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an Alchemist seeks Knowledge


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I am of the alchemical persuasion (i.e. I am a chemist). Also, I am new to the paleo / primal lifestyle! For me this mean lots of reading, and the one thing I keep coming across which I cannot understand is phytic acid. Mostly because I was interested in the no beans / legumes part of the primal lifestyle.


Can anyone share some science based articles about phytic acid? I've read several of them which are on the 'paleo' websites and they leave me with a sour taste in my mouth. Also Scopus and ENTREZ searches haven't really shown me very much. 



To be clear, I don't want this to sound like I am hating on paleo/primal. It is clear from talking with folks that it works, I just want to understand the logic (if there is any).  

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I just did a quick search on some of my favorite blogs, which honestly I didn't read the whole thing, but both normally links to research and articles (one of the reasons they are my 2 go to blogs for info) I saw there were some links to where they got their info, but honestly I didnt click on all of them. 


Chris Kresser

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You might also check into PHD, I know a lot of his reasoning for what to/and not to eat were found by looking into different research when he was having some health/digestive issues. 

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My take: Don't worry about it. A lot of the reasons for why paleo works as well as it does have very little to do with the reasoning people give you. In the case of legumes, they're very healthy (protein, carbs, fiber, micronutrients, satiating) and the benefits should easily outweigh the potential downsides.

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