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Theophilus Accelerates His Life


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I crashed and burned pretty hard at the end of the challenge, thanks mostly to the last two weeks being hijacked by a work trip and vacation, respectively. I've been going strong on running, sans speedwork, but have had next to no success in the other arenas. Even without the speedwork, though, I've had some victories. Work trip brought me to Georgia, where I logged a few good runs, and even got a couple miles under the 9 minute mark! I've been eating like crap this week on vacation with the family, but fortunately the wifey and my sister both run, so we're keeping each other honest in that arena.

More than anything, this challenge has exposed some habits and tendencies that are keeping me back from a more holistic, healthy lifestyle: 1. I stress a lot about finances, but have no plan to keep them in check. Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is anxiety. 2. I really don't know what I put into my body on a regular basis. I consider my meals "generally healthy" but I suspect all the non-meal food I consume undermines that. 3. I think I can push a lot harder than I really can, and unrealistic goals lead to disappointment and discouragement, which cause me to lose all sorts of momentum.

These are three that come to mind now. I'm sure I could come up with more if I give it a little more thought. I'm going to use these to inform me next 6-weeker. See you there!

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Chapter 25: Theophilus is Mostly Done

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Volume 2: The Bar and the Bellwether (2021): 24 | 25


"May your curse in life be that your hard work is constantly mistaken for talent."

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