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Assassin Fellowship Mini #3: Relax in Rivendell


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Your fellow Ambassador is wise indeed. ;)



I don't know what yoga to pick tonight.  Aaaaaaah...  (I expected to be more sore after Rise to Power... tomorrow, maybe).


Did Flow to Side Crow... and was able to do everything except full side crow.  Eagle pose has never made sense to me before.  These teachers are great!

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Okay, guys, I'm heading to the airport for camp!

As you've probably noticed, I'm your only active GL this challenge, so I'm leaving you all alone. Sorry!!!! Have fun without me and I'll address any questions or issues after I return!

Does this mean we can give ourselves cool titles while she is gone? I claim "dwarven assassin and all around badass". :-)

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Has anyone tried the Beginner for Leg Strength video? My body is starting to protest doing 3 videos in 3 days and I'm looking for a more relaxing/less crazy one. Flow to side crow yesterday was great! (but not the most relaxing)

Yes, the Beginner for Leg Strength is a bit of a breather between the more challenging videos. Lots of forward folds, some Vira II, bridge poses, etc.

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Yoga gurus, what's that flying legs sideways pose in Power for Deep Release?  Never would have thought I could set the base for that up.  As I get stronger and lighter, I will totally be able to get that one.   :surprise:


I love these yoga challenges.   :D

 I don't know exactly what it's called, but I totally loved it too! It actually felt like it could become one I could do well!

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