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Any workout routine for a skinny nerd trying to get muscles and abs?


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Strength training. Like, real strength, not wannabe bodybuilding. Stop reading fitness magazines and inform yourself about the big lifts:




Press (Overhead or Bench)



Here is a Youtube playlist from The Art of Manliness with Mark Rippetoe:



Get some popcorn, sit down, watch and listen.


For programming, there are tons of good predesigned programs out there. The two most popular are Starting Strength (based on the book) and StrongLifts. StrongLifts also has a whole wiki with videos and recommendations on how to do the lifts.


Ya'know, we can argue all day that you got to develop some personality, have some sense of humor and all that, but to be honest: being strong (and looking strong) really does help. 


The secret to success is: Pick a good program (good programs focus on the big lifts in some form) and stick to it for a year. Yes, a year. You won't get what you want in a couple of weeks. You have to acknowledge that.


It would be optimal if you invested in a few sessions with a coach/personal trainer who can teach you the lifts. But you sound like a young fella, so here's what I would do if I were you:


Spend the first 2-3 weeks in the gym just learning the movement patters. Use the empty bar to practice. I know you're probably eager to get pumpin, but I guarantee that these few weeks will pay off.


After watching the videos and maybe reading a bit about them by yourself, look for people in your gym who are doing these lifts. There probably won't be a lot of these guys, but I'd say at least one or two. Approach them and ask them if they can give your form a quick look. Ask them if you're doing everything right, let them correct.


People usually love to play coach and will be happy to help, just don't go through ALL the lifts with them at once. Every time you're at the gym, seek out a competent looking guy and ask them to correct your form for ONE lift. 


If you can't find anybody, shoot a quick video of yourself and post it on the forums here. Everybody will be eager to give you some tips.


I hope that helps.

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What BaconHunter said.


The best thing you can do to look good is to perform well- get strong first, and everything else will be easier.  Stronglifts and Starting Strength are the two best beginner programs out there, and they are very similar, so it doesn't really matter which one you choose.  Pick one, and follow it for twelve straight weeks with no excuses.  After that you can start looking at tweaking your program and adjusting your diet more specifically.  (Note:  Continue to follow the chosen program for three full months, then start your research into the next phase WHILE STILL FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM!!!)

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