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The Assassins' Den (guild chat)

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Relax, remove your camouflage...



And come on in for a good time!



We may be a bit... ahem... special sometimes...



But here in the Den, we're all willing to lend each other a hand!



Just don't forget (lest we be forced to remind you)...



That we're all here to have a great time and chase our goals, regardless of how we get there...



Because we're ALL going to do amazing things!



Under the cover of darkness, of course. ;)



We're Assassins, after all. :D









Got questions?  Feeling random?  Need your daily dose of gif spam?  Lay it on us.  We're here for you.


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I don't even care about anything else. The name changes above the pictures continue to be my favorite part of the mini-challenges.


It's a bit time consuming but I love doing it, too. :)

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Question time!


I am looking for some gloves, but I don't have the foggiest idea of where to start, or what I'm looking for (because naturally there are about a bajillion types of anything out there on the market). So I'll explain what I want to do and y'all can help me figure out what I need. Sound good? Good.


I am wanting to try to practice my capoeira outdoors, as my indoor workout space at home doesn't really allow for the full 360* movements or cartwheels. Currently I  have at my disposal some (not very nice, and rather icky) grass in my yard, or the street next to our house which is a rough gravelly asphalt. I will also be going to France and staying in a cabin of sorts for a couple weeks and I'm not sure what the terrain will be like there. Judging by the hour of yardwork I did with my gardening/work gloves (gave me a couple blisters through or because of the gloves, one of which still refuses to go away) and how my feet reacted to practicing capoeira barefoot, gloves will be a requirement for practicing on anything other than the dance floor in class. 


So folks, what should I be looking for? TIA!

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