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Cephalopod_Dreams and the Quest for Strength

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Hi All,


This is my first 6 week challenge so I'm pretty excited about it.


A little background on me: I'm female, 25 years old, 5'2" and 9st 11lbs (that's 157cm and 137lbs). I started attending Karate (Shotokan) 2 years ago in an attempt to get fit, and while it's definitely made a difference I want to step up my game. I ride a 700cc motorcycle so I need to get stronger to handle that, and I want to work on my strength to improve my karate performance. I also want to lose some weight (read: fat) as I have a chronic pain condition and the bigger I am the more it hurts.


Main Quest: Lose 20lbs by xmas and keep it off


Quest 1: 

Complete 3 workouts a week, every week, for 6 weeks. (This could be 2 karate sessions and 1 strength training or any combination of those)

Goal: A = 1 workout a week. B = 2 workouts a week. C = 3 workouts a week. 

Reward: A = +1 Str. B = +2 Str. 3 = +3 Str.


Quest 2: Have at least 2 alcohol-free nights a week

Goal: A = 1 night a week free. B = 2 nights a week free. C = 3 nights a week free. 

Reward: A = +1 Con. B = +2 Con +1 Wis.  C = +3 Con + 2 Wis


Quest 3: Do 10 proper push ups by the end of the challenge.

Goal: A = achieve 10 x incline. B = 10 x knee. C = 10 x proper push ups

Reward: A = +1 Str. B = +2 Str. C = +3 Str.


Motivation: Get closer to achieving my black belt and reduce my pain levels. 

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