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Hello everyone!

Onto the second challenge! My name is Lia, and I'm 20 years old. My weight peaked at 215 lbs, and I realized that wasn't how I want my life, or body, to be. Last challenge I dropped 10 lbs, mostly in the first half since I lost a bit of motivation towards the end. This time, I'm determined to push through to the end and lose even more weight. My goals last time were rather difficult for me, but now I know more about what I can and can't (yet) do. I’ve joined up with a local gym, and will be trying the Year 1 Challenge for Women: Thinner Leaner Stronger program for gaining strength and toning up. With my 21st birthday coming up in mid-December, I've decided it's time to buckle down and make some changes for the better.


Lose 45+ lbs by December 16th, 2015

+4 STR
Follow the Year 1 Thinner Leaner Stronger workouts for women.
{ A = 4+ workouts/week | B = 3 workouts/week | C = 2 workouts/week | F < 2 workouts/week }

Goal 2: DIET
+2 CON, +2 WIS
Managing the Calories and/or Macros. Keep Protein over 100g/day and Fat under 40g/day, OR total calories under 1,200 for the day. Some days I'm simply not all that hungry, so trying to force down food just to reach my protein limit seems silly.

NOTE: Edited to lower both Protein and Fat numbers to feasible levels, though I will still strive for 120g Protein.
Max calories: 1550/day. Tracking with the Lose It! app.
{ A = 5+ days/week | B = 4 days/week | C = 3 days/week | F = 0-2 days/week }

Goal 3: CARDIO
+3 STA, +1 DEX
Walk or other cardio 4 days per week, for at least 30 minutes each.
(Additionally stretching before and after.)
{ A = 4+ days/week | B = 3 days/week | C = 2 days/week | F < 2 days/week }

+3 CHA
Interact with another human being, outside of classes and work, twice a week.
{ A = 12+ days | B = 10-11 days | C = 8-9 days | F = 0-7 days }

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One cardio completed already for this week! My neighbor called me up out of the blue and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. We ended up exploring a cool trail that led up into some hills. Super pretty back there, and great leaf cover so although it started raining we hardly got wet. There are some serious hills back there, though. Dang. :D

Still trying to figure out how to get 120g of protein each day. It certainly seems like a lot, despite the fact that multiple sources say I should be getting more like 160g each day. >.<

I know my diet has been rather fat- and carb-heavy, I started tracking last challenge and was astonished at the numbers I was seeing. It's gonna be a serious shift. I've noticed that when I actually eat decent-for-me food, I eat far less calories than my 'max' goal, I just always have trouble resisting that Reese's Cup, bag of Jo-jos, or Krispy Kreme doughnut.

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Second Cardio and first Weights workout, COMPLETE!! Yay!

My arms are gonna be sore tomorrow. Those barbell bars are darn heavy. >_<

Went grocery shopping, reorganized the fridge a bit, had a healthy dinner out with my mother, got my workout journal/plan spiral bound so I can use it easier at the gym, went to the gym for the first time and did both weights and cardio. All in all, I definitely call today a success! :D

Tomorrow I have work midafternoon to late evening, so I'll squeeze in some cardio either before or after. I'm a total night owl, so it might be around midnight before it gets done, but it will get done. I'm a little nervous about how sore my arms/shoulders are gonna be, hopefully we don't have truck.

As for socializing, does asking a cute guy at the gym to show me how to do a bench press count?? He even stuck around to spot my first set to make sure I was good to go. ^_^

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Thanks Jrosto!

Well, today started out pretty sucky, but after going to the gym to work off some stress and anxiety I feel tons better. Cardio for the day checked off, with both 2.5 miles on the treadmill and 35 stories on the stair stepper, and while I didn't do one of my official weights workouts today (the deadlift intimidated me too much) I did a couple light sets on the weight machines.

Protein is still kicking my butt, I need to find some kind of supplement or something, or there's no way I'm gonna be able to hit my 120g goal let alone the 160g recommended. If anyone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it. If I can't figure out something, I may have to alter my goal a little to be a bit more reasonable.

An unplanned 'official' weigh-in today at 201 lbs, so yay for more weight loss! :D

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Second Weights workout complete! I picked up a good whey protein supplement today, had a scoop with milk before I hit the gym. Tasted okay, good enough to slug down before I hit the gym. The guy I had showing me how to do all the free weights was very nice and really seemed to know what he was talking about. Second social interaction? Or does it not count since I technically had to make an appointment? I might have to limit my socialize challenge to outside the gym if this keeps up. XD


Learned a bunch of new moves, practiced proper forms, and did the second weights workout. I also hopped on the treadmill afterwards and did a mile to help with the mini-challenge. I'll probably do another two later today on my home treadmill. I need to find a good abs routine to supplement my weights workouts with. These darn wimpy ab muscles.

I found a great song to listen to while doing weights; Underwater by Bassnectar. Especially since with my headphones on I can hardly hear what else is going on around me, kinda like being underwater. Not too peppy, but not too slow either, it's got a great beat. Between that and Fight Song, I'm content.

I also need to find alternative real-food sources of protein. Currently I'm eating a ton of chicken, egg whites, and shrimp, and drinking a lot of fat-free milk. Any suggestions/tips are appreciated. I do finally have a new digital food scale coming in the mail, so I'll be able to be more exact on how much I'm eating. The only one I have right now is a super old analog one with dubious accuracy. Found it sitting on my doorstep when I got home. This thing is going to make tracking so much easier!!


Update: I tried Olive Garden's Lite Italian dressing, you can buy it at safeway, for lunch today and it was awesome! Just two tablespoons was enough for a full plate of salad, and the taste was just like the original stuff they serve in the restaurant. I also had 10 lightly breaded shrimp, by Northern Chef, and it was the perfect combination. Just a dollop of ketchup for the shrimp, and a cup of milk to drink, and I swear it was the perfect meal. All for around just 330 calories too. 7g fat, 29g protein, and 36g carbs, its pretty decently balanced overall.

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I'm awake. Why am I awake?? Usually I don't get out of bed until noonish unless I have to. And yet this morning I find myself completely awake, coherent, thinking about the weights workout I'm gonna do today. It's not even 8:00am yet!

Plus over the last week or so I completely forgot about the bag of miniature chocolates sitting in one of my drawers. Very unusual for me, since I'm usually a chocolate fiend.

I think I caught it.... the Workout bug. :D

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Third weights workout complete! Huzzah!

I went out for brunch with my father, so that will be my cheat meal for this week. 1 scrambled egg, half of a plate-sized pancake with butter and syrup, and a breakfast sausage. All in all not too horrible of a cheat meal. And while I say it's my cheat meal, I'm still approximating calories and going to keep the rest of my day as in-line as possible. I mixed some protein powder in water and drank it while at the gym, definitely not as good as when it's mixed with milk, which should help me balance things out a little. That Olive Garden dressing is sounding super tempting right now, so I might just have some chicken and salad for dinner tonight.

Today was Shoulders, so Military Barbell Presses, Side Lateral Raises, and Rear Delt Raises. Competed with my father for reps, though he was using around 3x the weight I was. One mile on the treadmill as a cool-down, probably wont do any more tonight. I'm trying to convince my father to go to the gym again tomorrow, so he can spot for me when I do some bench presses. XD

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Fourth weights workout, complete! With this, I've completed both my weights and cardio goals for the week, though I still plan to do both tomorrow as well. Socialize is already completed, but I've got to be good both today and tomorrow to meet my diet goals. Wednesday is kinda borderline for diet, so I'm gonna say it won't count towards my goal just because I know I need to start being stricter with myself.

Anyways, unlike yesterday, I slept like the dead until 1:30pm today. I didn't even wake up when my dad called and texted me, which is rather unusual since I typically wake really easily if my phone goes off. But on the up side, my muscles felt a ton better when I woke up. Obviously the 13+ hours of sleep really helped. XD

Dropped by my dad's place and got a good shoulder rub, then headed off to the gym. 0.25 miles on the treadmill to get my heart rate up, did some stretches, then tackled my Day 4-Arms workout. Another 0.5 miles on the treadmill to cool down afterwards. If anyone is interested, I list the exercises, sets, reps, and weights of my weights workouts in the B.U.L.B. Accountabilibuddies group. I feel like reposting it here would be a bit redundant, though.

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Fifth Weights Workout DONE!! First week completed! Yay!

Reviewing the Week:

  • STRENGTH: A+ for completing 5 workouts
  • DIET: A for being consistent with tracking and meeting goals on 5 days.
  • CARDIO: A+ for doing at least 30 minutes of cardio every day for the whole week!
  • SOCIALIZE: A+ for 5+ social interactions over the course of the week.

And for a Weight Loss update, I'm officially 1/3 of my way to my goal! 15 lbs down, 30 more to go by December 16. It's gonna be rough, but I can do it!!

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Thanks, jrosto and Shrilaraune!

I did end up meeting my diet goals yesterday at 118g protein, only 27g of fat, and just under a total of 1200 calories, and I even got to have a mug of S'mores Hot Cocoa and a packet of Reece's Minis. Best way to end a fantastic first week.

Whenever I tried diet/workout programs before, I always felt hungry, too tired, working out was a chore to be done, etc. Now I've found that when I'm eating healthy foods, I really only need 200-300 calories worth of food per meal to feel full. It's a rather odd sensation for me. I've hardly been hungry at all over the past week, and yet I'm eating around half of what I used to, calorie-wise, even when I used to still feel hungry between meals. I could hardly wait for the next meal then, and now it's like "Oh yeah, I should probably eat sometime in the next few hours. Meh, whenever's fine". And since the shift in my macronutrients is likely helping with the feeling of satiety, I feel a lot fuller a lot easier and the excuse of "but I'm hungry" has gone away, which is definitely helping me resist the junk food. I feel like I'm rapidly transitioning from a food=entertainment/comfort mentality to a food=fuel kind of thinking. Definitely a good thing, and while I know I'll probably have some setbacks from time to time, I feel like I'm doing really well. :D

And when it comes to working out, when I considered the fact that I wont be able to do weights today, or likely even get in any cardio, I was really disappointed. Weird, for sure, since I used to always be the epitome of laziness. Today I found myself wishing that my work started just an hour later, not because I wanted more time at home to relax and laze about, but because I wanted time to go to the gym and work out beforehand. I love this feeling!!

Added: No weights or cardio today. I did hit my diet goal, as well as socializing. Chatting between classes with random people counts, right? XD

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I didn't really have time to post here during the week, but I'm still keeping up with my goals.

Reviewing the Week:

  • STRENGTH: A+ for completing 5 workouts (assuming I get today's in)
  • DIET: A for 5+ days tracked and successful at goals
  • CARDIO: B for only 3 days of cardio this week, today included
  • SOCIALIZE: A for 2+ social interactions over the course of the week.
No change to the weight this week, still at 200. I definitely way over-ate on Thursday, indulged in a chicken strip basket with fries, so I didn't really expect too much of a change but I was hoping for at least a pound. Oh well, just means I have to be even better this next week.
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Oops, forgot to update ya'll on Sunday.

Reviewing the Week:

•STRENGTH: A+ for completing all 5 workouts

•DIET: A for 5+ days tracked and successful at goals

•CARDIO: A for 4 days of cardio this week

•SOCIALIZE: A for 2+ social interactions

I forgot to weigh in on Sunday, as well as Monday, so I don't know how much I may or may not have improved towards my Main Quest.

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A little late again, but here's Week 4's Review.

Reviewing the Week:

•STRENGTH: B for completing 3 workouts

•DIET: C for 3 days tracked and successful at goals

•CARDIO: C for 2 days of cardio this week

•SOCIALIZE: C for 1 social interaction

I kinda was intimidated by the scale yesterday, since I wasn't near as good this week, but today I finally stepped on and turns out I lost 2 lbs!! I'm now officially under the big 200, at 198 lbs!!! And my motivation is back! I'm gonna kick butt this week!

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