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Considering I did a triple workout yesterday and am looking for a low key exercise to do today, maybe it'll just be walking if I'm not feeling up to swimming or yoga. :D At the very least, I tend to go for 30-minute walks at work when I need to clear my head, maybe I'll just make sure to do it every day this week too!



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I'm just going to use RunKeeper methinks, since I already have it and it uses my phone's GPS to track my mileage and what not. Plus I'm involved in a couple of RunKeeper challenges that will count anything toward the progress as long as I use my GPS. Triple win!!


The only reason why I'm not using my FitBit is because it kind of counts steps even when I'm not walking (such as driving, wtf, good thing I mostly use this for the purposes of getting money into my health fund at work), plus I do run and dance and the FitBit will count those, too, so it's not really in the spirit of the mini!

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ugh, I am really bad at the walking thing, guys. Will try to up it of course, but so glad you all are on it already and in a way happy to have it "over with" straight away - gives me hope to shine better later ;)


Never knew about pedometer apps, will have to go look now - shiny :)


Hey, if you just track what you do normally at work and stuff, you'd be contributing without any extra pavement pounding.

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that's the thing, I work from home and the paths from office to bathroom and kitchen aren't that far ;)

But I will be about a bit outside of work this week, so that will help. Will find opportunities :)


I think you'd be surprised once you start tracking, sure it won't make a Scout jealous, but every bit is great. 

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Will do all the walking this week!!  Took a peek at the list of Nerds signed up for Team Dwarf.  So Excited!!!



tumblr_mhkzdiFisH1qzizmho1_250.gif Dwarf goat was the best I could do...


I'm not going to tell you how long I watched that gif this morning.........


Hey guys! Not sure if this is the place to ask this, but I'm using kettlebell swings in my 6WC and all I've had to go on is youtube. If any of you know more about this than I do (Read: likely all of you), would you mind checking out my form check post? I know something is wrong with my form, but I can't quite put my finger on it...


Looks like you already got some good advice... you may want to hit up Elastigirl; she does a LOT of kettlebell as I recall. :)


Walked a mile and a half today!! How do I get it added to our score?


Looks like you got it - just keep adding to the spreadsheet!


Did a sprint workout yesterday, which adds up to a mile of walking rests.


Going to have to figure out some way to accurately count my normal walking, since I don't have a tech-assist and won't be buying one this week.


Do what you can, and if you have no means of tracking incidental walking, just let it go and track dedicated walking.  Don't stress over it. :)














It's rest day and my leg DOMS from Romanian deadlifts is mighty.


Clearly this means I should go for an hour walk at lunch?

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