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Hi from South Africa

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Hi everyone!


I'm 28 years old and a mom to a toddler :) I am extremely unfit and unhealthy, diagnosed with insulin resistance and a host of deficiencies, not to mention my asthma and allergies. I owe this to my sedentary lifestyle as a freelance writer (besides running around after my toddler all day).

I did fencing way back in high school and I felt like I had found something I really enjoyed that didn't involve sitting (my hobbies are along the lines of Minecraft, reading, sci-fi movies, etc).

Anyway, high school was of course a very long time ago but I decided a couple of months ago I needed to get healthy and fit for the sake of my son and my future children. I want to be a good role model. I would like to go back to fencing but I am not nearly fit enough to jump in yet.

I began searching for good ways to up my fitness level and get strong for fencing, and Nerd Fitness came up. I signed up at a gym right near my apartment and I have been loving going there every day (I go when it's quiet so to avoid the crowds).


I am looking forward to chatting to everyone - I do love me a good forum (I met my husband on a gaming forum...) 


Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forums, Snow! I love me a good forum too, when I can. :)


I took fencing when I was in college and loved it! I wish I could continue. Based off what I remember doing as part of fencing, I'd say doing the Beginner Bodyweight Workout is your best bet. Lots of lunges and squats, which as you know, is a big part of fencing!


Just based off the fencing, I would suggest looking into the Monks Guild to see what they have to offer. They're usually focused on things like that.


Other than that, start trying to move more, eat healthy, and look at joining in the next 6-Week Challenge! Sounds typical, I know, but it's working for me.


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go for fencing classes. do it now. about 5 years ago i went and did few fencing classes. i was in quite fit condition but i lost in "sparring" to an 70 year old man. because he had superior technique. you don't need to be fit to learn technique and it will be easy way to monitor your weight loss process. and hey life won't wait.

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