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Mark D Does More Than Even Lift

Mark D

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Well, here we go for another 6-week challenge.


The fitness portion will constitute more-of-the-same.  Eating clean, lifting (Stronglifts on Wednesday and Saturday and a lighter lifting session on Monday, which seems to have strengthened my OHP quite a bit).    I'll also be seeing my doctor for my annual check-up near the end of the challenge, so hoping to get my BP under control by then and keep the cholesterol at bay as well.  My goal is to get off the BP meds and stay off statins.


I also have two non-fitness goals.


First, it's past time I started a job search.  I've been here 16 years, and for various reasons it's time to seek my fortune elsewhere.  Toward that end, non-fitness challenge #1 is to get my resume up-to-date and start floating it.


Second, for a long time I've wanted to build a model railroad.  I have lots of stuff for it (locomotives, cars, some structures), and have a space I can use, but just never made the time or money to actually begin construction.  Well,it's time to address that too.  So my first goal will be to plan a layout I can build in stages, so I'm not overwhelmed.



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Hi, Hope you don't mind but I'll be following your challenge as I'm following the stronglifts 5x5 program as well. Good luck with job search too!

Level 0 - Barely Human Recruit
First Challenge


Main Quest: - Lose 50lbs by 31/05/2016:


6 week challenge #1 -

Quest 1 :Continue with C25K program at least 3 times a week. 5/18 sessions


Quest 2:Continue with Stronglifts 5x5 program at least 3 times a week. 8/18 sessions


Quest 3:To eat Paleo 5 days out of 7 on each of the next 6 weeks. 2/30 days

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Thanks for the replies folks.


I started Stronglifts last April, with a couple breaks for health problems or vacations.  It's been a good program for me once I adapted it a bit, the program says to go three times a week, but I find I need a little more recovery time at my age (52), so I go twice a week and do a lighter workout the third day.

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BTW, I mostly keep my daily workouts in my battle log, and tend not to update my challenge thread too much.  


Then tell us an interesting story of what you had to overcome each day, whether its mental, physical or whatever.  


Or tell us about your model railroads and how awesome that is!!


PS:  I love that you are a troll,  you need to do that more.

May Br0din bless you with mighty gains, and may your shaker bottle always be full.



...and, if you die...  Walk it off - Captain America


Level 13: 1/4 Giant Warrior

STR - 50 | DEX - 19 | STA - 19 | CON - 14 | WIS - 28 | CHA - 24

My food logging is here*: MFP: tyrsnbdr


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More info about model railroads? Please? Or is that in your battle log?

Mostly because.... awesomness!

I know you asked this a few days ago but things were a little nuts at work.

In a nutshell I model in HO scale, which is 1:87 scale. I love stream engines so I plan on kidding that era. I have a smallish spare room I can use.

The concept I've been kicking around is an island, where rail cars come in via car float (basically a barge with tracks on it) that's the railroads connection to the rest of the world. It'll be freelanced (not based closely on any real railroad) so I can run what I like or what's available.

I need to keep it pretty simple so maintenance doesn't become an issue, as it can with a larger layout built by one person.

I especially enjoy scratch building structures and have built a few over the year.

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