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A tiny positivity Log

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Why hello there. :)
My name is Jona, I'm 23 years old aaaand I've decided to start a log. Whilst it is my first time to start logging here, I'm not unfamiliar with accountability threads. In fact, I've had a few in the past couple of years. I've abandoned all of them. So here we go. New start. 
My goal is to get healthy in all aspects. Including, but not restricted to: working out regularly (from not working out getting back to my weight lifting and running routine), eating healthily and being happy. 


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First workout of this tiny battle log done. (This is making me weirdly cheerful :D )

Hypertension (12 reps) & Lunges (8reps each leg)
1.: no weight added & 20 kg
2.: 5kg & 20 kg
3./4.: 10kg & 20kg

1.: body weight, 12 reps
2.: empty bar, 6 reps
3./4.: bar+ 10 kg, 5 reps
5./6.: bar+ 20 kg, 5 reps
7./8.: bar+ 25 kg, 5 reps

Kick backs
1.: 17.5 kg, 5 reps
2./3./4./5.: 20kg, 5 reps

Plus 10 minutes cardio (walking, running, walking on an incline).

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