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Animuse is on the scene! I've got my thwappy thingy, my don't-kill-me thingy, I think my armor is on right, although the helmet makes things a little hard to breath...


Main Quest: Parkourability.

I may never fall out of Adventurer Class because I look through the classes and I want to do ALL THE THINGS. But I have some pretty restrictive health issues right now, and my goal is to return to a point where I can do ALL THE THINGS again. I would LOVE to do Parkour, and I have a friend that can help me with it, but I'm not in any condition to even attempt it right now. So for now I'm working on learning the basics and building body strength as well as getting back into a "healthier weight." I would like to do this by last Spring next year, but I have to take it slow so I don't hurt myself for now.

Challenge Goals:

- CONDrink fluid 6x a day (in 16 ounce increments) - I'm a water/tea drinker already, but I need to increase ze intake.
Tracking this by: Daily y/n intake, so X of 40


- CONLose 5-12 lb - Starting weight: 160. I'm doing a weight loss challenge at work, and whereas I don't care about my weight, I'm being conscious about my intake. I'm on MyFitnessPal and seem to be doing pretty well there, and I've started going to a PT to learn proper exercise form (and how to steal gym exercises and use them at home XD)

Tracking this by: Weight lost, X of 12


- STAWalk 15 minutes before work every day. Hoo boy. This is going to be the hard one. I'm not a morning person, but both my husband and I have been getting to work excessively late, so this may kick us into getting up on time and get 25% of my recommended daily walking in.

Tracking this by: Y/N each weekday, X of 25


Life Goal:

- CON: Make 3 meals at home a week. We've gotten super bad about this, it would save us money (that I'm using on a PT) and will probably be healthier. I have a lot of dietary restrictions to begin with (no nightshade/low sugar), so I can also keep track of incoming ingredients.

Tracking this by: Y/N each week, X of 5


Going by 10% increments, so 90% is A, 80% is B, 70% is C, 60% is D, 50% and below is F 


And now, it's time for Adventuuuuuuuuuure! :D


Original Post on Thursday, September 17th:


Ah, why are new recruits always LATE?!
That would be me -_-
I'll be posting my stats tonight/tomorrow, but I remembered I wanted to hit this 6 week challenge 3 weeks ago, and checked it, oh, about 5 minutes ago.
My quick overview - desk job + health issues + 3 month work related team challenge to boot me into gear. Also art, video games, kitties, and an overuse of emojii ^_^
Is timeliness going to be one of my life goals? I guess we'll have to see ;)

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Better late than never! :)

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Kilyra|Level 4|Gorgon|Adventurer

Stats: STR 5 | STA 10 | DEX 8 | CON 8 | WIS 9 | CHA 6

"If all I do is try, that means I don't truly believe I can succeed. Look, I may fail. You may fail. But there is no try" ~Kanan Jarrus, Star Wars: Rebels

Introduction|Challenge|The Writer's Guild|Battle Log




Eating 90/10 (2 of 4)




Workout at least 4x a week (8 of 16)




Hollow Body Work 3x a week (6 of 12)




Life Goal: Write 3.5 hrs a week (1 of 4)








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Sorry got a little slap happy with the post button...  :pride:



No, post more! It will make me feel important. lol XD

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Did you say CAT PICTURES?




Skinny the Cat is my current hero. And he gets to use a Water Treadmill, which I think is keen XD


Day 1 Update

C1: Y - I didn't track water today, but I would say I'm at 4 on recollection, and would have done at least one more tonight, so I can probably hit it!

C2: Y - I'm currently at 160, so I will need to get to 155-148 by the end of the challenge. We'll see how it goes! I went to my Personal Trainer today and he made me to 4x 30sec sprint/10 situps. I don't think I'm dead but I'm not sure.

C3: N - Didn't walk since I went to PT, but gonna have to stop that!


LF: Y - I ate lunch and dinner at home! Which is probably why I need to go eat something, MyFitnessPal says I haven't hit 1000 calories yet. Yay snack :3

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Today's update:


C1: Y - On my 4th water of the day, so two more tonight, should be good

C2: N - Calorie intake on track, but today was a recovery day from PT yesterday, and...

C3: N - No walk this morning :/ Husband was not feeling well, and I was iffy going by myself. Guess I need to stop that!


Tomorrow or Sunday we're contemplating a bike ride, so here come noodly legs! XD

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Progress for Today


C1: Y - So much water today O.O

C2: N - I do plan on exercising tonight, but Coldstone happened ;_; I split one with a friend and we only ate half a small one, so not even enough to trigger a sugar overdose, which is good. Still, I'm going to be sugar craving for the next few days because of it - protein shakes to the rescue ^_^

C3: Weekend's off! We did the short walk around the block tonight, which is about 8 minutes :)

LG: Y - Made smoothie for me + hubs this morning, so that's 3! Woot!


Here's my info for the Week 1 mini challenge:

1 - Over all quest is acheivable (healthy enough to parkour) - It's a long period goal, and I didn't want to lock it down to a specific timeframe, but have made a milestone point. I may have some health restriction challenges, which is why I didn't want it dead set.


2 - As it's my first challenge I wanted to start with smaller things that I could build towards, to see if I can keep myself on track. With that said, I have one that will not be possible to hit 100%, and I'm okay with that. The point is to get into the habit of the attempt.


3 - Main goals are realistic. Almost. Walking before work is the hard one I've set for myself, and I don't expect it to be perfect. But I believe my chunking is pretty good, and I specifically set a low weight goal because a. I don't care about my weight, but b. since I'm strength training to some degree I don't expect to lose much the first few weeks as I build muscle. Hence the 5-12 range.


4 - Tracking. I'm using progress bars on a 1 point scale at this point, I haven't decided if that's the permanent way but that's how I'm using it for now. I've also got the MyFitnessPal and S Health apps to help track progress. I'd really like to find an adventuring app, but I haven't seen good reviews on the ones for Android. As I'm also working on a HealthyWage challenge at work, weekly weigh ins will be happening.


5 - Grading. For C3 I'll have a percentage for each week (each week = 20%, so 4 points for each walk since I started late), C1 will be y/n each day, C2 5-12 pounds will be gradual, so at the end I'll be grading based on how much; C is 5lb, A is 12lb, ~9 will be a B. LG will be set up as C3. This is my only reward for the moment, because I know what I would want for a reward is going to get me off track ^_^


6 - Illness and injury will happen. At that point, let it work itself out. I'm currently dealing with two health issues, so taking it slow will be key, and why I tried not to have super high expectation goals.


7 - I will be out of town in two weeks. I figure there will be more walking, and I'm pretty good at portion control due to dietary issues, but my Life Goal will suffer that week, unless I can find a grocery store in Las Vegas o.o


8 - Nope! They all lend well to each other :)


9 - C3 is my hard goal. It requires getting up before 6:30 on weekdays, which I've been awful at. In setting this goal I hope to fix that.


10 - My main quest and goals are all pretty synergistic to each other, so I think I'm good.

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Today's update:


C1: Y - already completed! Yea! I'm taking WeirdTransBoy's recommendation on Plant Nanny starting tomorrow ^_^

C2: Y - Steps are already in! Yeah, extra walk in + errands!

C3: N/A on weekends, but my goal tonight it to make sure to get to bed on time so I can get up in the morning :D


Also, turns out yesterday's Coldstone noms didn't hit me over my calorie edge, and I exercised, yay! I'll mark it as a 1/2 point ;)

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Ze Monday!


C1: Y - That little Dandelion is so thirsty! o.o

C2: Y - Caloric intake is good, been doing some squats here and there just to make sure I keep the muscle up. Kinda hungry though, boo :/

C3: Y - Hurray! 1/5 this week :3


Need to contemplate the mini challenge for this week, but working on lots of extra stuff for work, so more stationary than normal, boo.

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I disappeared for a few days o.o Work has been super busy, so I've been working since Sunday in any free time I have. Sad face ;_;


Luckily, I've been staying fairly on track and made some discoveries


C1: YYY - Plant nanny reminds me to drink, but I seem to be pretty much on course.

C2: NYY - Not because I've lost anything, but I found out something really important! I've been under eating. By about 400 calories. No good! So to lose weight, your calorie intake should be 10x your body weight. Also, I dead lifted 100lb yesterday, and got to do some boxing, woo!

C3: YNYY - 4/5 this week! Very happy about this! The one day I missed I stayed up 'til 1am to work on the work project.

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This weekend was pretty rough - family reunion + packing for two separate conventions (on work related and one not). Running behind on sleep and I'm on a plane tomorrow night! Whew!


C1: YY - I've been pretty waffly on keeping track, but have been doing pretty good on water intake

C2: YN - still adjusting to new calorie goal, and did horseback riding and walkng yesterday, but didn't exercise today due to packing panic :/

C3: 4/5, weekend :)


LG: 5/3 - so that's good! We ate at home all day today, although hubby did tempt with Taco Bell, but I convinced him out of it ;)

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Ermagherd, you guys. Today was really bad ;_;

No walking because I was up late packing, no additional walking 'cause I went home to finish packing, then got on a plane and now I'm in Las Vegas and somehow adulting. Who let me adult?!

I was hoping to walk from the airport to the hotel, but got confused, realized it would be an hour walk, then while on the shuttle realized it would be a walk along a highway with luggage... so nm... once I got into the hotel still had to work (and iron. Which I'm not ashamed to admit I've only done like 6 times). So it's now super late and I'm going to bed. Luckily the convention center is fairly far from the hotel, so steps should happen tomorrow! And I did a few crunches tonight.


C1: Y -  My plant is not dead. I drank a fair amount in the morning.

C2: N - I under ate today because of all the running around and packing. I think there's free breakfast and lunch though, but I didn't pack any protein powder so we'll have to see where we're at in the morning. I think there was a CVS in walking distance I might try to hit this week (I have a FULL KITCHEN in the hotel room. WHAT). Also severe lack of exercise (I'll do my minor stuff tonight before bed though)

C3: N - Sad face. There will be walking tomorrow though :)


LG: 0/5 - Uh. So. I didn't eat out, per se, but I really also didn't eat at home. I'm putting this as a no for now, but I'm out of the house all week, so not sure how this is going to shake out.

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So, I'm in Las Vegas. City of Vice. I've done super well. I haven't even had a cookie yet, and they've been free! Free cookies are 2nd worst for me, 1st are cookies that are offered. Anyway.

C1: YY, though its been harder, as water comes in tiny bottles or is $3.45. I just got a new plant on Plant Nanny

C2: YY, Foods been healthyish, but I've been coming up way under calories, mostly from running all over the place, cause conference. Ive been doing small exercises in my room, but still haven't gone into the gym.

C3: YY - all the walking!

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Oh geez, 6 days, whoops o.o


I'm still on it! I went to the PT yesterday, did lots of new exercises that have me sore in interesting places, and kind of scratched up my shoulders on one of the machines (turned out I was using it a little incorrectly, whoops). Still not below 159 though, I've been hovering for 3 weeks now :/


I'll hit my stats hopefully this evening, I've been running constantly since the last update. Well, not running. Walking and business XD

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Travel and business are I'm sure two of the leading causes for jumping off the wagon. I tend to be a pretty "busy" person (don't look at my Google Calendar, it's how I live and it's very colorful), so it's hard to check in once a day for me.

This week:

C1: I had to reset my phone, and lost Plant Nanny :/ Although last weekend I was really bad and just watering my plant rather than myself, so I'm not really doing it the way I should <_< but now that I'm back to a normal schedule I've restabilized. I'm unsure of days hit, but I've been not too bad at hitting the water, so let's say 75% for the week.

C2: 0%. I'm still stuck wavering at 159-160. I'm noticing new muscle definition (my knees are AWESOME cool atm), but the weight loss is non-existant. Food the past two days has been bordering on my calorie limit (especially dinner), and today was a little over sugared, so I need to get back to normal on that. I have hit my daily step goals, so I'm hoping that's offset! I've also been doing smaller exercises daily too.

C3: 1/5 :/ 20% is no good, I'm thinking of adjusting it just to walking once per day vs. in the morning.. but that offsets the inital challenge. So I'll keep it as is for now, and just get lower levels at it.


LG: 3/3 I made breakfast twice and dinner once, so I think that's a hit :D


Current challenges include: business of the week. I barely remember it, it's gone by so fast. And I'm hosting a baby shower + my dad's in town this weekend, so other than cleaning I'm not sure what else I'll have time for :/ Also, my arm's been acting up (check out my bio for more information on that). I have a small open wound on my left axilla atm, so swimming is out, and I'm trying not to aggravate it so it will close up and not get infected. Let's cross the fingers for that one.


Is anyone else already considering their next 6 week challenge goals? XD I've been thinking about a few (one being "go to the gym 1 extra day a week, because I don't walk in there unless it's PT day), but need to come up with more ideas.

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Week 3 Challenge Post:


Whew. So. Wheras I'm making progress, it's not really where I want it. But that's okay, 'cause some progress is progress :3


C1: Con, 3 points - I've done well on this, so +3!

C2: Con, 3 points - I haven't achieved any of this goal yet, +0 :/

C3: Sta, 3 points - I've done ok, but not as great as I would like to, so +2 - I'm fairly surprised that this is as high of a level as it is, actually :D

LG: Con, 1 point - I've done acceptably, save when I wasn't home last week, so +1


Lazy me on point distribution, lol ^_^


It only gets me 6 of 10 points, but I think that's fair at this point. Let's see if I can kick it up a notch for the second half, eh? :D

My percentage distribution is in my signature, they should be at 50% at this point. Some are kind of close.

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This weekend was bad again ;_;


Not too bad, but my dad was in town and we went apple picking (nothing like MURICAN experiences to limit food options. Woo, a grilled chicken breast and a bun. And kettle korn, because reasons. Lunch :P )

Although I definitely got my walking in - I hit goals on both days, so that's good :D

C1: Y/N/Y: Yesterda I was hosting a baby shower so did not hit my water intake at all. I made up for it in the evening, but boo

C2: Y/Y/Y: Lots of walking, tomorrow is PT so today I watch food intake and walk so I can be properly sore the next 4 days tomorrow XD

C3: 1/5 - I walked this morning! Yeah! :D


If anyone has suggestions on muscle soreness, let me know. Sometimes after PT it's a day or two and fine, other times I'll go 5 days and still be complaining about walking up steps and getting out of chairs :/

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C1: YY - I'm almost considering negating this goal as I tend to hit it pretty well... but I'll probably finish it out for this round

C2: Y - Down a pound! Also got my measurements taken, and all (except dat waist) have dropped :D So even if the weight is coming off slowly it's where it should be

C3: 3/5 - been doing very well this week :D


LG: 1/3 - dinner was made on Monday :3

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*slowly melts her way into the post* Blerrrrgh. I think I'm coming down with something. I had a scratchy throat yesterday, but now I'm also getting that occasional icky sick feeling. And I'm running a table at a con this weekend, boo. I'm luckily not the kind that gets sick very often, but energy has been puttering at 10% today.

C1: Y, and noticed that my sugar tolerance has dropped. I put a tiny bit of sweet tea in my iced tea today and I could almost see through time and space from the sugar rush o.o

C2: I've between hitting active step goal all week, have been walking in the morning and evening. The Hubs is having nongallbladder attacks though (long story), but even he stuck through the walk tonight before laying down. I still need to do PT homework though.

C3: Y, walking all this week! I'm hoping Hubs is feeling well enough in the morning, if he's sick it drops my desire to go out predawn to 5% :P

LG: 3/3, made a smoothie this morning and leftovers tonight.

Tomorrow will probably be low key, looks like HuHot plus seeing The Martian after work (i haven't seen a movie in ages), then the weekend is a local comic con where i shall herd the cats... I mean table with a group of artists and writers XD

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I'm officially sick :/ I did a little planking today but not much else. My foot is acting up (I got a major bacterial infection + cellulitis in July, and I still have a mysterious redness that Drs haven't been able to figure out), which means I'm suspicious that there might be something in my shoes that's aggravating them, since I have a giant square blotch... I found out I'm allergic to rosin, and that's used in a lot of shoe glue, but guuuuuuuuh how do you figure out what shoe manufacturer doesn't use it? ;_;


And on top of all that, I was supposed to run two tables at a comic convention this weekend. Luckily the people in the organization are super helpful, so it's covered by the other people at the table, but now I feel really guilty even though I know they don't want me to spread the plague to them :( So I'm binging on Firefly and trying not to snack (it's been all healthy and I'm still under my goal, but dinner might be kind of light ;) either that or I will need to try to walk some of it off tonight).


C1: Y/Y - SO MUCH FLUIDS right now. I've gotten a tea between each episode and I have a glass for water I've been draining all day...but sickness is making me SUPER thirsty

C2: Y/N - Sick, so no exercise today. I did really good after my last post and almost did all my PT homework ;)

C3:4/5 - didn't walk yesterday :( But still was a pretty good week. I don't think I'm going to get in my walk in the am on Monday, since I have to be at work at 7:30 at an abnormal location :/

LG: Hit this week, and made breakfast this morning (plain yogurt + protein powder isn't too bad) so yeah :D


PS, The Martian was FANTASTIC - I mentioned after the movie that a few months ago I did the math and realized that if I had a kid right now, they'd be ~ 35 when there's potential for Mars colinization. Me and Hubs have been pretty ambivalent about having kids either way (cool if we do, cool if we don't), but I have to admit that did increase the idea of having a kid juuuuust slghtly XD

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