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A few months ago my wife and I were flipping through the channels on TV when we came across this year's CrossFit games on ESPN. My wife was impressed by the level of bad-assery displayed by the female competitors and told me she wanted to give CF a shot.  She'd been lifting on and off with me for a few months learning to squat, bench, deadlift, and press so I figured she had a good baseline and told her to go for it. Being the supportive husband I am I agreed to tag along with her for the first few weeks until she felt comfortable. It’s been four weeks and a funny thing happened I discovered that I’m kind of enjoying the change of pace. I’ve sipped the kool aid and decided to just go with it for the time being. CF won’t always be my jam but for the next six weeks I’m all in bro.




1. Keep da Gainz (aka How to Balance CrossFit and Strength Training)


• So far I’ve discovered you don’t lift all that heavy in CF. To my surprise I’m one of the strongest bros at my box.

• I’ll be using a modified Cube setup three times a week.


2. Paleo is the Way to Go


• Wife and I are participating in an eight week Paleo Challenge.

• No dairy and one cheat meal per week.

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Raptron, alot assassin

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ohhh cf... 




Me too.  Another one is lost...



Always so much fun to watch warriors freak out about crossfit.


It is.


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May Br0din bless you with mighty gains, and may your shaker bottle always be full.



...and, if you die...  Walk it off - Captain America


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Me too.  Another one is lost...




Wait so you train each of the big 3 each session?

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I was doing something similar with Cube when I fucked up my shoulder. I would do the cycle in three weeks.

Day 1 -Squat/Variant/Deads

Day 2 - Heavy squats/2 variants

Day 3 - Heavy deads/2 variants

Day 4 - Deads/variant/Squats

The squat frequency was really nice.

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