hurty. So I'll probably be going straight to bed once I've finished work.



On a completely different note, I've decided I need a short motto to define myself and my actions in life. Something I can think of and want to live up to. Something short and snappy.

Then I came up with it.

Then I translated it into latin because it makes it so much more assassin-y.


Aeterna Tenacitate.


Eternal tenacity. That is what I want to strive for. When someone asks about me, I want the person's response to be 'Pixie? She's always tenacious. She always goes fo it.'


So that's me now. It feels assassin-y. It feels motivating. I like it.



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Eternal Tenacity, I love it Pixie. Sometimes you do just need something to galvanize your focus on yourself and your needs. I'm glad you're taking that and using it to help you. And yeah, Latin makes things sound more mysterious. :)


I hope your back feels better here soon.

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Today I have a cold. Still. I didn't mention it before because I was pretty sure I was fighting it off.

T'was a battle I lost.

Today I woke up freezing cold. I was under a normal single duvet AND a huge poofy double duvet. And I was goosebumpy and shivery and dizzy and my head really hurt.


I planned on seeing Queenie in the morning.


I slept instead.


 Then I had a lunch date with my bestie at 1:30 at the new restaurant that's opened near me, so I got up and had painkillers. As soon as I got dressed, I was hot. Really, really hot. Clammy and sweaty and ick. In a t-shirt and skirt.


Turned out bestie wasn't feeling 100% either, so we enjoyed huddling together in our joint ill-ness. we were sat in the hottest corner of the room in the sun so we suffered but the food was nice. I had a nice burger and we shared a sundae and then we went back to mine and looked at shirtless guys with horses to make ourselves feel better.


Bestie has gone home for a Doctor Who evening with her BF, and I'm all onsied up with a new vampire book, also waiting for Doctor Who to come on. 40 more minutes!


Did I exercise today? No.


Did I see Queenie? No.


Did I have more than one meal? No.


Did I feel accomplished just for getting out of bed today? Hell yes.


I feel crappy. super super, my-back-hurts, my-legs-hurt, my-head-hurts, I've-had-6-750ml-bottles-of-water-today-but-still-feel-dehydrated-only-gone-for-a-wee-once-today crappy.


But hey. I went outside today and went somewhere new. So exploring done.


Im going to explore the underside of my duvet on the sofa for a while now, may not come back for some time. ZzZzZz....

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I got super duper ill.


And had 10 hour shifts 3 days in a row.


And got very drunk on the last night of said 10 hour shifts.


And had a 5 hour shift the next evening.



So I haven't been around. Or done anything worth being around to tell you.


I'm feeling better now. Not 100%... more like 70%, but you know. Hello.


Hutch had a vet appointment this morning so we went and did that. It's a nice day so I might carry on painting the rabbit shed today, then see Queenie in the afternoon/eveningy time.



*coughing fit*


...ok. 65%.

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OK! I totally failed on keeping up to date here. BUT that's not important. What's important was that I stuck to the goals. I went somewhere new every week. I did all my workouts except swimming, because I can't find the time now that morning swims are reserved for the school lessons. Pleh. :(

I did get back to riding Queenie. But then the bandage had to stay off her leg so the wound could dry out. She was put in a paddock with minimal mud to keep it safe, and obviously I had to stop riding because it would get sand in it. Have you ever had sand in a giant open wound? I haven't personally but I imagine it would hurt, so I've taken a back seat riding wise until she's healed.

I've been eating. Oh so much. I feel like I'm always eating. its annoying.

I finished painting teh rabbit shed. I can't say I've finished decorating entirely though because I had plans for bunting and a ceiling and a hook for their harnesses... So I failed this one.


Christmas is sorted. Literally; I have a present for everybody, and cards, and wrapping paper. And I got new christmassy earrings for work. I'm done. Yay!!









Like, it was the day after this challenge finished, so it counts for nothing challenge-wise, but I had an assassin meet up.


Murphy's Roomate and I met up at Warwick castle and it was epic. We even got an assassins-looking-over-their-domain-from-a-high-place-with-hoods-up shot.




Yeah. =D I sucked at staying online, but I still did it! Yay!!

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