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Samantha's Quest to Stop Sucking Her Stomach In


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A bit of a late comment, but failing right now doesn't mean that you're doomed to fail in general. Half the battle is in starting to do something and setting aside time to do it. So with the couch to 5k, you just have to set aside the time to do it and then force yourself to go out. Once you're out there, you'll manage to do something and then you just have to keep getting out there and doing it.


Try to take things one day at a time and even one meal at a time. Just because you had a heavy lunch doesn't mean you've failed and might as well give up. Acknowledge that you could have done better and then try to do better next time until you succeed.


Everyone could always do a bit more and everyone sets up goals that turn out to be more ambitious than they hope, don't beat yourself up for falling short of your goals. Just keep your head up and keep trying. :)

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Thank you sterre, I appreciate everything you said!


I am here, not dead just not posting. Some highlights:


Eating has been okay. I've been eating a BBQ chicken sandwich (made in slow cooker) and baked beans for lunch, and did you know that meat is actually pretty filling? So I'm often not hungry after work. But I have slipped. I ate a whole thing of chips and salsa (from ALDI, and gross), I was at my friends' house this past Saturday which was homemade pizza, pretzel bites, mimosas, chips and another gross salsa (it was Tostitos "Chipotle." When will my quest end?), I also gave blood two Sundays ago and because I was the last person, they left one of each snack out for me... then I ate one of each snack.


Exercise: I haven't started Couch25k. I want it, I just obviously don't want it bad enough. I worked out on Monday the 19th, Tuesday the 20th, Wednesday the 21st, not Thursday (lunch out), not Friday (group lunch out), not the weekend, then Monday the 26th and not Tuesday the 27th (feeling sickish).


Meeting people: I met three people in the course of meeting them to be potential roommates. I went to a volunteer event last Saturday, and I already knew the other woman at the table but I "met" lots of strangers. I also met people at the group lunch last Friday, but those were garbage people I hated. 


Work: today I have designed a new system, a jellybean system. Basically I can't go on the Internet but I can eat the jellybeans.  I have a list of approved Internet activities: [babysitting website], NerdFitness including posting, info about the debate tonight (just the timing - I'm going to someone's house for it) and info and parking for another event tonight. It's almost 3PM and I haven't done anything else online, and I have eaten a lot of jellybeans. I've had one day of success before so I guess the real test is tomorrow. 


Other nice story that inspired me to post: we have these guards around here that just patrol our floor. They're retired cops etc, so they're old chatty men. They chat. A lot. There are a ton of them, and they all know I workout at lunch and what I do and where I go and what my plans are. And there's one who's sometimes said, oh I used to workout but I can't after work etc etc. Then a couple of weeks ago, he told me that he HAD started working out, just twice so far and his knees were feeling better. Then yesterday he told me that he'd been working out for 2 weeks and watching what he ate, and he lost 7 lbs! I felt so happy. I myself skipped my workout yesterday, but I love that I inspired this guy. (And I'm not even losing any weight! Ha! Men.)


No pictures. Tumblr is NOT on my approved list. It's on my later list, along with "Chinese food," "[law firm]," and "wide body clothes." 

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