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Im back to try again.

actually, I've been doing a lot - and getting much stronger and much more active...but at a much slower pace than I would like! But, I'm not hurting myself this time! (can I get a hoo rah?)



create a schedule - 


Nutritional - eating whole foods 

a. prepping

b. eating

c. accountabiliby - mfp


Physical - 

a. morning exercises - to wake up my body

b. noon ish exercises - movement throughout the day - my fit bit

c. evening exercises - stretching in bed.


Healthful - 

a. magnesium protocol (including mag water)

b. ACV water

c. supplements as prescribed by nutritionist



a. Bible reading - accountability - youversion plan

b. Bible journaling - create Bible journal

c. Prayer time - create prayer journal


Living arrangement

a. unpack one box

b. arrange one drawer/cabinet

c. one project to paint per week


This may look like  alot...but, these are things I need to do daily.

The living arrangement is because we are supposed to close on 9/18 on our house therefore, we start to do the finishing touches the following weekend, and then start moving in.


I have no idea what my stats were.  In a fit of depression, I erased them all.

This is my respawn - I am starting over.

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In His hands and Under His wings, Phil 4:13; Is 40:31; Jer 29:11
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<3 you! We're here for you sweetie

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RES...and I want to live days worth dying for...

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Hey DR......what else can that magic wand do?

Teros pretty much nailed it (see what I did there?) but let's keep CA's thread clean mkay? B)


Master DR, I sees thou hast obtained amazing magical skills since last we traveled together!

Isn't that the whole idea of my RPG Fanatics character, accepting his innate magical powers? ;)

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Exactly! But, I think my character has been in a deep spiritual trance the last few challenges, regrouping and recentering on her core beliefs. At least, I know I have. I've missed so much of you guys' lives, and I've missed you!

Hugs to the gith!

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In His hands and Under His wings, Phil 4:13; Is 40:31; Jer 29:11
 Adventurer by choice

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House is looking amazing!

I have to say, I prefer the white garage door and windows, but I'm suspicious to say that, I like everything white (or off white) in a house, floor to ceiling!

In a major win and testament to my wife's dedication, the purple shutters and front door are bring toned down considerably...

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Warriors don't count reps and sets. They count tons.

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Hey girl

hmmmm... sent by magic.... or fairies.... or small woodland creatures maybe? how does this thing work?

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Hello my dear sister, We are back and we will get through this. 

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"We do not rise to our expectations. We fall to our level of training." Archilochus

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