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nervous about paleo transition


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Tomorrow i am starting a 30 day paleo trial and i am nervous as heck. Ive been researching some.of the initial side affects and its making me question jumping in full.forcelike i was planning to.

So be honest w me good and bad. What was the first month like for you (did you transition slowly or quickly)? No such thing as tmi...I'm.kinda freaking out a bit given that i have a sensitive tummy to begin w (part of the reason for giving this a shot). Private message me if this is more personal than you'd like to be on a message board.

Thanks for listening to my perhaps hypochondriac rant.

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I transitioned pretty quickly. I kept in a few exceptions (protein bars, dairy) which I dropped out in month 2.

Month 1 I felt pretty fine except my running was a LOT worse for a few weeks. Other than that, I can't say I noticed too much. Oh, except my food bill going up a lot ;)

You gotta experiment to find out what works for you.
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My advice is to find a paleo snack that you can make quickly and easily, and use that to fall back on when you get hungry. As you get used to it, you can expand your choices.

I wasn't paleo, but when I was starting out counting calories, I fell back on a pita with hummus as a quick, low-calorie (yet filling) snack.

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I think they are avoided and used as a treat. Sweet potatoes are encouraged more to my knowledge. Truth is they are a heavy starch, but they don't have gluetin or leptin. Your reasons for doing paleo determine if you cut them out completely. I would only eat a little bit occassionaly, like once a week.

But I'm not an expert. Its probably safest to cut them right out, but maybe you need them to keep yourself sane. I personally will eat one about once every two weeks, but I try to use sweet potatoes once every couple of days.

Good luck and keep it it, if you need motivation hop on the Nerd Fitness Skype group and talk to someone, better than missing out on your goal.

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Potato skins have anti-nutrients in them so are to be avoided. I would avoid them entirely for a month and then add them in and see what your body does. They are high carb, so if weight loss is your goal keep that in mind.

Mayo-every mayo I've seen has at least some canola oil and soy oil, which makes them non paleo.There are paleo mayo recipes out there. I found it just as easy to use homemade salad dressing.

Salad dressing-lots of recipes on the web. I just do about 1/4 cup oil, half that of some sort of vinegar or lime juice,some seasonings (I like paprika, or Mrs Dash)

bad effects- I was a little shaky and then I upped my fat count and I was fine. Since your tummy is sensitive I would add in new things slowly, especially eggs and nuts as they can be bothersome. Hopefully you'll find that things are better not worse!

If you go to robbwolf.com and click on the tool section you will find some good recipes/ideas for what to eat and answers to some of your questions.

Marksdailyapple.com is also a good site. However, he does do dairy, which I reccomend you cut for at least a month since you have stomache issues.

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@ebm1224, i would first work on cutting down the carbs to a minimal amount...i went from high 100s/low 200s a day (ack) to 125 eating whatever i wanted, just not so much of it...then, as i got comfortable with that i happened across paleo/primal...i have been able to drop to VLC (very low carb) (read: 50 a day or so) without hitting the carb-flu that most people experience when they drop from 200g+ carbs a day down to 50-100g a day

potatos are not paleo, maybe primal (as in it's a treat); so, don't go crazy with them...depending on what you're making, you can replace easily with much healthier stuff (read: cauliflower)...for example, i make a sheppard's pie for lunch weekly that uses a cauliflower puree in place of the potatos


hope this helps some

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I am doing the 30 day challenge now as well. However, I am not going at it cold turkey. Throughout December I cut my grain and dairy intake a lot in hopes of it being a smoother transition. I had a headache from yesterday into this morning. It has subsided some point today. I am a little more tired, but that is most likely from classes starting up again. I am guessing it also has some to do with sugar/carb withdrawal. But so far, so good. I purposely transitioned when I have a few days off work to prepare food and if I am not feeling so well I can just rest.

For salad dressing, I usually use olive oil and balsalmic vinegar. However, I just had a salad with chicken and used guacamole instead of salad dressing and it was really good.

One thing I did notice. I just came back from the grocery store. I have been shopping a lot more as certain things such as vegetables do not keep well for long, and it is more expensive. Bread and rice are dirt cheap! And used to take up about half of my meal! Now my plate is more full of vegetables and healthy fats, which are much more expensive.

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yes, the price increase was a bit of a shocker. i mean, i half expected it but to see it was something else. and i'm just buying store brands for most things. the veggies going bad is a huge concern for me. i've always loved fruits/veggies so we always have them in teh house but it's not uncommon for me to forget about something or not use something soon enough and then i've wasted a few dollars. there are so many kinds of fruits/veggies in the fridge right now i'm a bit afraid that i'll end up wasting things. trying to counteract that by pre-planning meals. good thing i have this week off!

also, what do you put in coffee? or you just drink it black? i'm new to the coffee world but without soda i'm definitely feeling the need for some kind of replacement.

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I drink my coffee black now. This transition took me ~3 weeks. I used to use french vanilla coffeemate (basically sugar packed, non dairy? concoction that tasted really good, but when looking at the ingredient list was kinda scary) and it was a habit I had for many years. To transition to black I first went to milk and sugar, then milk and agave, then just agave, then black. It also helps to drink good coffee. If the coffee is bad drinking it black is pretty much impossible. A nice, bold, arabica tastes great black to me.

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