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PrincessHeather's Circle of Life Challenge


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This is a continuation of my last challenge... pregnancy is weird and therefore goals are uber basic and all about maintaining what strength and health I can while EVERYTHING is changing.




Goal#1 Be Prepared




Lift Once a Week. I need to be doing this. I've already majorly checked my ego at the door, and I've discontinued crossfit because the gym didn't have enough options for scaling way down on the weights (its a brand new place this year, still getting equipment), but I can go to my little community gym and get it light squats and deadlifts and continue to train pullups with assistance. At least until much further along in my pregnancy. I know things will need to scale more one relaxin sets in and I need to start protecting my joints. But if I do the work now, I'll be much better prepared for labor and what will probably be a life without the gym for at least several weeks postpartum.


Goal #2 Slimy Yet Satisfying




Just eat real food, as much as possible. Aversions to eggs, the smell of cooking meat, and other things has thankfully passed now. But my eating habits took a serious hit and I'm having a rough time getting back to reality. I need to eat at least one serving of veggies and one of fruit a day to even remotely feel okay about my diet. For the purposes of this, potatoes don't count. Neither do peppers if they are on a pizza haha.


Goal#3 The Lion Sleeps Tonight




In bed by 11pm, no excuses! I'm a night owl, and new schedule at work means one day where I won't be home for the night until about 9, so anything earlier than 11 is probably never going to be realistic. But I NEEDS the sleep. Bonus points for naps.


I'll still be doing some yoga, the occasional hike, and definitely playing/training with Meg, but I need to keep my expectations in check and know that I'm just not going to have the energy to do all the things, and that's ok.

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"I'm just going to remember to not eat like an asshole most of the time" - MoC

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What she said.

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Warriors don't count reps and sets. They count tons.

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