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I am posting here again, more desperate, overwhelmed and needing more help :(

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Hello.. I've been lifting for about 3 years, very inconsistently without any plan, made zero gains, lost a lot of weight (was undereating), didn't gain (much better said - I lost strength with losing weight) strength, built up kind of an eating disorder (that's why I couldn't even bulk up).

Always had something with my back/spine, I have mild lordosis and winged scapula..
I'd really like to get bigger and stronger (I don't care about abs).. But I don't know how. I've become discouraged to train after I went to physiotherapists, even though they told me I can lift, but not much heavy. And this is even the reason why I am discouraged. Everyone says that first you ahve to get very strong - doing 3x5 or 5x5, which probably isn't very good for my condition..
Now I'd like to start lifting at least a little and get bigger and stronger as I said. I really can't find any program to take on and I don't know what to do.. I feel overwhelmed with all that information about which routine to start etc..
Is there someone, anyone, who could give me a hand a help me a little bit? I'd be very thankful.
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You have "paralysis by analysis."  The reason there are so many programs out there is because a lot of stuff works equally.  To get stronger, all your body really cares about is being consistently challenged and getting adequate food and rest.  Sure, the specific workout will focus on particular adaptations, but nearly any program will get you 80% of your goal or more.


Just pick a program that you like well enough and stick to it.  It could be something you find here on Nerd Fitness or something you find elsewhere.  If it ends up NOT working, I can practically guarantee you that the failure was in your dedication to the program, not the program itself.  Choose something and do it as correctly as you can for 2 months.  Track your work outs to measure improvement.  Don't think about changing anything again until you've given something an honest try. 

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It sounds like the people who are telling you to lift heavy aren't really giving you the advice that you need.  Plain and simple, ANY type of weight training at the level you seem to be in your post will give you added strength.  Start with that bit of knowledge.  This means, pick a weight that you're comfortable doing and push/pull/whatever to it for 10-12 reps.  Begin to teach your body the muscle memory that it needs.  Only then will adding more weight give you beneficial gains.  Otherwise, lifting heavier than you are comfortable with will be detrimental both physically and mentally and can cause you serious injury.


The problem was stated in your first 10 words:- You've been lifting "very inconsistently."  Choose a plan, any plan and stick with it for at least a month.  Then advance that plan and step it up.  It will take time.  


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