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Workout week with climbing and gym

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Hey there,


I've just recently joined NF and I'm excited to dig into the Academy workout program. My one hesitation is figuring out how to schedule my workouts. I've recently started bouldering and I go 2 times a week, Monday and Wednesday. I'd like to add gym workouts to my week now, and ideally I'd like to do that 3 times a week, but then I will have back to back days of activity. I've been poking around and came up with something like this, but wanted to check to see if any other climbers have advice to make sure I don't overtrain.


Sunday: Bodyweight track exercises

Monday: Bouldering

Tuesday: Dumbbell track A

Wednesday: Bouldering

Thursday: REST

Friday: Dumbbell track B

Saturday: REST


My thinking is that the Dumbbell track A workout doesn't focus on back exercises so it will compliment the 2 days of bouldering pretty well. I normally feel my bouldering in my back muscles the next day.

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You won't overtrain. Overtraining is a phenomenon that happens to the whole body (it's got to do with hormones and stuff), when you just work out too damn much. That happens when you train 2-3 hours every day and you will definitely "feel" this through your overall health (feeling tired all the time, but unable to sleep, nervousness and lots of other unfunny stuff). 


It will not happen if you worked your back muscles a tiny bit too often. 


Another thing that one may worry about: Repetitive overuse. Think about tennis elbows from doing one specific joint motion over and over again. The sweet thing about climbing: It's not repititve. You'll have to grab the wall from all different angles and move like humans are supposed to. Awesome!


So your schedule looks safe to me ;)

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