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Barbell squat and deadlift help needed

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I think I can go a little bit heavier but I'm being extra careful with the weight until I'm sure I'm getting it right.

Actually I saw the video again and I can see that one of the reps I arch my back again, and I can tell that the bar doesn't move in a 100% vertical path, but I think I will care about that once I have solved the rounded back issue.


How do you think I can work on the stiff-leggy thing?


I have no idea to be honest how to adress the vertical path issue, I've been focusing for a long time in the rounded back issue. I will read about this, I think it's something related to starting position, maybe I set up too far from the bar.


Once again, thank you!


PS: I struggle a little bit with the hip position because in a lot of videos I've watched they say to go down, but Rippetoe emphasizes to not drop the hips so you don't squat the weight. I'm not sure about this issue either.

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You're not dropping your hips *at all* past your first rep, and your back is completely horizontal. You don't want to squat the weight up, but you also want to get your legs to participate a bit in the lift, particularly when breaking the bar off the floor. Probably the same reason for that rounding lower back too.

Try to reset and reposition for every rep for the mean time. Put an inch of space between the bar and your shins then make sure your shins are touching the bar before starting the lift.

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Pretty much what he said.


If you drop your hips *too* much, you waste effort coming up before your legs engage to take the load.  That's what Rippetoe means - if you squat too low, you're not being as efficient since you have to come up to the "angle of engagement", where your hamstrings kick in.


Have you tried Romanian DLs?  It might help you get used to keeping your back straight and engaging the hamstrings going down and coming back up.


Looking at your video, from 1:01 to 1:03, slow it down to .25 speed and watch what parts of your body tense first.  That's all lower back and upper body.  


The only thing I can suggest is to stick your butt out more, keep your shoulders relaxed, and bring your hips to the bar.  You should feel the activation fire in your glutes and hamstrings first.  


For that matter, you can try an exaggerated DL position at home: try bringing your chest up and see what fires first - do you feel it in your back, or your glutes?  Concentrate on keeping the lower back neutral, shoulders relaxed, and standing up by engaging the glutes/hamstrings.

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Someone suggested me that I tried the Romanian Deadlifts (and he told me to check Alan Thrall youtube channel that's how I discovered him) and I'm working on that, but now I have found some flaws on my squat and I have to work on my form too; sometimes I just don't have the time to do everything .D


Now if I relax my shoulders, my whole upper body position goes to hell, actually the cue that is helping me the most I think is to retract my shoulders, I don't know if that makes any sense but I think it helps my form.


I have a new video from today I think it's better than the last one:



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I'm suggesting the R. DLs as a means of working on your hamstring/glute activation, before chasing DLs.


Overall, I think the latest video looks a lot better.

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I had posted on your squat form check and just found your DL one.


Were you going for a conventional deadlift or a Romanian? In either case, you're lifting primarily with your lower back and not enough glutes and hams. Your glutes and hams will be able to handle more weight than your lower back...and it will be a lot safer. You definitely want to keep a neutral spine while lifting...no arching or rounding (older you will thank current you). Tight hips and a weak core are what I think you need to work on. If you still want to deadlift, I'd try a regressed version for now (DB sumo DL, rack pulls, trap bar DL, etc.) and focus on bringing your hips through the movement rather than pull with your back.


If you want try these tests to see where your hip mobility is at. It'll either rule out a tight hip capsule as a problem or give you an idea of what needs work.


p.s. Just saw your last DL video...heck of a lot better, man.

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