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emily's 30 day paleo thread


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I was the same way when I started. Find the most Paleo-like foods when available, and dont sweat it otherwise. Infact, I've only started being super-hardcore on stuff this month. Doing a gluten-free January, having a burger first weekend in February. Then I'll see how I feel, and keep out gluten for good if neccesary. Next test will be dairy.

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I know what you're saying. I eat Paleo as much as possible, but I eat out and I'm pretty sure the meat is cooked on canola oil, or at a friends house I don't ask for an itemized list of everything in the food (though I do request no dairy since I'm lactose intolerant)

I think it is a great idea for you to do a food journal. Hopeully, you'll be able to heal your stomach issues.

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haven't updated. i'll try to remember the best i can.


dinner: turkey burgers, potatos, broccoli


breakfast: banana

lunch: tuna, whole tomato, whole red pepper, some sunflower seeds

snack: chicken

took a "body works" class which is basically a class that uses dumbells. kicked my butt.

dinner: scrambled eggs, chicken bacon, sausage, sauteed (?) pear and apple with cinnammon

snack: grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries


breakfast: banana

lunch: baked chicken (lemon pepper?) from publix with a side salad and fat free raspberry vinagrette (likely not paleo since it's fat free)

dinner: chicken, broccoli, carrots, smoothie (strawberry, banana, coconut milk)

snack: pear

i have to admit i'm in a bit of a negative mindset on this paleo thing at the moment. while i had very positive things to say about how i felt the first week or so, i've been feeling kinda icky a good bit lately. i guess i'm thinking that maybe my stomach issues are not as diet-related as i thought. perhaps it's something i'm eating (too much fruit?) but i don't know. the diet likely isn't making things worse but i don't know that it's making things as much better as i had hoped. of course, perhaps my expectations were too high. also, i was kinda hoping to lose more weight by now. i know i'm not being as strict as some folks out there as far as fruit, nuts, potatos go but i figured that, with all the changes i had been making, i would begin to see some results. well, the other day i thought i felt/looked thinner but then today my pants seemed a bit tight. meh.

glad tomorrow is friday.

oh, a caveat. my 30 days is actually over on january 31st as opposed to feb 2nd like i had been planning. not 2 days makes a huge difference, but i do plan to start adding "non-paleo" foods in starting february 1st to see how i respond.

sorry to be negative in this post btw. ultimately, i'm happy with how things are progressing. and it's a huge thing that my cravings for carbs and sweets - while not gone - are much easier to dismiss. i'm definitely learning alot. i'm probably just a little grouchy :)

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Hey, we all have down moments. The past couple days I've really cut back on the amount of fruit and starches I've been eating and it's really helped - I've felt more energetic, less bloated, and no tummy troubles. Perhaps that is something to consider for yourself - limit fruit to once per day and starches like potatoes only to the days you workout? It's worth a try, anyway. I started tracking my food on myfitnesspal again just so I could keep track of my carb & protein intake. It's always a wake-up call to see how low my protein was and how high my carbs were - even on paleo! The past couple days I've been on a much better track though so... maybe it's worth a try for you too! Don't get down on yourself! Changes like this don't happen in a quick 2 weeks. You'll get there~

Okay...rant over :)

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thanks for the advice. it really made me feel a good bit better. i was eating alot of more nuts it seemed at the beginning of this 30 days but i haven't been eating as many of those lately. i know for a fact that too many nuts upsets my stomach but i never really thought fruit had that affect. i guess i'll try and limit it for a few days and see how i feel. so i've been eating fruit maybe...2-4 times a day...i guess that is kind of a lot now thati think about it. it's just so hard to wrap my mind around the idea that there is such a thing as too much fruit :) i mean...it's fruit for goodness sake!!! lol. but yeah.

i guess one problem i've been having (and part of the reason i eat so much fruit) is that i'm a bit lacking in variety of foods lately and i'm getting bored. i seem to be eating alot of the same things over and over again which is fine but i feel like every night for dinner i ask myself "ok, so i have chicken and what else?" i seem to keep coming back to sauteed spinach and steamed broccoli/carrots. but i would love to mix it up a bit. i guess another thing is that i just don't feel right eating a meal that's mostly meat. like, i love catspaw's food porn but sometimes she has 2/3 of her place covered in meat. and that's just so weird to me. not bad, just weird. maybe i just need to get over myself and cook 2 chicken breasts in stead of 1 for dinner?

any advice of beating the boredom? or any of your go-tos to keep the sides interesting?

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Have you tried things like mashed cauliflower and brussels sprouts with bacon?? Those are two of my faves when I start to get bored with spinach too.. haha.

For mashed cauliflower: steam a head of cauliflower. Not TOO soft or it'll get gross. Put in a food processor (or blender) with a bit of no-sugar chicken broth. Process until it's like mashed potatoes! You can also add garlic or anything else like that.

Brussels sprouts: steam to desired doneness. In a separate pan, cook up a couple slices of bacon - I usually make them pretty crispy for this. Transfer the sprouts to the bacon pan and sautee, breaking up the bacon as you go. You can also roast them in the oven with the bacon, but I usually just do it on the stove.

Have you checked out www.chowstalker.com yet? If you choose "dairy free" at the top, there are TONS of recipes! Sometimes a little too time-consuming for me, but some of them aren't bad.

I hope that helps! I'm always on the lookout for non-boring stuff!!

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nomnompaleo.com has lots of great recipes



spend some time looking at recipes and bookmarking your favorites.

I love roasted veggies. Cut up veggies, toss with oil,experiment with differant seasonings, roast at 400 for about 30 min.

stir fry veggies with some oil, garlic,ginger

when you steam them,experiment with differant spices, and try differant veggies,

pureed veggies- carrots and parsnips pureed- nonnompaleo has some good recipes for pureed

On your stomach issues, if Paleo doesn't help, what about getting tested for food allergies? One thing that happens when you have an major allergy (say to wheat) and don't know it , is that your gut leaks and your system send out all sorts of weird messages. Then you end up being allergic to even more stuff. So, if you find out what your allergies are, you can avoid them and hopefully heal your gut

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so i just put in the last few days of food into sparkpeople.com just to find out how many calories i've been eating and the ratio of protein to fat to carbs. wow! every day i've been significantly under 2000 calories (something i've struggled with since i started tracking what i ate). i was still a bit over on 2 of the 3 days from what the recommended calorie consumption is but one day i was under so i figure it balances out. the biggest thing i can say is that i haven't been hungry as much as i used to. it used to be that, for me to eat less than 2000 calories i was thinking about food all the time and wondering what i could have. the paleo diet is pretty amazing in that it really is hard to overeat. most nights i have dinner and am completely full afterward. sometimes i get a snack later in the evening which i always used to do but, in the past, i'd be rooting around in the fridge 1-4 times after dinner. i didn't always snack on crap but i think that the affect that breads have on my hunger signals is insane. i mean, crap, i think about new years even when the bf and i split a pizza...and then i was snacking on stuff at the party only a few hours later. i don't know that it makes sense to blame that on anything other than what i'm eating. well, i'm sure some is self control and habit. but i think alot of it is that feeling of satiety that just never used to last very long.

i have to admit i'm a little worried about what will happen if/when i go back to eating bread and such. but i think i've learned a good bit and can put some new dietary rules in place even if i don't keep with paleo to keep me on the right track. so far i'm thinking:

1) only have bread/pasta/rice/potatos/etc one meal per day if that. so, if i have rice with my lunch, i can't have pasta for dinner.

2) only eat the above on days i work out (yes, i know this contradicts the first rule but i'll see which one i decide to use)

3) if i eat a meal with these foods then, after the meal is done, there is no more snacking. (this is a self control issue but i think now that i know it's the type of food making me hungry and not actually being hungry i might be able to do this better). or perhaps, if i want to snack, it has to be on fruits, veggies, or meat.

4) eat a mostly paleo diet but have a cheat day or cheat meal built in somewhere.

these are just things i'm thinking about.


breakfast: nada

lunch: chicken, carrots, grape tomatos, grapes

snack: chicken, almonds, sunflower seeds

tonight we are going to a concert and i just got off the phone with the friends we are going with. they suggested the same mexican/cuban place where i had my first paleo meal out...and i wasn't too happy with the options...well, really, there was ONE paleo option...and it had chicken. and i feel like if i eat any more chicken i might turn into a chicken. so...yeah. normally, i'd recommend something else but, to be fair, one of these frineds wanted to go to this place on new years eve and i was really craving pizza so i convinced the group to do pizza. so i think i'm gonna have to grin and bear it this time around. i wonder if i can ask if the kitchen can do the salad i go last time but with steak....hmmm...oooorrr....i wonder if i can get the veggie skewers someone got last time but maybe replace the rice and beans with....steak? is that even possible? i guess we'll see :)

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ok, dinner went much better than expected. we ended up going to a different cuban restaurant and this was a pretty authentic place and apparently cuban food has some good paleo options.

dinner: salad with dressing (likely not paleo), some kind of shredded flank steak with peppers, plantain chips.

omg the plaintain chips were soooo good. i don't usually like banana chips very much but these things were amazing. of course, i don't know what oils and things the meat and plantains were cooked in but i was happy with my choices. also i tasted a bit of david's side item...soooo good. some kind of potato, egg, shrimp, and sausage thing with amazing sauce. i think it's called pisto manchego. i need to find a recipe :)

other good news!

i woke up today (after a great time at the concert last night and an amazing talk with david before bed) and, after using the bathroom, stepped on the scale just for funsies. 149! i'm back under 150. now, who knows if this will last but i think this is a significant enough drop from the mid 150s i was seeing for the past few months that i can safely say i'm losing weight :) and 150 is an important number for me. i was always in the 130s and low 140s in high school and somehow i always had it in my head that "yeah i'd like to love 10-15 lbs but as long as i'm under 150 i don't see the need to overhaul." kinda silly in hindsight to think that way...but it's still sorta in my head. also, a few years ago i was in a bad place. bad relationship. all i really did was go to work, go to the gym (sometimes), eat, and watch tv. also, it was my first time living on my own (though i had lived in a dorm but that's different). suffice it to say, i gained alot of weight. i think my highest was about 170. i remember being at that point and thinking "how did i get here? i thought if i passed 150 i was gonna overhaul?" yeah, well, 150 came and went and i sorta put it off and put it off. i think i'm rambling now but i guess being in the 150s sorta reminds me of that time in a way. so i'm glad to be out of them. granted 149 isn't quite out, but i think it shows that what i'm doing is working. and it's a good feeling.

oh, and i talked a bit about paleo at dinner last night. sounds like my friends might want to real the paleo solution or take some diet advice from me :) neither of them is overweight (it's a couple) but apparently they are trying to cut the sweets and beer and just lose a bit of weight/get in better shape. it's kinda nice to have some knowledge to share with people.

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Breakfast: eggs, red and green pepper, onions, sausage

Was feeling good and then we took the dogs out for a walk. About halfway through the walk my stomach started hurting. Mostly my lower stomach like cramps. Suffice it to say i had a pretty unpleasant trip to the bathroom. I have to say that I'm confused where that came from - bad eggs? Something i ate last night? I mean ive given up so much already...what more is there?

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Congrats on the weight loss! I like your plan that you laid out for next month, it seems very sensible, and will hopefully be a good longterm way of eating for you. I kind of had similar plans after I did the Paleo challenge. Then I figured I couldn't tolerate wheat, so kind of busted that idea for me. And then I most of the time just wasn't that excited anymore about rice. So I eat it maybe once a week. This week it was snowy, and cold and I ended up eating rice at 2 meals. I do measure my rice or poratoes to try and keep it to 1 serving, which seems to help wit the blood sugar, and keep away the hunger craving binges

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came home and hung out around the house still feeling a little meh.

snack: pear

i tested the water with the pear since i was starting to feel a little better. then i decided to make dinner.

dinner: salad with chicken. mashed potatos. cider beer.

sat and ate dinner and watched "modern family." i had to get up at one point and use the bathroom again. again, unpleasant. stomach bug? no clue.

a little later some friends stopped by an we played a board game. was fun :)

snack: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries.

anyway, was feeling kinda meh around bedtime. slept fine but this morning i'm still feeling yucky. it's weird because, when i've had stomach bugs in the past, usually things other than my stomach bother me. maybe a slight headache or something. i keep thinking maybe it's something i ate but david and i ate the same breakfast yesterday.

i think i'll avoid eggs this next week to see if that makes any difference. also, i'm trying to cut down on the fruit (despite having a good bit of it last night). but what do you eat when you feel icky on the paleo diet? i'm used to saltine crackers and toast. i guess bananas, applesauce, and mashed potatos are still ok.

anywho, i'm gonna try and get some errands done today and hopefully feel better. i guess i'll just stay away from food for awhile. i think that might be best to just let the system sorta clear out.

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Some thoughts:

Did the salad dressing have wheat and or dairy?Or the dsih you had a few bites of? Those are the mystery items that could have had something in it.

It seemed to hit after breakfast so maybe the egss? Did the sausage have msg? MSG gets my stomaach.

If you have an allergy to gluten, some people can't eat food that has any gluten or that has been fixed with food that has gluten without having stomach issues.

The probiotics sounds like a good idea, I started taking some. No recommendations from me though, I just grabbed some at our local vitamin store.

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Hey Em, hope you feel better and congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the good work and what I noticed most in your posts is you are REALLY listening to your body! That is so great!

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so sunday i didn't have anymore stomach "incidents" but i wasn't really feeling great either. i didn't really have meals but did snack some throughout the day. all paleo stuff, though. i still don't know exactly what it was but david had a bit of it too it seems so maybe a little stomach bug? not sure.

anyways, today (monday) i was feeling kinda meh in the morning. i went to work and went to the bathroom a few times - nothing much really "happened"...i was just feeling really crampy and uncomfortable. weird. but, by lunch time i was much better and, actually, really hungry for a good bit of the day.

breakfast: banana

lunch: tuna with celery (cool surprise: when you chop up the celery and mix it with the tuna, the water sort of gets in the tuna and makes the whole thing less dry...so mayo isn't missed as much), tomato, red pepper

snacks: sunflower seeds and an apple

i hadn't been to the gym since wednesday (thursday was our volunteer day, friday i got lazy and i wasn't feeling well over the weekend) so i was really excited to get a good workout in today. i got to the gym and did some overhead dumbell presses and dumbell rows before heading into the cycle class room. i think i kinda like cycle. the instructor was different from others i've had before but he was so energetic and the music really gets you into it...i won't say the hour flew by - but it definitely was more engaging than slogging it out on a treadmill. also, cycle is the one class or exercise i have ever found that gets me to sweat through my shirt :)

dinner: about half a baked chicken the roommate brought home from his job (he's the head waiter at a fancy restaurant. he also brought home amazing looking mac and cheese and chocolate mouse cake...omg) and salad with evoo and balsamic vinagrette. oh, an a cider beer.

i'll probably have a snack before bed.

so, something that i was thinking about during spin class that maybe someone out there can answer. i know alot of the folks on nf are sorta anti-cardio...but i feel like it does something for me muscle-wise. like, if i do the eliptical, or bike, or run, my legs are a bit sore the next day. i feel like that indicates that i'm building muscle. am i crazy? i guess i understand why people are anti walking for hours on end...but i think your heart needs to pump and work to get stronger. i mean, you've gotta do cardio, right?

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snack last night: apple and almond butter


breakfast: banana

lunch: baked chicken (breast and wing...i love eating the skin esp after so many years of feeling bad for doing so), carrots, grape tomatos

snack: sunflower seeds and an apple

dinner: london broil, hamburger (we made both thinking to save the burgers for tomorrow but they were so good we ended up having a bit of both), sweet potato fries, brocolli.

today was a frustrating day at work. it was sooooo sllloooowwww. the girl i am shadowing (who is about to go on maternity leave) was working on a few projects she's been in the middle of for awhile. she's been trying to show me (half-heartedly it seems) what is going on with these projects but i just don't think it's making much sense. i'm sure if i had been there since the issues arose i'd get it...it's just annoying to watch over someone's shoulder as they struggle with something knowing that you can't really help...but yet might have to at some point. she seems to think i won't have to do anything with these projects but i'm a bit nervous any way. then traffic was bad. and now i'm taking a break from a job i'm doing for my dad's company because, somwhere along the line, someone sent me some bad info...so now i'm having to backtrack.

grumble grumble

really looking forward to the gym tomorrow. i think it does me good to sort of get the stress of the day out of my system before going home. like a nice little sweaty buffer. i'm thinking about spin class again tomorrow (though i'm a bit sore today from yesterday's class).

on the good side, i'm quite impressed with my cooking skillz today. burgers tasted so yummy. partly because it was grass-fed beef i think. and also maybe because we cooked them in a skillet. i also put some chili powder in which i've never done before. added a nice bit of something. my marinade for the london broil was really good too. that, i cooked in the george forman grill (was being maybe a touch lazy on that one...but the oven was occupied). i wonder if i'll get better results in the oven. i need to learn how to properly use a broiler. sweet potato fries were ok. a little underdone. and david put chili powder on instead of the usual salt and pepper. we had a discussion about salt and pepper - apparently he's not a fan. but, as for the fries, i think salt and pepper is the way to go.

anywho. back to work for a bit. then beddy-bye. maybe a bath. i think i need it.

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snack last night: dried apricots and crasins.

those are like candy! i think next time i go to the movies, i'll bring some of those and some nuts and maybe some carrot sticks to much on instead of candy. it's the little changes, right?

so this morning i got up early to get some more work done on this project for my dad. when i woke up i was feeling (tmi alert) like i needed to poop. like, this is so gross, but, you know that feeling where you're kinda clenched and holding it in? it was like that. weird. nothing happened at first but, after about 30 minutes...all of a sudden - WHOOSH! so yeah.

on the one hand i'm feeling fine after this weekend's issues - had a good appetite and such. but, on the other hand, things haven't been as ...er...solid...as they normally are. i thought it was getting a little better in that department but this morning threw me for a loop. and then i got a similiar feeling while at work this morning...but that time, not much happened.

anywho, i'm thinking maybe it's the meat i ate last night. maybe too much fat? does fat make you do that? if so, maybe that could explain this weekend as well? though, i was kinda leaning towards it being the eggs....

lunch: leftover london broil, and leftover sweet potato fries.

i guess if it's something i ate last night that caused the issues, i might have similar issues later today since i just ate the leftovers.

i guess we shall see.

glad it's wednesday. looking forward to the gym tomorrow. i might get to leave work early today (the benefits of being trained by someone who's about to go on maternity leave). i'd like the hours but i could really use the time to catch up on some errands and chores and such.

edit: going to the gym today! not tomorrow!

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Craisins have a ton of added sugar. (well, I don't know about "a ton", but they do have extra sugars in them.) check to see if your dried apricots do, too.. that could very well be the source of your tummy troubles? Since you haven't been eating sugars really, it's throwing your body for a loop?

I haven't had problems with excess fat in my diet, cause I eat a lot of fatty meats and oils... but it could be different for you. Hope you are feeling better today! Keep us posted!

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did have another "episode" after lunch. i'm gonna attribute it to the meat.

snack: apple, sunflower seeds

went to the gym and did some squats with a 30 lb barbell and some dumbell chest presses (on an inclined bench). then i took a cycle class. insane workout as usual. it's amazing how the same basic class can really change just by the instructor. last time we were pedaling while standing the majority of the time and there was club-type music playing...it kinda felt more like a dance class on a bicycle. but, then, today the class was different. the instructor played techno and we were seating most of the time with the various intervals mimicking an actual bike ride.

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breakfast: banana

lunch: apple, almond butter, sunflower seeds

snack: carrots and grape tomatos

dinner: chicken with tomato sauce coating (david thinks of the weirdest recipes...but it was actually pretty good!) and steamed veggies (a japanese medly according to the package - they were frozen). also, a cider beer.

snack: dried apricots, craisins, cashews, almonds

snack: chicken

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breakfast: applesauce

lunch: salad from chipotle with chicken, salsa, and a bit of guacamole

snack: apple and almond butter

took a spin class today at the gym. also did some squats with a 30 lb barbell and oh dumbell push presses with 15 lb weights. david came to the spin class with me to try it out but he forgot his lunch and debit card today so he had, literally, nothing in his system. suffice it to say he didn't stay for the whole class.

dinner: salad, about a quarter of an avocado, bacon, with evoo and balsamic vinegar, chicken, oj

about to snack on something just not sure what. i was pretty high in calories yesterday. i've been feeling pretty snacky the last few days. likely female related...probably about that time.

btw i now crave chicken. wtf is that about? :)

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breakfast: bacon, sausage and a smoothie made with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, ice, coconut milk, and kale.

this was my first time trying the kale in the smoothie. it really didn't change the taste much but it made the smoothie a bit "chewier" and turned it green. all in all, not a bad way to get in some extra vitamins and minerals and such.

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our friends chris and jess came over with chris's 2 dogs and the four of us walked with the four dogs to the dog park. it was a nice walk and nice to chat with good friends.

snack: kale chips.

i tried the recipe for kale chips again, this time cutting it into smaller pieces and making sure to coat the pieces with evoo more evenly. i also cooked them for only half the time. they tasted pretty good but made my stomach cramp up for a few minutes.

dinner: went to a mexican place with chris, jess, and david. at first, i was worried that the only thing on the menu that i could eat was a a side salad...but then i realized that i could just order tacos and not each the shells. i had 1 brisket taco with spicy salsa and 2 pulled pork tacos with milder salsa along with a side salad with vinagrette and some guacamole. i ended up being pleasantly surprised with how tasty things were. i was a little sad not to be able to have the tasty-looking chips, though. also, i was still wanting to eat a bit afterward.

snack: cantelope, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries

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