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emily's 30 day paleo thread


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ok so heads up there will be some tmi in this. not that yesterday's female issues weren't already in this category...but...yeah.

so, i was noticing yesterday that i think my "evacuation system" is working more efficiently. or there was something/many things in my diet before that just didn't work for my tummy. i think it's too soon to tell anything conclusively but what i can say is that it wasn't abnormal before this for me to have various "types" of poops. and for the past several days, things have seemed very...er...consistent.

anyway, i've had a couple less consistent types since yesterday...and i'm wondering if it's just caused by time of the month stuff or something i'm eating. i wasn't very hungry when i woke up today. i also had a headache when i went to sleep AND when i woke up. also a little bit of a scratchy throat maybe. i hope i'm not getting sick. but this also might be the hypochondiac in me worrying over nothing. and i start my new job on monday so there is a little stress there. anyways, i ate breakfast and lunch but my tummy is a little iffy. nothing too bad but just not 100%. i guess i'll see how i feel after the gym tonight and over the next couple of days.

hopefully this is all just female-related and nothing to be concerned about.

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Good that yesterday was better. I really hope the Paleo helps your stomach. I was like you and always had a sensitive stomach, kept getting worse. I finally figured out I was lactose intolerant. Which is a bummer, since that means little to no dairy. But a relief not dealing with the stomach.

If your stomach does still bother you, the most likely suspects are nuts,eggs, or coconut. Those are just the things that are most common offenders. I'm fine with some nuts, but have found that too many can bring unpleasant affects.

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didn't update yesterday but here's the run down. best i can remember.

breakfast: banana, ok, cashews

lunch: bell pepper and tuna

about an hour after lunch i thought i was hungry again...or maybe i was bored. but either way i decided to eat again. ham slices, turkey slices, and carrots.

i should have stopped when i was full but i ate the last few pieces of meat and promptly started feeling kinda crappy. i ended up going to the gym and having beef stew for dinner (which needed way more seasoning than i put on it).

it was a feeling of indigestion that i'm not exactly sure what to do with. a few years ago when i was first dealing with my stomach issues, i found that the only foods that i really WANTED when i was feeling icky were carbs and sweet things. it's awful in hindsight, but there were days the only things i would eat would be a bagel and a little debbie snack cake. so now when i feel crappy, i don't really know what to do other than wait it out. maybe i'm the only one that feels this way but, when i say i have indigestion, it's often a feeling of having extra "juice" or "acid" kinda floating around in there and i feel like i need something to "soak it up." i don't know if other people feel this way ever but i think it's part of why i like bread so much...it's calming both physically and mentally to me.

so after dinner we went to hang out with some friends and watch a couple episodes of "the walking dead." i snacked on some grapes.

today i woke up feeling a bit better.

breakfast was eggs, sausage and some fruit (cantalope and blueberries). also oj.

hung around the house and later too the dogs for a walk to "disneyland" (aka the dogpark). we had a nice time and rented a couple movies on the way home.

snacked on some dried fruit the roommate brought home.

dinner was a stir fry with chicken and veggies and oj to drink (i don't suppose there's a recipe out there for paleo soy sauce?). not too long after dinner i thought i was hungry again and had an apple with some almond butter...but that just left me feeling kinda icky and overfull. maybe i'm realizing that i just don't need to eat as much as i think i do. i think i'm definitely used to snacking more...and on things that leave me less full. maybe this is more a mental thing than a physical one.

i'll probably be up for a few more hours so maybe i'll have a snack later on...but i'm still pretty full so probably not.

on to something related but different. the last day or two has been rough between me and david. not rough between us in the normal way but i need to vent about this a bit so i guess i'll do it here.

he quit smoking on the 2nd. we bought him the losenges. he seemed to be doing pretty well except he forgot the losenges on his first day back to work and ended up buying a pack. he smoked a few and then broke the rest of them into a trash can. he seemed very dedicated...even to the point that he said he wanted to avoid social situations (esp bars) until he first couple weeks were over. he had a rough couple of days at work but he seemed to be dealing with it remarkably well. then, yesterday, he had a bad day. apparently he was so stressed that HIS BOSS WENT OUT AND BOUGHT HIM A PACK OF CIGARETTES. i can't fucking believe it. i mean, i get that you need your employees to be on top of their game. but if someone is trying to make a healthy change in his life you do not go out and bring back their one vice. i think he could have made it through the day without. yeah, it might have been a shitty day, but i feel like for every cigarette he smokes, it's like a step back that he'll have to redo. apparently half the cigarettes are at his office and half came home with him. he hasn't had many but he has had some. and it bothers me. and i'm mad at myself that it bothers me. here i fucking am, giving up something for 30 days...and i'm asking him to give this up for life. why am i putting so much pressure on him? we've dated almost 3 years now and his smoking has never bothered me before. maybe it's because i don't see my future husband/father of my kids as being a smoker. maybe it's because i feel like he's taking the easy way out and here i am pushing through even when i don't want to. i don't know. i feel like a pretty shitty girlfriend right now, to be honest. i'm toying with the idea of telling him "i don't want to kiss you after you smoke. go brush your teeth first." maybe that would be the way to go. but when we talked about this last night (after his really shitty day) he actually got teared up because he said he didn't want to disappoint me. i feel like maybe i'm holding him to a higher standard than i am holding myself to. but i guess it's because i feel like, unlike diet adjustments, you don't really start fresh each day with a nicotine addiction. if i mess up and eat like crap one day, i can wake up the next day, hit the gym, and eat well fairly easily. but, for every day he smokes, i feel like it's pushing him further and further from his goal. maybe he just doesn't want to quit.

at this point, all i can say is that i love him. and i will continue to be proud of him no matter what. he has already made alot of changes this year that i know are not hte most comfortable things for him. going to the gym. eating healthier. he said he would join me on paleo but i think i'm going to encourage him to keep his diet more similar to what it was and focus that energy on quitting smoking. but he has to want to...i can't just want him to.

thanks for letting me vent :)

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I have some coconut aminos I use instead of soy sauce, it isn't really the same but its handy. :)

My only note is that I wonder if the juice could be making you feel icky? There is a lot of sugar in juice and when I'm eating clean, that sort of sugar affects me entirely different than say an apple or banana.

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so, first off, david and i had a long talk today and i pretty much laid out how i was feeling: i was mad at him for not "trying hard enough" (esp since i was trying so hard to stick to this diet) and then i was mad at myself for being mad at him because, rationally, i know that giving up nicotine forever is way harder than me giving up bread and stuff for a month. ultimately we agreed that (1) i will be more open with how i am feeling even if it is not the most rational thing - better that than me to storm off into another room (like i did yesterday) without him knowing why. and (2) he will continue to cut down on smoking and try to keep using the losenges instead. he said that he feels like he might become addicted to the losenges if he isn't careful so he's also going to plan to take a week off in the next couple of months and go cold turkey...that way he can detox and such away from the additional stressors of work. he's alos looking for a new job which might help in terms of changing his habits. but it sounds like he's going to be working on changing the habits before the detox.

on to paleo stuff:

breakfast: eggs, banana, coffee

late lunch/early dinner: went out to eat at a mexican restaurant. ordered a grilled chicken salad without the tortilla strips. had the vinagrette dressing that came with it (not sure how paleo that is). it was hard to watch everyone around me eat the chips, salsa, and queso.

we went grocery shopping after the meal. wow, that was alot of money for, relatively, little food. but i got some ribeye steaks so i think i'll be trying that out tomorrow for dinner. also, stocked up on chicken breasts. it worked pretty well to make those last sunday night and eat them throughout the week. so i guess i'll be cooking/prepping food later on tonight.

snack: cantalope and blueberries.

i am getting hungry again so i'm sure i'll be eating something else later on tonight...maybe even anouth meal.

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tummy is feeling a little iffy. had some sunflower seeds and cashews. also feeling a little lightheaded. no bueno.

also, i think i need to make a little distance between myself and this site. i'm finding i am getting a little frustrated with some things that go on here and the idea that i have actual emotional responses to things on a website makes me feel so stupid. ultimately, i'm starting my new job tomorrow so i simply won't have time to spend hours and hours on this site every day. i love it here but sometimes certain things just start to wear on you. it could also be that i'm not eating bread and sugar and that has greatly shortened my fuse.

so...if you don't see me around as much for awhile just know that i still care. i just need to start spending more time living these life changes and less time debating the minutae of them.

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i'm a baby and i got my feelings hurt. i have to say that, since having so much free time since graduating, the people on this site have become like friends that i can talk to during the day (or whenever, really) even when people in real life are at work or whatnot. but i still am hesitant to trust the advice on this site completely. i've only been active on one other forum in my whole life...and that was a decade ago. i guess i'm just inclined to take everything online with the grain of salt. and the people in my life and the advice i receive face to face somehow seems more real to me. i also just got finished with a degree program that encouraged me to play devil's advocate to all empirical information i received. to look for skews in data and to not mix up correlation with causality. but i want to give people the benefit of the doubt. when politics is the subject, i often find i'm the one playing devil's advocate to each position - becoming more liberal when surrounded by conservatives and more conservative when surrounded by liberals.

i guess what i'm getting at is, despite all my hesitance to becoming invested in a group of people i can't see, i have become just that. and it hurts when i feels like i am being shunned or outcast.

another paleo update:

tonight i ate some sunflower seeds, cashews, berries (strarberries and blueberries), and a piece of chicken (because i was just effing hungry).

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I think it's great that you question what's sold here. Just blindly following what we say is no different than blindly following what your trainer says.

One reason I like the New Rules of Lifting books (despite liking other programming more) is that I like, well, the Rules. I believe the first was, "Do something", and the second was "Do something you love". Add into that the old lifting ideas that everything works for a while and that nothing works forever, and you can see that, really, you've got a lot of options in front of you.

If you'd rather do what your trainer suggests, by all means, go for it! You should never feel bad about something as simple as what lifting program you follow. And y'know what, if you're new to it, you'll probably get some results from it. There's only one way to find out, right? Give it an honest go, work hard at it, and see where it takes you.

At some point, if you're either not enjoying yourself or you've stopped making gains, try what's advocated more around here. Once again, you'll probably see some immediate gains because it's different, but only you'll be able to tell which "way" is better for you, and your goals, and your enjoyment. If you want honest assessments, we'll be happy to give 'em. But you oughta feel supported in whatever (healthy) changes you choose to make, in both diet and exercise.

Sounds like you're doing a great job. Keep up the good work, keep smiling, and best of luck with your new job! We're here if you need us!


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Sorry you're feeling like an outcast. I think it's good to think through your decisions. I think sometimes on a fourm people are so passionate about their positions and proving that they are correct that they forget they are conversing with a person who has feelings. I know a can do that sometimes. And there's lots of opinions on this board, so now way you can agree with everyone.

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thanks yall. i really appreciate the support. truth be told, i feel a little silly about flying off the handle last night. i'm going to chalk it up to 70% actual emotion and 30% outside factors (paleo transition and some relationship issues from the weekend). i guess my fuse was a little shorter than usual and i was a little easier to offend.

started the new job today! so far so good. seems kinda boring but the office is pretty laid back and my friend works there so that should at least provide some fun distractions.

paleo-ness so far today:

breakfast: nada

lunch: fuji apple chicken salad from panera bread. they don't have an allergy menu but i ordered it without the cheese. it does have pecans, though...i assume those are paleo. the dressing was way too sweet to be paleo but i think that i'll just have to live with that. there were also dried apples in it (the crunchy kind). i don't know if those have added sugar.

snack: sunflower seeds

i'm only working part time for hte first two weeks so i came home and prepped dinner. i'm gonna cook steak for the first time in my life tonight. it's all seasoned and delicious-looking. chopped up some potatos to make mashed potatos tonight (with some of the coconut milk i bought). also cup up some veggies and garlic. basically, all i have to do after the gym is cook the the meal...prep work is done. which i think will be good because i have a feeling this workout might be a little bit intense :)

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aaaannnnnnd intense it was. i think the trainer wanted to find out what my limits were today since david and i have such different fitness experiences (and his knees prevent him from alot of more intense lower-body stuff).

lunges, squats (both with weights at some points). drills where i was basically shuffling over and back on a step. burpees. sit ups where i pulled myself to a standing position. and some other things. he told me he's not worried about my upper body - that even minimal work will get me where i want to be. but that to lose fat from and tone my lower body, i need to focus on that area. he actually recommended cardio twice a day (he said he's seen the best results from the stair machine) but i just don't see that happening. i like classes so i'll start doing those more often. and those are usually an hour of mostly cardio so i figure it should all shake out in the end. as hard as it was, it felt so good to be pushed. and it felt esp good when the trainer told me that i am "strong" and "a fighter" and that he knows he can push me :):):)


dinner: ribeye steak (came out pretty good - a little rare but yummy), mashed potatoes (with coconut milk to stay paleo), brocolli and carrots

snack: cantalope and blueberries

i still miss some things but the cravings for them weren't awful today. if i do go back to eating carbs at the end of this, it will definitely be in much smaller quantities/much less often than before.

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I'm glad you're getting along well with your trainer! I sincerely hope you do see results.

I'm not a huge fan of what he's telling you to do, but that's because I wouldn't like it for ME. If YOU like it, and keep up with it, you'll have results. :D

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didn't get around to updating yesterday. here's the rundown.

first off, i was SOOOOO SOOOORRRREEEE. my legs were hurting before i even got out of bed.

breakfast: nada

lunch: went out with some new coworkers one of whom i've been friends with for a couple years. they understood the paleo thing and were curious about it. i had a hard time finding something on the menu - in hindsight i should have modified something they had...but the restaurant was kinda noisy and i was worried it wouldn't come out right. ended up with a salad with vinagrette (likely not paleo) and a side of potatos with peppers and onions. i thought the potatos were gonna be steamed/boiled but it was more like little squares that had been lightly fried. i wasn't too happy with this meal since (1) no meat (2) i've been trying to avoid potatos for lunch since...and these didn't seem to be prepared in a very paleo-friendly way. but i've waited tables and i didn't want to keep us longer than needed so i shut up and ate them :)

snack: after lunch i had to go to a funeral for one of my dad's cousins who passed away suddenly. after the funeral i had to kill a couple hours before going to visit the family in their home so i got some berries and almonds and hung out at starbucks.

oh, how i miss jewish comfort food. tuna salad, egg salad, bagels, cream cheese. and there were the most amazing-looking brownies. luckily, i wasn't actually hungry since i had had that snack.

dinner: chicken, leftover mashed potatos from the day before, and brussel sprouts with some chicken bacon.


breakfast: applesauce

lunch: went out again and got a turkey cobb salad without blue cheese (i have to say, it's not very good without the cheese) and oil/vinegar dressing (it's not very good without the ranch).

sorry if i'm being whiny :)

snack: some fruit (cantalope, grapes, blackberries)

dinner: went to ihop because i didn't feel like cooking. i made the most ridiculous meal by substituting some things: bacon, sausage, eggs (they must have had a ton of butter/milk in them...they were so creamy - oops), salad with vinagrette, and brocolli. aside from the snafu with the eggs and the dressing not bing 100% paleo most likely, i have to say i am proud of myself for this meal.

before dinner, the bf and i hit the gym. first we sat down with the trainer to discuss the future since our initial sessions are up. we will likely sign up for 1x per week for a month. he says he really thinks he can get me great results if i follow what he says (part of which is low carb so check that off the list!). he also wants me to do cardio twice a day. i don't know if i can commit to that but i'm gonna try his suggestion - 15 minutes of jogging before work. he says it will give me energy to start the day and i'll see results even faster. i'm not a morning person but i think i can manage 15 minutes. after our meeting, i did some weights on my own. i decided to see how heavy i could go. i did the following exercises:

dumbell overhead press (is it still called that if you bend your knees between reps?)

dumbell rows

dumbell chest press

lower back extension thingy

some kind of upper back machine

some kind of machine that works the backs of the thighs.

i did five sets of five reps, progressing in weight until i got to the end of the 5 sets or i couldn't safely do more weight (whichever came first).

then i did 20 minutes on the bike.

alrighty, i'm off.

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breakfast: applesauce

lunch: chicken, carrots, cherry tomatos

snack: almonds

felt a little icky after eating the almonds. granted, it might have been from staring at the computer screen for too long. took a little nap. i actually slept a long time last night. like over 10 hours. david went to bed early and i went to lay down with him for a few minutes...and then i passed out. still felt super tired when i woke up even though i had slept so long. weird.

dinner: went to trivia at willy's (a mexican place similiar to moe's of chipotle). i got a salad with chicken (shocker) and vinagrette.

was still hungry (or at least wanting to eat) after trivia.

snack: chicken

so far i'm only on track to go to the gym 3 times this week (mwf). tuesday i was too sore and today we went to the shelter. i think it's safe to say that thursdays will be a rest day for me from the gym. there just aren't enough hours in the day. but i've been wanting to try and go more than the 3 days. so i'm gonna see if i can get over there on sunday. saturday we are pretty booked up so i need to make myself go on sunday.

i did set my alarm a bit early today to try and do 15 minutes of jogging as per the trainer's instructions...but i turned off the alarm and rolled over. so yeah. tomorrow i actually have to be at a different location for work and i have to be there earlier than normal. so i know the jogging isn't going to happen tomorrow. i guess i'll try again on monday :)

off to make lunch for tomorrow.

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breakfast: applesauce

work today involves me sitting in a different office building waiting for a pickup of files to be moved to a storage facility. i'm sitting the breakroom and there is literally a quarter of a chocolate cake to my right, 2-3 loafs of bread behind me, a mountain of sodas to my left, and people have been coming in here and there to make breakfast/lunch. i probably should move but the fact is that i have to deal with this stuff. david ate pizza last night. it's not that i need this stuff. i just want it.

ok, life question: how often is it ok for me to ask him how his smoking reduction is going? we seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and i wonder if my diet and his cutting back on smoking has something to do with it. but the fact is that, if we're in this for the long haul, we have to be able to get through this stuff...i think? gah, i think it's lunch time.

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thanks, skytoad!


lunch: tune, whole tomato, carrots

snack: sunflower seeds, apple

dinner: we went to a salad bar type restaurant. it was pretty expensive so i tried to get my money's worth (lol). i had 2 plates of salad, a sweet potato, and a cup of tomato/onion soup.

all in all, i was pretty full but i think the lack of meat made me not as full as i would have liked (considering how much food i ate).

snack: trail mix with cashews, walnuts, and raisins.

i'm trying out a recipe for paleo ice cream tonight. it likely won't be ready to eat until tomorrow but we'll see.

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paleo ice cream = bust. consistency was better than the taste but the consistency was still kinda crappy (a little crumbly...though it did melt pretty nicely).

breakfast: eggs, sausage, oj

dinner: burger (grass-fed - what a difference!) with tomato, avocado, grilled onions and a salad with lemon vinagrette (likely not paleo) dressing

snack: tea

will likely be hungry again later since it's still pretty early.

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snack: smoothie with banana, frozen strawberries, coconut milk and ice. yummy! also, some cashews and sunflower seeds.

let me also say that my tummy's been a little iffy and/or indigestive the last few days on and off. it's been relatively short-lived though each time. like the other day i was feeling kinda yucky when i got into bed and maybe half an hour later i was feeling much better. last night a bit too but it didn't seem to last too long. and this afternoon but seems to be much better now. it doesn't seem to last more than an hour at a the most and my body maybe seems to be handling it better?


breakfast: eggs and chicken bacon, oj, banana

snack: sunflower seeds

exercise has gotten a bit off track the last couple days. we opted to skip friday's workout because david's workout pants were in the wash and the timing just wasn't working out. i also skipped yesterday because we were busy pretty much the whole day. and by busy i mean "sitting on the couch chilling with friends." either way, i need to get a workout in today. i don't want to go this long without one because i can already feel it getting easier to skip again. gotta keep going and make it a habit. other things i need to do today: buy a spice rack because i've been doing so much cooking lately that my spice selection has grown considerably. buy a meat thermometer (apparently this is helpful) and buy a cheese grater. i also need to look at some bills and figure out some things. we need to decide if we want and can afford to pay for another month of personal training. it seems to be coming in very handy and i'd like to continue with it.

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went to the gym for a bit today. walked there and back (maybe a mile each way?) so that was most of my cardio though i did do like 5 minutes on the stairmaster-thingy. that machine is hardcore! other than that i did:

dumbell rows

tricep kickbacks

bicep curls

squats with a 20 lb barbell

lungest with a 20 lb barbell

lower back raises(not sure what they're called)

that machine where you hang pull your knees to your chest

peck deck machine thingy

dinner: went to applebees - salad with balsamic vinagrette (not paleo most likely), mashed potatos (again, likely not paleo), sirloin, broccoli

snack: grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

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vixen, yeah, i've set my alarm early enough to go for a jog a couple times now and, each time, i wake up and promptly turn the alarm off :) i don't know if twice a day cardio is gonna happen...if for no other reason than i don't really want to take 2 showers a day.


lunch: baked chicken breast and wing with skin, broccoli, cucumber/tomato salad in sweet vinegar (all from farmer's basket so i can't verify the ingedients).

went to the gym and did:

oh dumbell presses (push press?)

squats with a 20 lb barbell

walking lunges

dumbell chest press

lat pull down

machine that works the back of the thighs/lower butt one leg at a time

also did about 15 minutes on the stairmaster. i always feel like i'm doing that machine wrong but i was sweating so yay :)

dinner: honey mustard chicken (thanks for the recipe catspaw!), sweat potato fries, sauteed spinach and red peppers.

i have to say that this was the best paleo meal i've ever cooked and likely one of the best meals i've ever cooked period. david did do most of the work flipping the chicken since i'm always afraid i'm going to undercook it or something...but i made the marinade. sweet potato fries were the perfect consistency. usually when i make them some are burnt and some are underdone - they were all perfect.

the meal was incredibly filling as well. i didn't even want a snack later and, in fact, i almost didn't finish my food. but i powered through. perhaps not the best habit but it was only a few extra bites and i couldn't fathom throwing that awesome chicken away!

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breakfast: applesauce

my stomach was hurting a bit when i got to work but i felt a bit better after handling some "business." i'm going to chalk it up to stress (this morning was a little stressful) and perhaps the applesauce.

lunch: chicken with spinach, egg, bacon, walnuts, tomatos, grapes, and some kind of sesame vinagrette (not sure on the paleo-ness of the nuts sincei think they were toasted or the dressing).

btw, in one of my other threads, someone mentioned how i often say that things are "not likely paleo" in this thread. and that's totally true. but i want to take a minute and clarify what i mean by that. when i put that line in here (or something similiar) i only mean that i can't really vouch for what is in something. in general, it's been salad dressings that i use this for but it probably applies to anything i don't cook myself. i don't know what type of oil things are cooked in. hell, things might be cooked on the same surface as non-paleo foods. i do need to start bringing my lunch to work more often in order to avoid this (and also to save money) but, in general, i'm trying to make eating paleo fit into my lifestyle as much as possible. yes, there is more i could do. forgo salad dressing if i'm not sure, stay away from potatos or other things that might have added milk, etc. but i just can't see doing that much. i feel like i've already changed so much that these are relatively minor things. i do like to note when i'm less-than-confident that something passes the paleo test...mostly just in case i notice some kind of reaction i can go back and look and see what might have caused it. just wanted to clarify :)

i really appreciate everyone reading and giving their insights :)

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Yeah, I pretty much assume paleo isn't happening outside of the house *laughs* and when I go strict, I just don't eat out. Sucks but that is often reality. The exception to this is I found a salad place on campus that I can craft something paleo if I'm careful. But at that point, I might as well bring my own.

I think you need to do what is best and what fits for you... otherwise you aren't likely to stay consistent with it anyway. The downfall is you may want to count calories since there are unknowns, but you might now have to. Just depends on what sort of progress you make and if you are happy with it.

Finding a healthy way to eat that fits your lifestyle and goals ... and that you can maintain is far more important that some rules IMO.

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"Paleo" for me is a way of thinking about food - it's not a diet and certainly not a religion! Basically I roam around the cafeteria, my kitchen and the grocery store and look for things that my paleo forbears would have found. If I was a starving paleo man I would definitely eat a starchy potato; on the other hand I'd then quickly be looking for something else.

I've been on it pretty strict for about 5 weeks and I'm very happy with it. But when I crave a bowl of shredded wheat I eat a bowl of shredded wheat. Jumping off the wagon helps me stay on the wagon. (Don't know if that makes sense.)

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