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Cu Chulainn

Lifting stuff up and putting it down again

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Inverted row

5 x 5 x BW


Messed around with front squat form to see if I'm doing something obviously wrong that's causing this pain in my knee. Nothing conclusive. Guess we'll see tomorrow.

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Paused front squat

2 x 30kg

2 x 35kg

2 x 40kg

2 x 45kg

2 x 50kg


Front squat partials from pins

4 x 3 x 102.5kg


The mission to rebuild my front squat without knee pain at heavier weights has begun. I knocked the weight right back and worked up some light paused sets to practice good form, e.g. staying tight and avoiding 'bouncing' up out of the hole. Also did some partials from pins with a little over 105% of 1RM to help strengthen tendons/connective tissues in my knees. No knee pain tonight!


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