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New(ish) rebel checking in

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Greetings Rebels


I am a long time reader of NF subscriber to the NF Academy, although i subbed to the forums back in 2012, today is the first time i have posted anything. Forums and Social media arent really my thing usually.


I am trying to change this a little because my personal weight loss is ...at a plateau, and i think being able to reach out to other people might be helpful.


I am a full time member of the Canadian Armed forces, so one would think that as a soldier I should have a high degree of fitness, and in a manner of speaking thats not entirely incorrect, I can run, do some lifting etc. and yet I am overweight, I have had a poor diet, and I drink way too much beer (yay empty calories).


Recently in the last year I have been trying to take my fitness seriously, This year alone I have run 2 Spartan Sprint 5k, 1 Rugged maniac 5K obstacle course, Spartan Super 13K and the Spartan Beast 20K as well as a military run race called Mountain Man. (32K run with a 35lb rucksack, 3.2K portage with 80lb canoe and rucksack, 10K Canoe down the Edmonton River Valley, final 5K run with Rucksack).

As part of the Mountain Man race i was given time off work to train with my Unit team. I was running more with a 3 hour run every week, and started a bit of weightlifting.

All of these races are now over for the year and my fear is that i am going to slide back into my bad habits, eating junk food, sitting around too much drinking too much beer etc. Diet has always been my greatest enemy, despite all the training i have put in recently i really havent noticed any weight loss, some size loss which is nice, but those scale numbers are still in the 230lb region and my Race pictures from the Spartans are still disheartening.


My Goals are:

  • lose fat! not weight, I would love to be a svelt 170-180 again, but i can be happy with a 200lb weight if its muscle not fat
  • to drastically cut my Alcohol intake.
  • Quit the sugar! I drink a LOT of coffee, which wouldnt be as bad if i didn't like sugar or those tasty flavored creams in there too.
  • To make time for Fitness and stop making excuses
  • and finally, Kick the hell out of all of my race times! my goal this year was just to prove that i could finish those races, which i did. now i need to have a decent time for them next year!

Heres to a fitter, healthier lifestyle!


TL;DR: I need to lose weight and stop being lazy with my health!

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Hey! We have a really similar story it seems, although I've always wanted to join the forces and have yet to reach those fitness goals for entry just yet...

Anyways, how good are Spartan races?! I've done something like 14 OCRs so far this year, but as you would know, they are just as much about heart as they are about fitness, and its one thing to finish (which is awesome in itself) but another to look back on those photos and think "feck yeah I was a beast and smashed it!" I want that second feeling in the future ;)

I god damn love beer too btw Haha so feel free to throw me a pm if you ever want to chat or just need someone to *tell* about your 'said no to a beer' successes :) I've always got high fives to spare. Welcome to the rebellion mate!

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Replying on my phone from the physio chair! Woot being electrocuted.

Which forces are you wanting to join?, some have lower fitness requirements and basic is great at kicking your ass into better shape.

The spartan races are great, they are partly just about finishing but Spartans are also timed. So you can push yourself and try and beat your old scores or other people. They can be tough but overall fun (unless you run through a blizzard like I had to at the sun peaks beast)

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Hell no to the blizzard! Especially at a beast!! Haha I live in Australia (Queensland in fact) for very good reason ;) I have run on some pretty warm days, but that suits me just fine. Ran in a brooding thunderstorm in Sydney start of the year, but snow = nope! Just no way haha

I have always wanted to join the army here in Aus. I'm a cook by trade and thought I'd get my ticket through the services :) I know navy and airforce have less entry requirements, but it doesn't inspire me as much - so I'm just going to keep working and perhaps join the reserves as soon as I can.

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hmm dont know much about the aussie army myself (Other than super sweet hats!! if that one guy i saw at a remembrance day parade was anything to go by) but from my general army experience, Army cooks are not the way to go if you have any respect for food ... Army food is low quality ingredients, made fast, cheap and with little regard to taste, edibility or visual looks. That and you usually work shift work, which sucks, and on deployment/field exercises, you are the first ones awake to make breakfast, do the cleaning etc, and last ones to sleep after the dinner rush and preperation for breakfast next day. ...its a pretty shit go.


Fitness part though (this is a fitness forum after all) fuckin go for it man! you want to do it you can do it!! positive thinking and all that.

most of the time it takes a little bit for an application to go through the red tape and stuff before you get in. throw your application in soonest and work your ass off. you will be ready when it comes time! 

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