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Seeker picks up the Assassin cowl


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The seasons are changing and so must I. This is my second challenge, a more refined way of looking at things and how to implement them.  The focus of this quest is to become faster, stronger, smarter and more efficient in my workouts.  I will do this by using the following;


Str.  Body weight training; 7.5 minute Ladders as described in You Are Your Own Gym.

Dex.Continue training at my local gym a place called 9 Rounds;

Make use of active rest days to promote continues burn

Con.Walk a minimum of three blocks a day

Int.   Fix breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days of the week focusing on things the pregnant wife will eat to avoid eating out. 


Side quest:

Wis. Continue studying for my Net+, Security+ Certifications


Day 1

Endurance Block  

Reps (max 12) Sets (ladders)


Push ups (Hands on wall)  12; 1  

Let me ups 10,7 ;0

Seated Dips w/feet on ground 8,0; 0

Let me ins 8,0;0  



Day 2 

Reps (max 12) Sets (ladders)

Alternating back lunges 8,0;0

Alternating 1 legged RDLs 0;0

Squats 0;0

Swimmers 0;0

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6 week challenge



Weight goal 260 Current weight 265

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I am lousy at understanding the write up of strength lifting...And with wildross as my husband, that's sad...on the other hand, I'm great at giving kudos for doing the work!


And, subbed!

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In His hands and Under His wings, Phil 4:13; Is 40:31; Jer 29:11
 Adventurer by choice

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Ughh, OK after a nose dive off the wagon last week I had to restart so Today I start the six week challenge. I found a ladder workout calculator here: https://www.marklauren.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=5378that I am going to use to get a true count of my reps. 


Day 1: 


6 week challenge



Weight goal 260 Current weight 265

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Accidentally read your challenge thread name as "picking up the Assassin Cow" and began wondering when our guild even had a cow. XD Sorry about the nosedive, but hey, you're back and that's what's most important, right? Hang in there!


Also, your Drive sheet is locked. Try unlocking it so we can view your progress and cheer you along?

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