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Starting a new life style is easy, keeping it up is hard. I have tried so often to exercise more and eat better but it never stuck, I always fell back in unhealthy patterns. No longer! After the first challenge I want to build a bit more routine in my exercise. It has been all over the place because of frequent travel but I have found ways to plan around it. And since it is going to be focused around a yoga routine, I'm joining the druids this challenge!


Main quest: loose 25 kg (or 55 lbs) within the next twelve months.


Quest 1: Touch the toes!

I want to start a morning yoga routine. I have done it three times / week the last three weeks and I want to step this up. I do Ashtanga yoga because the fixed, sweaty sequence keeps me completely occupied. It is the perfect way to start the day and have some time for myself. Although officially the practice requires a six day routine, I am afraid if I scale up from 3 to six I will fail. I want to slowly move up to six, probably in three challenges, adding one day per challenge. I do want to aim for five this challenge but will be satisfied with four.

Measurement: A: 6 weeks of at least five days (30), B: 6 weeks of at least four days (24), C: 6 weeks of at least three days (18).


Quest 2: Keep it moving!

I do want to keep up some other exercise as well. Although the changes in my last challenge were great, the weight loss was still slightly disappointing. I promised myself not to look at the scales too much but I would like to see some more progress there. So besides the yoga I want to do two other exercise routines each week. This can be running, the BBWW or anything else that comes up that includes movements and sweat. This is quite a step up from the last challenge where I stuck to three workouts per week. Now it will be the yoga plus this, at least six times per week.

Measurement: A: 6 weeks of at least three days (18), B: 6 weeks of at least two days (12), C: 6 weeks of at least one day (6)


Quest 3: Ban the binging!

I have a history of binging on any food I can find when I'm hungry. I have made changes in my last challenge to prevent this from happening by ensuring I build in a healthy snack moment at four PM and don't eat after 9PM. I want to keep that up but also ensure I don't binge on sweets, chocolate, etc. I want to allow myself one treat a day, maximum. The treats include sweets, chocolate and crisps. I do think I want to bring this down in the end but I also want to use this challenge to understand how often I do this.

Measurement: A: average of four treats / week (24), B: average of six treats per week (36), C: average of seven treats per week (42)

Measurement: A: average of three treats / week (18), B: average of four treats / week (24), C: average of six treats per week (36)


I'm not going to include a life challenge since I expect keeping up with all of the above will be enough. The increase in exercise is slightly daunting but I felt life became a bit to easy after three weeks in the first challenge. So I hope this provides a better balance. I will also plan my weeks from Sunday to Saturday since that is my normal week and easier to track.

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Thanks for dropping by Sterre, good luck to you too!


I had a hard time getting started again. I really took the week between challenges as a week off. Which wasn't that smart. I was a bit resistent to continue some of my new 'habits' immediately from the start (e.g. planning for a snack at four PM, no food after nine PM and no laptop the last hour before bed). I need to pick this up again if I actually want to improve on the first challenge instead of just pretending to improve. But in a small moment of victory, two people asked me if I had lost weight yesterday so something must be working! The scale did show I lost another kilogram on Sunday so that makes it 2 out of 25. Not getting close but the start is made!


I do need to take some time to plan my travel at the end of next week. I'm travelling outside of the country and that makes me a little bit more nervous about being able to keep up my yoga routine, exercise, etc. It's a new challenge but I'm sure I will be able to continue if I plan properly.


Quests in numbers

  • Quest 1: Touch the toes: 3 days this week so far. I will probably make it to four, maybe even five. I had an off-day on my first day of the week (Sunday) but seem to be back in my routine.
  • Quest 2: Keep it moving: 0 yet. This is not great. Probably my hardest quest. Time to schedule my runs / workouts. There will definitely be one run tomorrow. And one strength session in the weekend. This should be possible. I could actually do a strength session tonight as well. So might do that!
  • Quest 3: Ban the binging: I have had three days with four treats. I find this a difficult challenge because it kind of allows me to treat myself every day. I'm considering stepping up a bit here.

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Started the morning with yoga and not ate any sweets yesterday. I also decided I did need to make that quest a bit harder and have adjusted the targets. I will also try to aim for my A-targets instead of settling for the B-targets. I do want to try to change as much as possible. If I feel it is too easy, there is no challenge!
I also still have to claim my reward from last challenge. Although initially I was leaning more towards running as a regular exercise (and get an Endomondo premium subscription), in the end it turned out to be yoga. I will print this poster and hang it in my yoga room as a constant reminder (and cheat sheet) of what I'm working towards:


My rewards for this challenge:

  • If I score at least a B in all challenges: The Practice Manual by David Swenson with all the poses on the poster explained.
  • Additional reward for scoring an A in my yoga challenge: a new yoga mat & decent rug to cover it

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Quests in numbers

  • Quest 1: Touch the toes: 4 out of 5. The last session is planned for tomorrow morning. To ensure it happens (Weekend!), I'll stay away from alcohol tonight. Since I missed a deadline and will have to work tomorrow, that's probably not a bad idea anyway.
  • Quest 2: Keep it moving: 1 out of 3. I ran today even though I didn't feel like it. I made it to three kilometers since a long time. Even though I haven't been running, the yoga apparently made me more fit. Getting an A would mean exercise tomorrow and Saturday. I feel a lot better now I'm a few days into the challenge so might try to make it to three. Weights tomorrow and a run again on Saturday.
  • Quest 3: Ban the binging: Still at four treats! So I won't make the A this week but will not eat any sweets this weekend. Which will be kind of difficult since I just got a mountain of chocolate. And there is nothing better than chocolate when meeting a reporting deadline. Or when not meeting a reporting deadline really.

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Week 1:

  • Quest 1: Touch the toes: 5 out of 5 - A.
  • Quest 2: Keep it moving: 1 out of 3 - C.
  • Quest 3: Ban the binging: 5 treats - C, 2 over target.

It was a real struggle to get back into the challenge after the break. The yoga is great although I have started my second week and my muscles feel tense, very tense. I hope that will become a bit less over the next few weeks. The additional exercise and treats are a big issue since I'm having a few very busy weeks at work. A reporting deadline, a training that needs to be organised, a work trip coming up, an administration that needs to be done. I need to start finishing stuff soon so I feel more in control again.


I want to meet my targets for the second week though. So tonight will either be a run or a workout at home, depending on the weather. And no treats until I have actually finished the report (hopefully tomorrow) and done the training (Tuesday & Wednesday). Let's see if I can stick to it after work today :).

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It's been a few days. This challenge has been hard so far. I have had a really intense trip to Nepal with 12 hour working days for a week, staying in small, very small hotels. So no space for yoga and often no energy either. Let alone energy to run. Back home in Bangladesh now but no running here either anymore. And although it has been hard to keep up, it hasn't been disastrous.


  • Quest 1: Touch the toes: 13 sessions so far. I'm not going to make the 30 for an A but are definitely on course for a B.
  • Quest 2: Keep it moving: 4 sessions so far and this includes the additional walking in Nepal. Even scoring a B will be hard now I will not be able to go out. Although strength training is still an option. Going for at least two sessions in the last three weeks as originally planned.
  • Quest 3: Ban the binging: 9 treats so far. Although this is hard to measure (e.g. does a biscuit with tea count or not?). To compensate for the B or C in the second quest, I'm going to try and score an A on this one. Which should be possible. I feel I have this under control.

I had another look at my rewards and will make a small change based on my experience so far (and because I didn't cash in my previous reward yet):

  • The Practice Manual by David Swenson will replace the poster as reward for the last challenge.
  • If I score at least a B on average in all challenges: a new yoga mat & decent rug to cover it
  • Additional reward for scoring an A in my yoga challenge: a yoga bag and possibly some more suitable clothing  - If I do a session every day from now on (with one recommended rest day) I will get to 28. That is good enough for the reward.

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