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I bid a fair being to those who find this post.


I discovered these forums when searching for information on sugar. Perhaps that is irrelevant, but the elucidation of strength and animation of willpower exuded here is quite piquant. I have been pursuing, quite vainly, a more sustainable style of living for my bones and flesh.


The main barricade of my progress is perplexed paralysis when imposed with so much information. Literally, I cannot comprehend where I should start or even end this journey.


I adjure those more intelligent than I, in such affairs; Where should I start?


Alas, I hope my way of speech is decorum for this forum.

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A bit formal but it takes all types. :-)


Your best bet is to start here and read the blog posts linked there along with any others you see that look interesting to you. You mentioned sugar so I'll link the sugar post I remember here


Take a look around and if you have any more questions, do ask.  B)

Sinnah Saint, half-elf, lvl1 Assassin - STR 3 | DEX 2 | STA 1.86 | CON 2.86 | WIS 2 | CHA 1.38 - Personal Blog

First 6-Week Challenge
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The article for sugar, that you linked, is the one that lead me here.


This is a weird inquiry, but may I attain advice on a good workout routine? I have read most of the articles on the linked website, but I am remain uncertain towards a starting point. I have all of this information, and nothing to do with it, basically. I pre-emptively apologize, but I am incredibly dense.

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Really depends on your goals. Are you looking to be faster? stronger? more flexible? just over all healthier? What sounds most fun?


The Beginner Body Weight Workout will help with everything except flexibility and is a good place to start.

In addition, or if you're only looking to become more flexible, start up some yoga, or at the very least Stretch


No one can tell you where to start or finish. That's really a personal thing. I started with half of one set of the BBWW twice a week. Some people come here ready to tackle a more advanced program.


If you're stuck in analysis paralysis, stop collecting underpants and just do something. Small changes can make a big difference.


Hope I'm helping and not just making the problem worse lol

Sinnah Saint, half-elf, lvl1 Assassin - STR 3 | DEX 2 | STA 1.86 | CON 2.86 | WIS 2 | CHA 1.38 - Personal Blog

First 6-Week Challenge
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I believe the main attribute I seek is better health, but I would definitely accept an increase in dexterity and agility.


I suppose the "Stop Collecting Underpants" is the advice I was looking for; To start some where, and stop procrastinating while using a lack of beginning as an excuse. I have read the Beginner Body Weight Workout, as well. In fact, I presume it was the mass of information to be processed, for I knew so little before finding this place.


You're helping, don't worry!

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