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Re-enlisting in the rebellion!

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Found this amazing community about 3 years ago and had awesome success with my fitness goals. Got down to about 75kgs, the lightest and happiest I'd ever been. But things were not good in my personal and professional life and only got worse.

This past year has thrown me so far from the wagon that it almost feels like too much to try and catch it back up.

I'm topping out at about 98kg now. I'm desperately unhappy about it. I joined a fb group of folks hoping to keep each other accountable, but I'm in a place where I don't want to bother them, and as such having my own personal thread here again felt like the less intrusive way :) plus, I've always felt like the rebels were my people, and it's easier being honest to folks like you (even if no one else is reading!) than a bunch of (lovely but) fitter buddies.

So hello! Again! Some quick dot points:

*Australian, 27, female, 6 foot, 98kg

*Powerlifting, OCR (Spartan, Tough Mudder etc), general gym rat

*Harry Potter, Stargate, Diablo II, Final Fantasy, LotR, Miyazaki, Adventure Time

*Cook, traveller, dog owner, Lego maker, sneaker collector.

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