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Assassin Fellowship - Dwarf Headquarters

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A place for the dwarves to chat and strategize.

Yay!  Dorf-Elf Rivalry:  

Yeah a secret, i'm awake for about an hour and a half now, first thing i did was check the score. Tox (Hobbits) has come aside (70), and Fayrn (Elf) went over with 72. Jothra (Humans) didn't posted (s

Another day. I was watching that T-Storm wondering if I was going to get busted so far away from home.  That would just suck.


This is looking like a pretty competitive race!


Pretty much par for the course with the Assassins.........


The collab mini last round just whetted their appetites for CUTTHROAT COMPETITION.


3.6 miles for me today.  Active rest and upheaval at work = running away from my desk to the gym and getting on a dreadmill.

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I am so sorry team, copenhagen is bike city and i do not really feel inclined to do an additional walking/running session after ~20km of biking. So my numbers will be kind of low.


Still love all of you <3


Not to worry!  There are 5 more minis to come - we'll all shine in different ones, I'm sure! :)

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Did my weights today, and got in a mile on the treadmill. To-date total is 12 miles. All on the treadmill, wish I had a pedometer for my everyday steps.

We're currently 45 miles behind the humans. I'd do another bunch on the treadmill tonight, but my legs are still aching from yesterday...

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