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Elastigirl's Epic Questing and Other Stuff

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What a great finish, that's awesome about the weight loss and inches lost.



Nice challenge! Pretty cool that you even managed to tick off some epic quest goals!

Very nice job with this challenge.  Congrats on your weight/size loss, loose pants always feel nice :)


I really enjoyed following along with your challenge, and your vids prompted me to post one of my own :)


Looking forward to the next one.


It sounds like you had a great challenge!

Congrats on a great challenge. You were inspiring as always!

Thanks! Knowing that you guys are following, and giving me accountability, encouragement, and advice during the challenge is very motivating. Super grateful for you all

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Soooooo, are you going to do a new challenge? <3 

Yep. During my walks this week, I've been thinking it all through. I have the general idea and goals, now I just need to put it in writing. I'm super excited for next week!

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She always makes us wait till the last minute.


I try my best not to think about it before challenge end, so I can focus on the challenge that I'm in currently.  Then on the bye week, I have a 100 ideas floating in my head that I have to sort before I feel ready.

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Sorry I was so silent this time.

You did incredibly well on your challenge, wow! Love how much fun you had. Congrats on the inch loss, food love and all the strength gains \o/

Thanks, not a problem, so many wonderful people i the guild, it is impossible to keep up and post with everyone

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